DBHW Chapter 32

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Xu Ming’s lunchbox had fallen off his hands, scattering food all over the ground.

A tall and lanky man stood in front of him, his eyes full of mockery but his mouth was spewing words of hypocritical concern:”Why are you so clumsy? This is the last portion, what do we do now~”

“You——You clearly pushed me.”Xu Ming pointed at him and huffed in anger:”Apologize.”

“Did anyone see me push you?”The man sneered,”You can eat whatever you like but you can’t just say whatever you want.”

Xu Ming gritted his teeth.

When he went to grab a boxed lunch, he just so happened to have landed himself in a tough spot. It was the very last set and he was about to bring it to Gu Yan, but someone pushed him instead. For a short moment, he wasn’t able to stabilize himself, and the lunchbox ended up on the floor. This person clearly did that on purpose!

That man was Jiang Cheng’s assistant, and has been working with him for a very long time, so he has received Jiang Cheng’s regard. The entertainment circle was, after all, a place where the ones on top would step on the ones below them. As Jiang Cheng’s assistant, his position in the crew was completely different from that of Gu Yan’s assistant. It could even be described as the disparity of heaven and earth.

Even though Gu Yan was able to break through the tests and obtain this role, he was still just a little pretty boy without any fame or ability in the eyes of others. At most, he would just be considered to have a steadier backer than the others, but since he was just a ‘backer’, there was no way he could keep on protecting a small-time star. And besides, who knows how long this ‘backer’ of his would find him fresh for? Did he think they had a lack of stars with backers in this circle? If you really wanted to get your feet wet in the entertainment circle, you would still have to depend on yourself.

There were many people who looked down on Gu Yan in the crew, and those who wanted to make a joke out of him were even more. But most of their unfriendly antics was not directed at Gu Yan, but instead at his assistant, Xu Ming. When it came to that, those people weren’t holding back at all.

That man’s actions weren’t the first display of this, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

“Humph, how mysterious. Well, I’m busy so I’ll be leaving.”The man laughed and looked on at Xu Ming with satisfaction. He wouldn’t dare to say anything anyway.

“Where are you going?”Gu Yan’s voice suddenly rang out, he was standing right behind him.

The man turned around, and was stunned for a moment when he saw Gu Yan. He could bully Xu Ming, but he wouldn’t dare to mess with Gu Yan directly. He put on a smiling front and said:”Brother Jiang asked me to buy him some water for him earlier, so I’m going to get him some now.”

“Really?”Gu Yan looked at him expressionlessly.

“Of course! Huh? Brother Jiang……What brought you over?”The man’s tone suddenly turned obsequious.

It was unknown when Jiang Cheng had walked over. He swept his eyes over Xu Ming and the lunchbox on the ground, and raised his brow.”What happened her?”

“Oh, it’s nothing, I was just about to go looking for you! Here’s your water.”The man quickly passed a bottle of water to Jiang Cheng.

But Jiang Cheng did not take the water from his hands. Instead, his expression showed dissatisfaction, and he spoke in a heavy tone:”Was there really nothing?”

The man laughed dryly,”It was nothing big, there was just a small misunderstanding between me and this brother over here. It wasn’t anything important so I didn’t mention it.”In his heart, he yelled out about his misfortune. He did not expect that Jiang Cheng would catch him. Jiang Cheng had been in the military while he was young, so he was one of the rare ones in the circle who leaned on the righteous side and did not like the men under him to do unsavoury things. If he were to catch them doing it, then they would at the very least receive a tongue-lashing.

“You tell me instead.”Jiang Cheng shot the man a look of disappointment and turned to speak to Xu Ming instead in a gentle tone.

Xu Ming looked at him for a moment in hesitation. He may know who he was, but he could never be sure of his true nature. This man was Jiang Cheng’s assistant, so what use was it even if he were to tell on him to Jiang Cheng?

“He’s asking, so tell him.”Gu Yan shot Xu Ming a cold look. What a useless little thing!

Looking over to Gu Yan, Xu Ming felt a mysterious sense of courage, and spoke:”He bumped into me and made me drop the lunchbox……It’s nothing big, but not only did he not apologize, he wouldn’t even admit to it.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, did anyone witness me doing that?”The man was feeling anxious now, and quickly refuted.

“I saw it.”Said Gu Yan slowly.

“What, so it’s real just because you said you saw it? Of course you’d protect your assistant……!”The man suddenly blurted out, his face full of scorn.

Jiang Cheng suddenly howled,”Enough!”

Jiang Cheng’s eyes were full of disappointment as he looked at the man, and he sighed to Gu Yan,”How embarrassing, we’ve really made a scene of ourselves. This old brother was just trying to teach you about life, but I can’t even handle my own men.”

Gu Yan looked at Jiang Cheng with a faint smile, but did not say anything.

“I will make this up to you.”Jiang Cheng’s face was apologetic. He turned back to shout at the man,”Still not going to apologize?”

The man knew that there was no way for him to get out of this, he may have already been seen by both of them from earlier. And not only that, even Jiang Cheng was going to give face to Gu Yan, so what was he worth? He was just a lowly person that needed to be adaptable, and what was it to him to just apologize anyway? He could just start something else when nobody was there to watch. He pressed down the hatred in his eyes and lowered his head to Gu Yan:”I’m sorry.”

Gu Yan chuckled. There was not a single trace of warmth in his eyes, and his voice was light and cheery,”Was I the one you pushed?”

