DBHW Chapter 40


Gu Yan’s eyes sharpened coldly, staring straight at Fu Zhe Chuan.

Fu Zhe Chuan did not have any intentions of evading his gaze at all, making eye contact with him directly. He spoke with a calm voice,”I’ve already known you weren’t a normal person the very first time you saved me.”

“I don’t know whether you’re human or a demon, or perhaps you had some sort of strange power……But I did not find it to be anything hard to accept. I’m a businessman, I believe in both fate and Fengshui, and have also been in contact with some strange happenings, even……”Fu Zhe Chuan revealed a casual tone of teasing, and naturally his expression followed suit,”I would even spend a lot on donations to temples every year, praying that my fortune for wealth will be great the next year. So……There was no need for me to be too surprised even though my saviour was slightly strange, don’t you think so?”

Gu Yan was stunned for a moment. This was clearly something that was hard to accept, but why did it not seem like a big deal when it came from Fu Zhe Chuan’s mouth?

But the most important point was, that he did not know he was a demon……The emotions in Gu Yan’s eyes flickered.

“If I had the intentions of being unkind, then I would have hired an expert to investigate you at that time, matters of demons and sorcery should be handed over to the professionals. But I didn’t.”Fu Zhe Chuan paused for a moment,”From the beginning to the very end, I’ve never once had that thought.”

Gu Yan observed Fu Zhe Chuan, seemingly attempting to seek out whether he spoke the truth or a lie, but Fu Zhe Chuan’s expression was frank without half a heart for concealing anything. Besides that, Fu Zhe Chuan was right about one thing: if he had the notion to deal with him, then he would have exposed his identity since long ago……Even if he did not know of his identity as a demon, being exposed would just be natural as long as a human cultivator was to probe him. But after all this time, no other human cultivators had come to look for him besides Qin Yao.

And so Gu Yan had to admit that Fu Zhe Chuan really did not lie. And the killing intent in his eyes softened a little……

“I had several months of time to betray you when you did not realize it, but I did not.”Fu Zhe Chuan spoke casually. Even if he was smiling, you could hear a faint, almost unnoticeable thread of loneliness,”Because I’ve never once doubted you from the deepest depths of my heart. You saved me again, and again; if not for you, I would’ve been dead ages ago. But you still would not believe that I could protect a small secret of yours.”

A flash of hesitation went by Gu Yan’s eyes, this was something that had never happened to him. This human……Could he really trust him?

“I know how powerful you are, and how little you had to care about anything, but I still have some power within human society. Regardless, there are many things that can not be solved by force alone, so……”

“If you could trust me once, then I believe we could get along very well in the future. What I had just so happened to be able to make up for your shortcomings……If you still aren’t willing to trust me, then you can just kill me now. This is the life you saved, so naturally you have the right to take it back, I will not have any regrets nor complaints.”Fu Zhe Chuan looked at Gu Yan when he finished speaking, and he stood there with a calm expression on his face, just like he was waiting for his final judgement.

Gu Yan hesitated for several seconds before he finally spoke:”You’ve never betrayed me in the past, but that did not mean you wouldn’t ever. I’ve killed someone, I’m not as harmless as I may have been to you in the past.”

“You killed him because he wanted me dead. Do you think I’d feel any sympathy for a man like that?”Fu Zhe Chuan’s eyes were clear. He continued on plainly,”As for the future, I’ve already made my promises, and whether you believe me or not will be your right.”

Gu Yan narrowed his eyes, but he did not speak.

Should he just kill Fu Zhe Chuan? The advantage was that a corpse could not reveal his secret, but he would need to find a substitute for him to help him out. If he leet Fu Zhe Chuan live, then despite the possibility of his identity being exposed, he still had the advantage that they’ve clarified the relationship between the two of them. And seeing Fu Zhe Chuan’s attitude, he would not worry about him betraying him either, it would save him a lot of effort if he chose to use him. Besides that, it was impossible for him to constantly bump into a rich person in need, nor might he be able to find a human that could accept his existence either……So to discard Fu Zhe Chuan really was a last resort.

So……Should he trust him this once?

Can he really bring himself to trust a human?

Gu Yan narrowed his eyes and observed Fu Zhe Chuan coldly, but Fu Zhe Chuan had no intentions of evading from his gaze at all.

“You better remember what you’ve said today. If I find out that you’ve betrayed me, I’ll definitely kill you myself no matter which corner of the earth you try to hide in.”Gu Yan finally started slowly,’Since you know that I possess such power, you better not try anything funny.”

The cheerfulness finally returned to Fu Zhe Chuan’s eyes:”I won’t.”

“Go.”Gu Yan turned and headed towards the mountain……

His footsteps were slightly heavy. Since earlier, he had been doing his best to suppress the golden spiritual energy within his body, and he could not even afford to pay any attention to the injuries on his body……

Now that he finally relaxed, he finally noticed that this body was weaker than he realized……His vision darkened before him, and he fell to the ground with a thud.

Fu Zhe Chuan’s face changed when he saw this scene. He quickly went over to Gu Yan, carrying him into his arms.

Both Gu Yan’s face and body was covered in blood, both with that of someone else, as well as his own. His face was pale, and his breathing was weak. Fu Zhe Chuan gradually tightened his arms Gu Yan. He had never shown the slightest emotion when faced with death just a moment ago, but right now his face revealed an expression of unease and hopelessness.

Gu Yan forced himself to open his eyes and caught Fu Zhe Chuan’s arms, spitting out his words one by one:”Don’t, let anyone, find……me……”

After that, his grip loosened, and he closed his eyes, fainting in Fu Zhe Chuan’s arms.

Fu Zhe Chuan held Gu Yan and gazed at his pale but handsome profile. After a short moment, a his lips curved into a bitter smile.

