DBHW Chapter 30

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Gu Yan revealed a faint smile, he was very satisfied with Zhou Yu’s performance.

At the very beginning, when demons first started to come into existence, such large level differences were not present……Instead, this disparity had only formed after all the countless slaughtering and mutual consumption within the demon world. It is hard to imagine how lacking the demon world was, there were no humans or any other types of food. So for the sake of survival and getting stronger, the only thing they could do was to kill each other endlessly and consume them……Their only choices were to either eat others, or be eaten, there was no other choice.

There was no shortcut on this road to becoming strong.

Right now, he was one of the most powerful among the high-tier demonic beings with the title of the demon lord’s Number One Great General, it was completely meaningless for him to devour a puny little demon. But for a low-tier demonic being, a drop of his blood equated to a divine elixir that could allow them to make a great leap in their power!

This sort of temptation was not something a normal human could turn their backs on.

And how would it be possible for a low-tier demonic being like Zhou Yu to resist the temptation of his blood?

He had never believed the existence of loyalty in this world. It was impossible for humans, and even more so for demons. If he wanted to avoid any betrayals, then he would have to suppress them with his absolute power! Then at the right moments, he will let them taste the benefits of serving him……Tempering a person with mercy is the right way to go.

“Since you will be working under me, then you must not be too weak.”With the tip of his fingers, Gu Yan flicked his demonic blood towards her, landing directly on Zhou Yu’s forehead,”Absorb this drop of blood well, and you shall receive the ability to protect yourself.”

As soon as that droplet of demonic blood touched Zhou Yu’s forehead, it quickly seeped into her skin. She closed her eyes, and suddenly, threads of black energy started to squirm under her skin, and a dark fog quickly enveloped her entire body. After a quarter of an hour, she once again opened her eyes, revealing eyes glowing with joy!

She had actually managed to skip past three levels, she had jumped directly from the lowest levels of the lowest tier of demonic beings straight into the minimum threshold for a mid-tier demonic being! With this power, there was no need for her to be so wary in the human world any longer! At best, a human’s weapon would only be able to deal with some of the low-tier demonic beings!

She had originally been weaker than even that demon from the Donglin Community. Even though she was not as strong as that bloodthirster who had razed through the entire hospital, they were not far apart in strength.

Gu Yan noticed that look in her eyes and scoffed.

His scoff had been very light, but for Zhou Yu, it sounded almost thunderous! She had broken out in cold sweat and the sudden presence of that tremendous force caused her state of mind to waver. She was almost unable to pull her instinct back, she wanted to throw everything aside and slaughter everything outside!

“I have forgotten myself for a moment……”She knelt respectfully on the ground and spoke in a sincere tone,”Please forgive me, my lord.”

Even though she had become a mid-tier demonic being, she was still nothing in Gu Yan’s eyes. Once she calmed down she realized that even someone as strong as Gu Yan needed to disguise himself as a human, much less her?

The calm gradually returned on Gu Yan’s face,”Get up.”

“Yes.”Zhou Yu got up carefully, but she still kept her head down respectfully, not daring to make eye contact with Gu Yan.

Gu Yan muttered a few words to himself, and then he said:”You do not have to worry too much either. Even though we still have to disguise ourselves as humans temporarily, the entire human world will be in our palm as soon as we can open the door between our worlds. When that time comes, the humans will just be food, free for our picking.”

“Open the door to our worlds?”Zhou Yu revealed a look of surprise. She was just a puny little demon, so how was she qualified to know such a secret? She had only fallen through that crack in space out of accident, and managed to cross over successfully. It could be said that she was completely ignorant about everything that was happening.

If not for how low the chances of success was to pass through the boundaries, and how she had also succeeded to keep her life, she would not have been given this chance to do Gu Yan’s bidding.

Gu Yan did not feel like explaining any more, what he had said previously was only to give Zhou Yu something to dream about, then she will be able to do her work with her mind at rest.

“What is your relationship with Zhong Jian Ye?”Asked Gu Ya n casually.