The man gritted his teeth and turned to Xu Ming:”I’m sorry, I did not do that on purpose earlier.”

Seeing the man apologize, Jiang Cheng’s face calmed slightly. He turned to Gu Yan and shot him a smile:”Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to give him hell when we’re back, I can’t let such a thing happen ever again.”

“That’s not enough, is it?”Gu Yan raised a brow, and his tone was apathetic.

Jiang Cheng’s face stiffened when he heard this. For a man of his position, it truly was not easy for him to lower himself to this extent for Gu Yan. And this was only because: Firstly, he was a righteous man, and secondly, it was for Fu Zhe Chuan’s sake. Otherwise……Did he have to apologize so much for such a trivial matter? Then what was his position as a godly superstar worth?

To put it bluntly, you could not even count this as intrigue in terms of the entertainment industry. There were many things he didn’t know at all, but there were some things he just couldn’t care about, neither could he……As long as they did not go too overboard, then he could just look on with one eye shut. He felt that towards a newcomer like Gu Yan, he had already given him as much face as he could muster. But he would never expect that Gu Yan would not leave it at that! He actually dared to pressure him!

“So what do you think should be done?”Jiang Cheng responded casually, and his expression had also turned slightly colder when looking at Gu Yan.

In his opinion, this young man was truly too ignorant. Even though he had shown Gu Yan his goodwill, that was just him doing his part as a senior to watch over his juniors. It did not hurt his pride, and would even make himself appear magnanimous……But if his junior was going to be so savage, this was a whole other matter altogether.

“This isn’t the first time he had done this, right? For a man with such loose morals, I don’t think he should continue working in the crew.”Gu Yan told him with a straight face.

He actually wanted to kick him out directly!

The smile left Jiang Cheng’s face, and he spoke sternly:”It was just a trivial matter, don’t you think this is too much?”

His expression did not expose his feelings, but at heart, he was enraged. What Gu Yan asked for was not as simple as just seeking justice, but instead to dismiss him at his face! If his assistant was driven away because of such a small matter, then others would not call this justice, and would instead insult him as useless, that he couldn’t even protect his assistant! To be forced to throw everything away by a little newcomer in the circle would simply turn him into a laughing-stock in this circle! If he were to give in, nobody would ever show him respect ever again!

The expression of the man standing by the side had turned from horror to that of amusement. When he first heard Gu Yan’s request, he was really scared. If he was to be driven away by Jiang Cheng just like that, that would mean the end of his career. Nobody would be able to accept someone with a stain on their name like him, as someone who had been kicked out by Jiang Cheng! But he would never expect things to turn around. Jiang Cheng was actually going to protect him.

He was too flustered earlier and didn’t think too much about it, but he understood some of the hidden rules within the circle and quickly understood what Jiang Cheng was thinking. Now, the mockery in his eyes when he looked at Gu Yan was hard to conceal.

You were just a newcomer without even a foundation in the circle, so what did he think he was worth to Jiang Cheng? He was willing to show him face, but he himself didn’t want to accept it! With this, not only would Jiang Cheng not blame him, he would even protect him and turn against Gu Yan instead. He couldn’t do anything to Gu Yan, but with Jiang Cheng against him, things were different!

He would never have expected to be able to vent so early on, this really was an unexpected surprise.

“A trivial matter?”Gu Yan sneered. Suddenly, he stepped forward and gave the man a slap!

The man was just hiding at the side, planning to enjoy this good show, and he hadn’t even had the time to put away that smile on his face yet when……Gu Yan suddenly made a move against him! He Held his face in disbelief. A clear handprint emerged on his cheek, and even blood could be seen by the corner of his mouth. It was not hard to see how heavy Gu Yan’s slap had been!

Jiang Cheng’s face changed, and he looked coldly at Gu Yan,”What are you trying to do?”

“I can’t stand him.”Gu Yan retracted his hand as if nothing had happened. He swept an indifference glance towards that man, and he couldn’t help himself from taking a step back. His eyes were full of fright when he looked at Gu Yan, he was scared of getting slapped again! For this man, rules were nothing in his eyes, there was no need for him to play his cards by the rules, he could do anything!

“He already apologized earlier, don’t you think you’ve gone overboard?”Jiang Cheng’s face was grave.

“Oh, I’m sorry, my hand slipped.”Gu Yan spoke cheerfully, but the insincerity was clear in his voice, even an idiot could tell.

“You——”Jiang Cheng was angry, but he couldn’t put his hands on Gu Yan with his status, right? If he dared to, then the headlines tomorrow would be about the big superstar Jiang Cheng putting his hands on the newcomer Gu Yan! What a great god could do was limited, their images were all just disguises!

What would that make him out to be?!

Gu Yan smiled,”What did I do? I’ve already apologized. Do you want me to say it again?”He raised his brows, and his dark eyes were as deep as a pool.

Jiang Cheng sucked in a breath, and his eyes turned slightly colder,”We’re leaving!”

And he turned to leave after speaking. The man quickly caught up to Jiang Cheng. He didn’t want to stay here for a second longer! It was too scary! For things to develop to this point, even if Jiang Cheng did not drive him away, it would still be hard for him to stay. A man with nothing to lose will never be afraid of loss. Jiang Cheng lost this time, and no matter how generous he was, he would never let him go easily after he made him lose face!

Thinking back to how this had all been because of Gu Yan, he felt both hatred and fear!

But before they could leave, they heard Gu Yan’s cold voice sound out from behind them,”Hold on, I haven’t finished talking yet.”


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