DBHW Chapter 33

“I haven’t finished talking yet.”Gu Yan’s voice was cool and brought with it a casual tone without the least bit of care,”I’m a very persistent person, and since I can’t bear looking at him, I might get the urge to hit him every time I see him. If I ever step out of line when that time comes, I hope you wouldn’t mind too much about it.”

The man’s face turned pale. That searing pain on his cheek had still yet to subside. Just thinking back to Gu Yan’s slap just now, he really had the thought that he wanted to run far away for a moment, and never come back!

Jiang Cheng did not look back. He stopped on his tracks, but once again started to walk away after a short pause without hesitation.

Seeing him leave, Xu Ming turned to Gu Yan again. He wanted to say something, but stopped himself after an attempt.

“Let’s go.”Gu Yan shot Xu Ming an indifferent look.

Xu Ming followed behind like a distraught child who had done something wrong. After a moment, he carefully spoke:”Sorry.”

Gu Yan stopped and narrowed his eyes at him:”What did you do wrong?”

“I caused trouble for you……”Xu Ming’s head was low.

“I’m asking what you did wrong.”Gu Yan’s tone was cold:”Can you not understand?”

“I……I did nothing wrong……”Xu Ming was stunned for a moment, and raised his head to look at Gu Yan:”I’m sorry I caused trouble for you, but I did nothing wrong, that guy was the one in the wrong.”

“Why would you have to apologize for doing nothing wrong?”Gu Yan was not amused, and his tone was extremely cold. He was truly too lazy to take care of this idiot.


Gu Yan continued to walk and Xu Ming hurried to catch up, smiling nervously:”Wait here for a moment, I’ll go out to buy you some food.”

Gu Yan continued on without stopping, and said apathetically:”We’ll eat out.”

“Huh?”Xu Ming looked up.

“It’s already this late, why run here and there for dinner? We can just eat out.”Gu Yan’s face was icy cold.

“Oh……Okay.”Xu Ming laughed foolishly. As if he just thought of something, he suddenly said:”Actually, you could just let him go after apologizing, there’s no need to drive him away. You’ve definitely offended Jiang Cheng now, and since he’s your senior he’ll definitely cause trouble for you. I’m fine……”

“Not drive him away?”Gu Yan raised a brow and looked at Xu Ming as if he were looking at a fool.”If he dares to do this to you today, then he will do more tomorrow. Do you actually think apologies are worth anything?”

“But this is too……”Xu Ming felt that what Gu Yan said was reasonable, but society did not run with just reason, what Gu Yan did was more trouble than it was worth. Speaking of which, Jiang Cheng was quite generous to him at the start. He would never have expected that Jiang Cheng would be so generous……And he would never have expected that Gu Yan would go this far for his sake either.

“If a person doesn’t face the consequences of their actions, then they will keep doing wrong. If you don’t show him now, anybody can step over you in the future! Keep your sympathy for yourself.”Gu Yan felt that he really had enough. How does this fool not understand such a simple thing! Talking to him is just a waste of saliva!

Xu Ming was stunned for a moment, but suddenly a sincere smile sprang from his face, and his eyes were shining. He said to Gu Yan:”Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me.”Gu Yan looked down at him with an indifferent gaze,”I didn’t do that for you.”

Xu Ming looked at him in confusion.

“Don’t you know that you have to pay attention to who the owner of the dog you’re beating is?”Gu Yan scoffed.



Out of gratitude, Xu Ming tuned up his yes-man professionalism to the highest level and waited on Gu Yan even more carefully than one would an emperor.

The place the set was located in was not too far from the city. The two of them took a taxi over to a restaurant with a decent reputation and had their seats. Xu Ming read out the menu and asked Gu Yan what he wanted to eat. After receiving a dozen ‘whatever’s, he finally decided on their order tonight.

No wonder they say that people who reply to everything with ‘whatever’ were the easiest to wait on, that was not a lie at all. Just as Xu Ming was finally able to rest, his phone started to ring again.

Picking up the phone, his face had immediately turned into a complicated expression,”Where did you say you were, Xiao Fei?”

“What? You want to come over now? And you’re about to reach the set?”Xu Ming yelled:”You’re skipping class again?!”

