DBHW Chapter 29

The glass fell, shattering on the ground in a loud crash.

The wine soaked into the carpet, staining it crimson, and even splashed onto Zou Meng’s shoes, but he barely reacted to it at all. He was still looking at Gu Yan, and his eyes trembled involuntarily.

Those eyes were simply not the eyes a human should have……

He wanted to run away from his ruthless gaze, and his heart was screaming at him, run away, quickly! Run away! But his instinct told him that no, just give in, running would just be a waste of effort!

The atmosphere within the room seemed to have solidified completely, and the quiet was like that of the peace you could find in the face of complete despair.

“Heh……”Gu Yan suddenly chuffed, and sat down. He raised his eyes again and they had returned to their gentle and natural state, that terribly suffocating gaze was gone without a trace. He smiled to Zou Meng,”I did not recite those lines wrongly, did I?”

Zou Meng’s stiff body suddenly relaxed and it was as if all the energy was sapped from his body at once. From his face, it could be seen that he was still suffering from some lingering palpitations, but he spoke after a short bout of silence,”No, you did not.”

He, who had faced Gu Yan front on had suffered a sense of pressure that nobody could ever understand.

Liu Wei finally dares to make a sound as he let out some nervous laughter, hoping to ease the atmosphere,”Oh, so you were just reciting the lines, it almost felt real……Now what did I say? Gu Yan is a very serious and capable young man, not only did he memorize the lines, he could even get into his role with just a snap.”

“Director Zou, Director Zou?”Liu Wei called out to him several times in concern,”Are you alright? Should I call someone to clean up here?”

Zou Meng finally came back to his senses and a bit of the colour from his face finally returned,”I’m fine, don’t worry.”

“What do you think about Gu Yan’s earlier performance? Do you think he has a good understanding of the role? If there’s anything off, I hope that as the great director and the senior that you can offer some criticism. To be able to get your advice will be Gu Yan’s greatest joy!”Liu Wei coaxed up to him cheerfully but respectfully

Zou Meng looked at Gu Yan with a complicated look in his eyes and found that Gu Yan was also looking humbly at him, just like a studious child listening focusedly in class, as if both he and that emotionless and horrifying man were two completely different people……

He coughed,”His performance was very good.”

Liu Wei thought so as well. Even though the atmosphere had been a tad scary, Gu Yan really gave him a big surprise! Now things would most likely not be too difficult to settle. He smiled:”So, Director Zou, do you think he could work for the role?”

Zou Meng was silent for a moment, but then he nodded slowly but firmly. Looking back at Gu Yan once more, the underestimating look in his eyes were now completely gone.

Unless he was ruthless and numb killer like a demon, for Gu Yan to have those eyes……The only reason he could find for it was perhaps his acting ability was just that good. To tell the truth, Zou Meng had even felt thrilled when he came back to his senses. Gu Yan’s performance had far exceeded his expectations, so much so that he even felt that the character must have been tailor-made for Gu Yan!

Since he was a man with an appreciation for talents, his opinion of Gu Yan being young and frivolous was gone from his mind. After all, it was more than normal to be arrogant especially when you were so young and talented.

This youngster had a good future ahead of him, thought Zou Meng.

Liu Wei could finally be relieved after seeing his reaction. He chirped happily:”Thank you so much Director Zou, I hope we can have a happy cooperation!”

“Hold on——Would it not be too sloppy to decide just like that, Director Zou?”Zhang Jian Ye suddenly made a sound. He was facing Gu Yan’s back earlier, so he did not feel all the pressure exuded by Gu Yan. As an investor, he did not have a good opinion of a newcomer like Gu Yan. Before Gu Yan came, this question had already passed through in conversation between Director Zou and him. The two of them had been of the same opinion that an A-list actor should be one to take on this role.

Zou Meng was responsible for keeping the quality of the film high, and he was responsible for giving advice for the sake of maximizing box office sales.

But who knew that Zou Meng would change his mind in just the blink of an eye? He accepted Gu Yan’s performance without even caring that he was present on the scene, and this made him somewhat unhappy.

Gu Yan turned back and smiled to him. He did not speak, he had only passed a glance over to Zhou Yu in a seemingly unintentional way. Immediately, a telepathic message was sent directly into Zhou Yu’s mind!

Zhou Yu’s expression went stiff, and a greatly shocking and horrifying scene suddenly popped up before her eyes! But she was able to cover it up quickly. The change in her eyes was only fleeting, and Gu Yan was the only person who noticed the change.

Zhou Yu lowered her eyes and did not dare to look at Gu Yan. She tugged at Zhong Jian Ye’s arm slightly and her sweet and charming voice sounded,”Jian Ye, if Director Zou insists on it then I’m sure he has his reasons, you shouldn’t make things too hard for him. Director Zou is such a great director, how could normal people like us ever understand his vision?”

“But……”Zhong Jian Ye’s countenance had been grave, but would immediately turn gentle every time he looked at Zhou Yu.

Zhou Yu thumped her tender hand on Zhou Jian Ye’s chest, seemingly annoyed:”Can’t you trust Director Zou’s judgement? When has Director Zou ever disappointed you? No matter what industry you’re in, the worst thing that could happen is for an outsider to lead the professionals. Come on~ You should just way and see Director Zou’s masterpiece when it’s done, he’s not going to make you a loss, no need to be so petty~”

“Alright, alright, I’ll keep out of it, okay?”Zhou Jian Ye looked meekly at Zhou Yu.