I’m actually not as nice as I told you I was……I’ve suspected you once, and even felt envious of you. I’m a businessman who is good at weighing between the pros and cons of things, I’m used to hiding my thoughts under a harmless guise, and my principles in my work are all based on things that could bring me benefits without any harm. Most of all, I didn’t want to die……Even if you’ve saved me, I would still not give my all to you unconditionally.

I don’t believe that I’m right, because the selfish me is not a trustworthy person at all.

So you also did not believe, that I really loved you……

Clearly, I knew I shouldn’t I knew it was dangerous, but my heart moved.

I couldn’t bring myself to hurt you.

This……was the real reason.


Gu Yan needed to use most of his power to control that rampaging golden spiritual energy, and still needed to keep a little for his body so he didn’t just die off just like that. So instead of wasting time on anything else, he entered into a state of hibernation.

Even though he lost control of his body temporarily, his mind still remained conscious. While repairing his body and restricting the movements of the spiritual energy, he was still paying attention to everything around him.

He did not put his guard down completely in front of Fu Zhe Chuan, so this could also be a way for him to test him.

Fu Zhe Chuan was unaware that he was conscious, and Gu Yan also did not believe that Fu Zhe Chuan could remain completely indifferent after experiencing all of this. After all, a normal person would not be able to accept that bloody and horrifying side of him. If Fu Zhe Chuan chose to take this opportunity to escape or to betray him, then he would kill this man here and now.

But what worried him did not end up happening from the start to the end.

Fu Zhe Chuan brought him back alone to his villa, and avoided all situations where they would have to get interact with anyone else. He even wiped his body and changed his clothes by himself, not letting anyone else take that responsibility.

After settling everything, Fu Zhe Chuan contacted Zhang Han and left his work matters to him, not even mentioning of his existence throughout the whole call.

Gu Yan gradually relaxed and put his attention towards dealing with the injuries within his body.

He did not dare to allow any more accidents with that golden spiritual energy within his body. Even though he was able to suppress it usually, and it did not have any effects on his daily life, it would still spring out of control at a critical moment. It was just a normal human this time with a gun, and it already brought him so much danger. If this were to happen when he was facing a human cultivator next time, then he would inadvertently be destroyed then and there!

In any case, he can not suffer this existence any longer!

In the blink of an eye, three whole days had passed. Gu Yan entered into a wrestle with that spiritual energy in his body, and finally eliminated the last trace of that spiritual energy! After getting rid of this pest, Gu Yan could finally be at ease and return to repairing the injuries of this body, things will be going much simpler now.

Gu Yan did not completely corrupt this body into that of a demon’s, that would not be very beneficial to his disguise. Because, if he were to completely demonize the body, removing all traces of it as a human, then changes would be present even on his skin and blood, just a little injury in his life could easily reveal his identity. So in order to keep the special human characteristics of this body, he would only use his demonic energy when he really needed it.

He got hit by over a dozen bullets in one go at that day, so he would’ve died if he had been a normal human. So in order to stop the bleeding and to keep it from getting worse, he had wrapped up that wound with his demonic energy. Right now, after discharging the bullets from his body and letting the wounds heal, there was fundamentally nothing else wrong with him.

Fu Zhe Chuan would come to see Gu Yan once every morning and night. If Gu Yan had been devoid of even the shallow breaths he was left with, and if he did not warn him beforehand not to let anyone else see him, then he might not have been able to endure hiring a doctor to see him, he did not want to just watch him as he suffered.

It was already the fourth day today. Fu Zhe Chuan came to Gu Yan’s bed and took a look at his ashen face. He couldn’t help but put his hand on his forehead. His skin was so cold, almost devoid of any warmth……It almost felt like he could disappear from this world at any moment.

What actually existed within this cold and chilly shell……?

Fu Zhe Chuan’s eyes softened.

Gu Yan opened his eyes.

Just as he did, he saw Fu Zhe Chuan sitting right in front of him. He was dressed in a grey turtleneck with white gauze wrapped around his forehead. He appeared to be slightly languish, as if he had not been able to get any decent sleep over the past few days. Firstly, he had a start, then joy emerged in his eyes.

“You’re awake.”Fu Zhe Chuan took his hand back as if nothing had happened. He looked deeply at Gu Yan, not at all hiding his joy.

Gu Yan’s eyes were dark, almost to the point where you could not see any hint of emotions within them, but his heart did not remain as calm as he did on the surface. Truthfully, it was even a little complicated.

What is going on in this human’s mind? After seeing that side of him, and nearly being killed by him, why could he still face him so calmly? Why would he still care about him, and wanted to get close to him……

Gu Yan had never felt like he needed to be cared for by any human……He just felt that this was strange. That’s right, it was strange.

Such a strange human being. If he left him by his side to figure him out like a puzzle, this would still be rather interesting, wouldn’t it?

“Are you hungry? I can make you something to eat.”Fu Zhe Chuan smiled as he helped Gu Yan fix his blanket before standing up.

Gu Yan looked as he turned to leave and paused for a moment before suddenly speaking:”Wait.”

“What is it?”Fu Zhe Chuan turned around and smiled at him.

Because I don’t need human food at all.

Gu Yan looked at Fu Zhe Chuan and was silent for a moment before saying:”It’s nothing, forget it.”

Fu Zhe Chuan was still not clear about him, he just knew he was not a normal person. In that case, he could just pretend to be a human in front of him. It would always better to be a strange human with special powers compared to something else, right? If his identity as a demon were to be revealed……Them this man would probably stand against him without hesitation. Gu Yan chuckled in a self-mocking laugh.

He came here to destroy this world, and he had never once forgotten his goal.

Nor would he expect to obtain something he should not have.


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