Hearing about Zhong Jian Ye, a cold and disdainful look emerged in Zho uYu’s eyes. Her true character as a demon was finally revealed at this moment as she sneered:”He is just the sugar daddy for this body.”

“Everyone says that Zhong Jian Yu pampered Zhou Yu A lot, and did a lot of things in order to support her, but nobody knew what kind of life Zhou Yu really lived. Zhou Yu had caught Zhong Jian Ye’s attention when she was still in university because of her beauty. She was not willing to submit to him, so she had been forced by Zhong Jian Ye to the point where all her family members had their lives ruined, there was nothing she could do but become Zhong Jian Ye’s prisoner. But after submitting to him, she still did not live a good life. Besides this face of her, there was nothing else Zhong Jian Ye liked about her. And because she was so good-looking, she managed to get famous in the entertainment industry relatively easily. But even so, Zhong Jian Ye still kept her as his own possession. Being by Zhong Jian Ye’s side for so many years, she had been living as even less than a pet……Even when she had gotten pregnant, she had not dared to tell Zhong Jian Ye. But unexpectedly, she had still been found out by his wife, and some men were hired to beat her. Not long after her miscarriage, she died of depression.”

“Zhong Jian Ye is both old and ugly, and not only was he married, he even had a son who was older than Zhong Yu. Even so, it did not stop him from being a promiscuous man who seeked the companion of many other women. Men are all trash, they all deserve to die!”Speaking up to this point,m even Zhou Yu’s voice had turned bitter and resentful as a pool of hatred spread out in her eyes.

Gu Yan looked into Zhou Yu’s eyes and scoffed,”What, are you feeling sympathetic towards this human?”

Zhou Yu was shocked, and laughed nervously,”No, how could that be possible?”

“You seem very emotional.”Gu Yan’s voice was indifferent, but his eyes were cold.

Zhou Yu’s forehead started to pour with cold sweat.

“I don’t care what you think, neither do I care what you do, all that matters now is that Zhong Jian Ye still has some use left in him so you better not go too overboard in playing with him.”Gu Yan shot her a glance.

“Don’t worry, my lord, I understand.”Replied Zhou Yu respectfully.

Gu Yan hummed in acknowledgement,”You’ve done a good job thus far, keep him tightly in your grip, and with the help of his company, find me an area rich with demonic energy, and as far as you can, purchase them.”

“Yes.”Zhou Yu responded.

“Alright, you can go. Be careful in the future if you need to contact me, don’t let anyone find out our relationship. If you ever come in contact with a human cultivator, stay away from them.”After he was done speaking, Gu Yan walked past Zhou Yu to leave. But just when he was about to go, he stopped and turned to say:”If you see any other demonic beings, leave them alive if they’re useful, if not, kill them.”

Most of the demons they could find here were bloodthirsters with low intelligence, they dedicate their lives only to killing and are no good for anything else. Even if left alive, they would not be any help, instead, they would even make a mess.


Gu Yan returned home. He could already memorize the entire script after looking through it once so there was practically no need for him to bother at all.

After thinking about it, he had Xu Ming contact Zhu Huan Wei, he could get this troublesome guy dealt with during his free time. Even though he was not afraid of him doing anything, it was still annoying to have a little ant constantly trying to trouble him behind his back.

But after contacting him, Xu Ming told him that he wasn’t able to get in contact with Zhu Huan Wei at all. Only after going to the company did he find out that Zhu Huan Wei hadn’t been coming to work since yesterday. It was like he had gone missing entirely.

Gu Yan raised a brow as he heard this news. It seems this human was still a rather vigilant one, to have run away just like that.

And since that was so, he could just put this matter down. It wasn’t like he had all the time and effort in his hands to waste on chasing a little ant anyway. The best thing he could do now was just to wait and see how things would go.

Xu Ming had been getting more and more busy these days, so much so that he would not even be able to show up in front of Gu Yan for a few days at a time. The company had once mentioned to send another assistant to Gu Yan, but Gu Yan refused the offer. He did not like having too many humans around him. Just keeping Xu Ming alone whom he couldn’t eat or kill was enough for him, all they did was inconvenience him.