“Go home now, do you hear me? If you don’t then forget about ever talking to me in the future!”

The more he talked to his brother, the more furious Xu Ming got. He was already this old, when can that brother of his finally stop worrying him! After such a big incident happened, he still barely improved!

Gu Yan frowned slightly and tapped his fingers lightly on the table. Suddenly, he opened his mouth:”Tell him to come over.”

“Oh, sure……What?”Only now did Xu Ming realize what Gu Yan was saying, and was so shocked that his eyes were wide.

Gu Yan shot him an intolerant glance,”Didn’t you ask me to advise him? Then we can do, it, now.”

“Oh……Yeah, okay.”Blankly Xu Ming agreed and spoke on the phone:”Alright, listen. Come over to where I am now, the address is……”

Soon after, Xu Ming hung up the call and looked towards Gu Yan nervously. It felt like he was constantly troubling Gu Yan.

It was always Gu Yan helping him, but he couldn’t do anything to help him.

Gu Yan ignored Xu Ming’s unease and picked up his teacup for a sip. Following that, he looked out through the glass walls.

There was actually no need for him to come here. For him, ‘eating’ was something all humans needed to do, but it had no meaning at all to him. Not only would he not actually get any energy from consuming human food, he would even have to waste his demonic energy to break it down. The only possible plus side he could get out of this was that certain foods were still considerably palatable. There was only one type of food in the human world that could tempt him……And that was the body of humans themselves. Not only were they delicious, it would even fill him with energy.

After spending a thousand years in the demon world, there had already been more than two hundred years since he had last eaten. The bitter flesh of demons were disgusting to the taste and had no effects on him whatsoever.

The memory of the delicious juices from a human’s body caused waves to ripple through his long silent heart……But this was still not the time. He had always been a self-restrained person and would not allow his own instincts to ruin his plans. A demon like him was exceptionally hard to find in the demon world. Perhaps, this may be why the demon lord chose him.

Gu Yan put down his tea and found that Xu Ming who sat opposite to him was staring straight at him. After being discovered, he quickly turned his gaze away and a distressed blush rose up on his face.

What a weak little being, and what a short life they had. But still, they had such a useless and complex range of emotions.

He really could not understand.

But what he also could never understand was why he was sitting here right at this moment.

Wasting his precious time on a weak and puny being, worrying about whether his food was currently in a good mood or not.

Heh……Gu Yan scoffed to himself. How could that be? This was only his disguise. Now that the human cultivator had his eyes on him, then even more so he had to display himself as a passable human being. But here, this foolish little human was actually convinced that he was being nice to him.

Demons were all cold-blooded and selfish, nothing could surpass their own worth for themselves, they would never waste their kindness on anyone else.

And he was no exception.

“Oh, Xiao Fei is here!”Xiao Ming suddenly exclaimed while looking outside,”I’ll go get him.”

Soon after, the two returned together. The swelling had already subsided from Xu Fei’s face, revealing his original appearance. The two of them looked very similar, and he was a handsome young man. His eyes brightened up as soon as he saw Gu Yan and the look of reverence on his face was almost overflowing,”Brother Gu, Hello!”

Gu Yan frowned faintly and responded bluntly:”Sit down.”

The two brothers sat next to each other right opposite of Gu Yan. One appeared to be tense with worry, while the other was tense from excitement, both cramping together like seatmates in primary school who were listening diligently in class. It was like the one they both faced was the iron-faced homeroom teacher of their class.

Gu Yan’s indifferent gaze moved to Xu Fei’s body,”I heard you wanted to follow me?”

Xu Fei nodded excitedly, his passionate gaze boring holes through Gu Yan,”Yes!”

“Why?”Gu Yan’s voice showed indifference.

“Because, because……”Xu Fei was starting to stutter from how nervous he was,”I think you’re amazing. You’re so handsome and you’re even a big superstar. And most importantly, you saved us. I know that you’re definitely very capable or they wouldn’t have let us off that easy. And if things would’ve gone worse than it did that night, not only might you be kidnapped, even the two of us may not have been able to return safely. I, I really admire you……Really……”

Gu Yan raised a brow. This kid was more self-aware than his brother, but he was still just as troublesome.