Liu Wei was dumbfounded at the scene. This Zhou Yu really had a tight hold on Zhong Jian Ye. You could say that as a mistress, she was at the peak of her game, she could die without regrets. Even though it had been outside of his expectations for Zhou Yu to suddenly speak up for Gu Yan, he still felt fortunate that she did……If Zhong Jian Ye insisted on opposing this, then things may not be good. After all, he was one of the sponsors of the movie with a great wealth of financial power, he was not someone that anyone should be looking down on.

Zou Meng saw how the scene had turned around with just a few simple words from Zhou Yu and could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

It is truly not a good idea for him to ignore Zhong Jian Ye’s demands, and he does agree that his earlier decision came in a bit of a rush……Now that Zhong Jian Ye himself was letting this go, not to mention Gu Yan was recommended to him by Fu Zhe Chuan with undisputable skill, he was definitely going to use him for the role.

Things were settled in what could be considered a success. Liu Wei got up and big his farewells:”We’ll leave you to your work Director Zou, it is no good to bother you any longer than we already have, so we will be taking our leave.”

“Alright, feel free to contact me if there’s anything else you need.”Zou Meng nodded before turning to smile at Gu Yan:”You should prepare when you’re back, if you have any questions about the script you can call me any time.”His attitude now was extremely different from when they had just come in.

“Mm.”Gu Yan responded.


The two left the villa and just as they were about to leave the premises, Gu Yan suddenly said:”I need to use the lavatory.”

Liu Wei was stunned for a moment.

“You can go first if you’re busy, we’ll be heading different ways when we return anyway, I can just go back on my own.”Gu Yan smiled,”You don’t have to worry too much about me.”

Liu Wei thought about it for a moment and smiled:”Okay then.”

He was indeed quite busy, there was still a lot of work waiting for him in the office.

Gu Yan watched as Liu Wei left before he turned around not to head to the toilets, but rather a remote corner. It was a dead angle hidden within the forest, so nobody could see what was happening inside even if someone were to pass by.

He only had to stand for about three minutes when a woman wearing a white dressed slowly sauntered over.

Zhou Yu came in front of Gu Yan and kneeled to the ground in a supple motion, her forehead almost plastered to the ground,”My lord.”

“Raise your head.”Gu Yan’s voice was apathetic.

Zhou Yu slowly raised her head. That face of hers was still that of the top beauty in the entire country, but the expression on her face was completely different from usual. Her lips were slightly pale from the tension and her eyes were filled with fear, just like a panicked little fawn.

Gu Yan bent down and reached out to hold Zhou Yu’s chin, his eyes coldly observing her.

“Do you know why I’ve come to look for you?”Gu Yan asked.

Zhou Yu’s body trembled faintly. She did not dare to move at all, only raising her neck to look at Gu Yan,”I, I don’t know……”

“Because you know how to survive in the human world.”Gu Yan released his hand and looked condescendingly down at Zhou Yu,”That is why I am simply standing before you, and talking to you. I could have killed you directly instead.”

“Thank, Thank you my lord……”Zhou Yu pursed her lips stiffly.

She was merely an insignificant little demonic being while she was in the demon world. Without even mentioning such a terrifying existence such as Gu Yan, she was not an opponent for even some of the stronger, low-tier demonic beings. She was used to living carefully, but she would never have expected that she would get the chance to return to the human world. As long as she did not bump into other demons, then humans would just be a delicious meal in front of her in the human world, vulnerable to her slaughter. But it was unfortunate……The day she dreaded had still come.

The strongest had always been the leader, be it in the demon world or the human world.

Faced with Gu Yan’s oppressive strength, she did not even dare to think about resisting him.

“I am willing to listen to my lord’s orders, I can do my lord’s bidding and it will be my honour to do so.”Zhou Yu looked meekly at Gu Yan respectfully, but also with charm in her eyes.

Gu Yan was observing Zhou Yu when he suddenly said,”You’re a smart one.”

Zhou Yu’s face turned white and she suddenly dropped to the ground in prostration, her body quivering in fear.

“Don’t be afraid, this is good.”Said Gu Yan plainly,”As long as you obey me, you will naturally come out unharmed.”

Zhou Yu clenched her hands tightly on the ground and laughed dryly:”Na, Naturally, please rest easy my lord, I will definitely obey you.”

“Yes……”Gu Yan reached out once more to lay his hand on Zhou Yu’s face, feeling the tremors from under her skin. He took in the terrified sight of her and a smile curved up on his lips, his eyes becoming increasingly dark.”Just like that……I don’t need your respect or love, I just need you to fear me, and surrender to me.”

To work for me……

After he finished talking, the oppressive pressure had finally subsided along with the coldness in his eyes. He put on a smile and spoke in a low voice:”Of course, I will not treat you badly as long as you do my bidding well.”He pricked the tip of his finger, and a black bead of blood slowly formed at the wound.

The black droplet of blood floated gently in the air.

Zhou Yu looked towards that droplet of blood and the strong desire for it overwhelmed all of her fear! I want it! Give it to me! I want it to be mine!

Her eyes started to glow in a faint red and her original form had almost been exposed. However, she still managed to control her instincts in the end……She was kneeling on the ground without moving, but looking up at Gu Yan, her eyes were filled with greed and passion!


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