Xu Ming had been busy at the mountain villa recently, and only came back today due to that thing with Zhu Huan Wei. While he was there, he had also prepared dinner for Gu Yan.

“Speaking of which, why did Zhu Huan Wei suddenly disappear? I heard he didn’t inform anyone at all.”Holding his bowl, Xu Ming’s face was filled with curiosity,”Do you think he ended up in trouble?”

“Seems to me he did.”Gu Yan’s lips curled into a smile. To have provoked him was indeed falling into great trouble.

“Really? You think so too? You know, he’s been pissing me off since a long time ago! All he does all day is bully the newcomers with his power.”Complained Xu Ming angrily.

“Did he?”Gu Yan pretended to be ignorant.

But who knew that this would raise Xu Ming’s spirits. He started to speak with enthusiasm:”Of course he did, everyone knows how he is in private. When the company signed with two female artists last time, and they were both really cute! More importantly, they both ended up in bed with him due to some ‘unspoken rule’ just after being assigned under him! But all he could do was bully a bunch of newcomers without backers, he was nothing in front of those big shots……”

Gu Yan squeezed his forehead. He felt slightly regretful now that he had roused Xu Ming’s enthusiasm. He shifted the topic decisively,”Oh, that’s right, how are your brother’s injuries?”

Hearing the mention of his brother, Xu Ming couldn’t help but sigh,”Way better now.”

“So what’s still making you unhappy?”Gu Yan asked.

Xu Ming looked nervously at Gu Yan, and even his face had turned red. He said softly:”Ever since last time, he had been begging me to ask you every day. He said you were amazing and that you were his idol, and he wanted to follow you……He even wanted to get out of school.”

He had just finished speaking when he found that the room had slightly become colder. Is the weather changing?

Gu Yan looked coldly at Xu Ming. There was no way being worshipped by a human child like this would have him happy, these humans were as annoying as he had expected! After a short moment, he said:”How could he not study?”If he dared to stick to him, then he would definitely show him what it was like to plead for death!

Xu Ming nodded enthusiastically in agreement:”That’s what I told him too!”


Xu Ming was looking at Gu Yan with bright eyes, and suddenly caught his hands in a tight grip,”Can I please ask you for a favour?”

“Let go……”Gu Yan’s face turned dark.

“Oh, sorry, I was too excited for a moment……”Xu Ming smiled nervously and let go, now ready to butter up to Gu Yan,”It’s just a little favour, it definitely won’t take up too much of your time.”

“What is it?”Gu Yan’s face was cold.

“That little brat won’t listen to a single thing I say, so I wanted to ask if you could help me talk to him, I need someone to convince him to focus in school and improve himself each and every day in his studies.”Xu Ming showed a bitter face,”I think the only person he’ll listen to now is you.”

“You just have to help me give him a talking to, I really don’t know what else I can do to help him anymore……”Xu Ming’s eyes showed a look of pleading.

Gu Yan looked at him, and spat out a single word encased in ice,”Alright.”

Xu Ming cared very much about his brother, he could at least make him a little more loyal to him with this. Otherwise……How could he ever care about whether an ant was studying well in school or not? That’s absurd!

Receiving Gu Yan’s promise, Xu Ming left after washing up all the dishes in a good mood.

Gu Yan’s face was filled with impatience. If he had known long ago that humans were nothing but trouble, then he would not have chosen a human to do his bidding for him. But whatever……It was no good for him to contact any other demons directly at this moment, so leaving a human by his side would not be the worst idea. Yes, he was a bit stupid, but he was at the very least obedient.

He rested on his bed and regulated his breath for a moment, smoothly running his demonic energy over his body, firmly locking away that golden thread of energy in a corner of his body.

Suddenly, his phone rang. Gu Yan reached around and retrieved his phone from the table. Looking at the screen, he suddenly raised a brow.

Turns out it was Fu Zhe Chuan calling.


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