“You know my identity, don’t you?”Gu Yan looked at him with a mocking smile.

“Of course, you’re a big star. A lot of the girls in my class really like you!”Xu Fei’s eyes shone like stars and his words were spoken with a hint of pride and ostentation,”I told them I knew you and none of them believed me!”

Xu Ming covered his face. If only he could just die right now.

Gu Yan nodded as if it was nothing,”Since you know my identity, have you thought about what you can do for me? After all, I don’t care for idlers.”

“I’m a very diligent guy, I can do anything!”Xu Fei thumped his fist at his chest.”I can do anything my brother can!”

“If I need someone to run errands for me, then your brother alone is enough.”Gu Yan did not show him any mercy, and looked at him coldly,”I’m trying to develop my career in the entertainment industry, I’m not some mobster looking to keep a lackey around. Even if you bring a hundred guys like you to me, I would still have no use for them.”

Xu Fei’s face turned pale, clearly receiving a great shock.

“You don’t have a degree from a notable school, you don’t know at least two languages, no experience in society, no internship experience in a large company, you don’t have a single skill at all——All you’ll amount to is a little punk who skips class to fight and partake in delinquency.”Gu Yan scoffed, a contemptuous look rising up in his eyes,”Do you think I would accept you?”

“……”Xu Fei was dumbfounded, and his complexion was as ashen as a corpse.

“I agreed to see you for your brother’s sake. And I won’t be seeing you again if you have no improvements next time.”There was not a single hint of humour in Gu Yan’s eyes,”My time is precious, you won’t be able to afford wasting it.”

“I……”Xu Fei bit his lip and dropped his head. Though he had always been strong and determined, the young man’s eyes were now getting red.

Xu Ming could not stand it anymore and wanted to say something, but still ended up silent at the very end. He patted his brother’s shoulder lightly and raised his head to look at Gu Yan.

Gu Yan looked at Xu Ming expressionlessly. You were the one who pleaded with me, it’s too late to regret it now. Because……I’m just that ruthless, I’m just a demon. I would never care for encouragement and support……If he really can’t recover from this, then that’s none of my business either.

Xu Ming was stunned for a moment, and mouthed wordlessly: Thank you.

Then he turned to Xu Fei and spoke to him in a gentle tone:”Let me send you home first, Xiao Fei.”

Xu Fei was silent, and was pulled up by Xu Ming like a wooden puppet. He dragged him out the door and did not stop to look at Gu Yan.

A flash of confusion struck past Gu Yan’s eyes when the two were gone.

Thank you? Xu Ming said thank you?

Was this worthy of thanks as well?

Gu Yan sat stiffly for a moment until apathy once again filled up his eyes, and their food had already been served one by one. But he did not rush to pick up his chopsticks. Instead, he spoke in a profound tone:”Since you’re here, sit down and eat.”


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  1. After Uni Exams, I`m finally have time to catch up to the last chapter ㅇㅅㅇ“
    Thank you for the chapter~

    Ah ahn, personally I don’t like Xu Ming, seems like he is just in the story to cause trouble for Gu Yan to clean his mess. Helli, can’t you just wipe him out off the novel? ㅇㅂㅇ“

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  2. Mr. Demon over here thinks he’s being super mean… but really he’s just coming off as straightforward and reliable, lol. Well, at least he’s blending in well.

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  3. “Out of gratitude, Xu Ming tuned up his yes-man professionalism to the highest level and waited on Gu Yan even more carefully than one would an emperor.”
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    1. Changed it entirely because it sounds choppy,
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      1. I actually just spoke with an editor and they told me my previous was the smoothest, so I don’t know, nobody ever had any issues with me placing words in such a way until now


  4. Actually very sound advice, but how will the kid take it? Crushing disappointment or inspiration?

    Sounds like his stalker is visiting…another kiss needed to scare him away again?


  5. Gu Yan is too cute~ the way he keeps saying that a demon is evil and apathetic and whatnot makes it seem like he is convincing himself lol. Totally makes him look like a mensao xD. Though I can kinda imagine what his backstory is, I’m excited to know the full detail! Thank you for the tl!


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