DBHW Chapter 25

More sad music for FZC


It was hard for Gu Yan to fall asleep in this unfamiliar place. He opened his eyes, and saw the sunlight from outside being projected through the light blue curtains.

The golden spiritual energy that had been wreaking havoc in his body gradually quieted down. It seemed to be getting easier and easier to suppress now, it may not take long before he could get rid of that menace completely.

He sorted out his appearance and went downstairs, only to find Fu Zhe Chuan waiting for him below.

“You’re awake.”Fu Zhe Chuan put down his newspapers and gave Gu Yan a smile, his expression was the same as usual.

“Mm.”Gu Yan nodded, looking plainly over to him,”I’ve troubled you last night. I have work to attend to, so I’ll be taking my leave.”

Fu Zhe Chuan’s expression was gentle,”Have some breakfast before you go.”

Gu Yan’s eyes were dark and deep. He pursed his thin lips and replied to him coldly:”There’s no need.”He had no interest in sitting around here. It was practically a form of torture if he had to sit there in front of this top-tier delicacy while eating disgusting food that was hard to swallow.

As for how that ant would feel being rejected, Gu Yan cared little if at all.

The pair of phoenix eyes underneath Fu Zhe Chuan’s glasses took in Gu Yan for a moment, and he suddenly let out a soft sigh,”You’re a completely different person when you’re sober.”

Gu Yan raised a brow,”Is that so? What was I like last night?”

He couldn’t be more sober from the start of the entire thing to the end, how could he forget? The only reason he pretended to be drunk to use Fu Zhe Chuan was because he was sure that Fu Zhe Chuan would help him. As long as Fu Zhe Chuan did not say anything after, it was normal that he would pretend nothing had happened too……But he would never have expected that this human would bring up this topic by his own initiative, didn’t humans like to be quite secretive? If you were going to be hypocritical, wouldn’t it be better to be a hypocrite to the very end?

He narrowed his eyes and looked directly at Fu Zhe Chuam,”If I’ve given you any trouble, then I’ll have to apologize.”

But his cold and indifferent eyes clearly told a different story. Even if I had done anything, don’t you ever expect me to take responsibility for it.

Fu Zhe Chuan watched Gu Yan for a moment, but then he chuckled softly as if nothing had happened,”Nothing of that sort, I’ll tell my driver to take you home.”

“Thank you.”Gu Yan had also given him a smile.

Fu Zhe Chuan saw Gu Yan off until they reached the gates, holding the door of the car open for him like a gentlemen. With a gentle gaze, he told him:”Call me if you need anything.”

Gu Yan let out a hum of acknowledgement,”Mm.”


Gu Yan returned to his house and sunk himself into his soft sofa. He massaged the point between his brow and the emotion in his eyes became cold.

He had been thinking about how he had caught that human cultivator’s attention for the whole night, and he may just about have found the reason why. During that day at the holiday mountain villa where the demonic energy had been spread out and attracted the arrival of other demonic beings, that human cultivator should have come by following the tracks of that demonic being, and even found him after he had eradicated that monster. It was out of luck tha the was able to get away during their conflict……But as long as that human was given some time, he would soon find out the oddities in that mountain villa.

Then, if he pays more attention, he would find out that he was the one who took the initiative to procure the mountain villa.

Even though he had changed his appearance during their conflict, it was still very suspicious of him to have purchased the villa despite the accidents. It wasn’t as if Gu Yan did not think about these matters, but he had never tried to conceal his own actions deliberately. He knew that it would be futile, they would find him in the background sooner or later as long as they did some investigating……If he acted secretively, it would attract even more suspicion, so he may as well be more open about his actions. At best, he would be taken as a small-time star trying to pick up what was left behind by others.

As he had expected, things really was going to develop towards this direction……

Fortunately, he had arranged for Xu Ming to take care of the villa, and he did not rush to do anything either, he had just stopped business for renovations, it was nothing worth investigating.

And so, as long as he did not expose himself from now, he should be safe in the future. As for how long he could keep up holding onto this disguise, Gu Yan did not care. It wasn’t as if he really wanted to become human, this was all just for convenience.

It will not last long.

The only thing that troubled him now was that he still lacked someone who could do his dirty work for him, and this person had to be completely unrelated to him in any way.

In this regard, there was already a suitable candidate in his mind, and that was——Zhou Yu.

Zhou Yu and Gu Yan were both people without any connections to speak of, and last night was the only time they had met, besides which they had spoken at most only a simple greeting with each other.

Moreover, he could see from the attitude of that human cultivator that he was the only character suspicious to him, and he had no problems whatsoever with Zhou Yu, this tells him that Zhou Yu’s identity had never attracted any attention. If he had even a single shred of suspicion towards Zhou Yu, then he would never act as indifferent as he did.

With this, he should be able to lure the eyes of the humans away with him under the limelight. Meanwhile, in the dark, Zhou Yu would be able to run errands for him, there was no better arrangement than this. Zhou Yu was backed by the Yuanlin group, and with her ability as a succubus, He has confidence that it was no hard matter for her to put a bunch of humans under her control.

The only thing he had to be careful about was……

Gu Yan cooped himself up in his own house and played his part as a law-abiding citizen for a short period of time.

The ending of the TV series was broadcasted and was very well received. One could say that he had risen up in fame from this and gotten a considerable amount of fans. Though there were still many people who still remembered his previous scandals, at the very least it wasn’t all about him getting scolded now. THe company spent great efforts to hire commenters for him and they worked very well in his favour.

Taking advantage of the heat, his agent Liu Wei came to look for him.

Perhaps it was due to Fu Zhe Chuan’s request, or perhaps out of Dai Hong trying to kiss up to Fu Zhe Chuan, but whatever it was, the company had created a detailed star-making plan for him, and it was not an exaggeration to say that they were trying their very best to boost him up.

First of all, they had to raise his level, and his starting works had to be good. Even though he was a newcomer, a TV series that was too cheap and trashy would be no good for him to accept, and any messy and ridiculous notices will be rejected as far as possible. He had to pay attention to the impact that would come from his each and every move, a good image will be created for him and any damages to it will be taken care of. All the exposure and publicity events would all be prepared for him by the company, there was nothing he had to worry about.

And then, Liu Wei passed over several scripts to Gu Yan for him to make a choice. He had some popularity now, and moving onto the big screen was the next step the company had set for him.

But of course, even the script for a movie had to be chosen properly, and it would be best if he chose one from a famous director. It didn’t have to be a commercial production, but it had to have some impact, preferably one with the potential to receive awards. Even though he won’t be able to play as the protagonist in these kind of movies, it would not be impossible for him to receive a newcomer award if he played his part well as a supporting character.

With an award under his name, the road after this would be an easier one.

Gu Yan listened to the gist of it and decided that the company’s request was no big problem, so he stopped paying attention, he did not need to care about the other details.

He stayed at home and looked at the script Liu Wei left for him, and in the end, he chose one that touched on modern subjects.

It was a story about a policeman solving a case, and the villain in it was a murderer with dual personalities. Due to him witnessing the murder of his mother by his father when he was still a child, as well as being abused by his relatives after being adopted by them since being orphaned, he ended up growing into a very wicked character. During the day, he was an inconspicuous company employee, and at night, he would become a criminal involved in a serial killing case, and his methods of execution were always extremely vicious. The protagonist was a middle-aged policeman who did not receive much attention be it in his career or his family. Out of the blue one day, he found his daughter missing and it was suspected to be related to a series of serial killings that had been happening recently. He went mad trying to find his daughter, but since his family member was involved, his boss would not allow him to participate in the task force so as to avoid suspicion. He took the initiative to act alone and in the end, he was able to catch the murder, and saved his daughter. That was the type of story it was.

Gu Yan was not that into the story, but this was still considered slightly interesting out of the other scripts he could choose from, so at least he wouldn’t be too bored.

Liu Wei was rather surprised when he received his call. The few scripts he had passed to Gu Yan all came with great potential, with genres ranging from romance to historical, even the supporting characters were excellent in those. But he would never have expected this to be Gu Yan’s choice. Even though the villain of that movie was a very important role that could attract the talk of viewers, can Gu Yan hold up to that role with his skills? And besides that, it was not a very likeable role……To put it simply, he was a pervert.

Regardless, he would not retort Gu Yan about it. The instructions given to him by his boss were very clear, he was to satisfy Gu Yan’s desires as far as possible.

Besides, the director of this film was known for receiving a lot of awards, he was a big shot in the local world of directors, so the quality of the film was guaranteed. It was just that……He didn’t know whether he would look down on Gu Yan or not. But of course, Liu Wei would not tell him this, what he needed to do was get this settled as soon as possible.

Gu Yan had no idea that he was enjoying such a rare luxury treatment in the entertainment industry.

He attracted the visit of a very unexpected guest today.

Dressed in a leather jacket, he had messy hair and a faint darkness could be seen right below his eyes. The young man stood at the doorway and put his arms around Gu Yan’s shoulder as if they were good friends and rolled his eyes,”It’s been real busy these days so I haven’t been coming to look for you. So how is it, I heard something bad happened to you? Are you okay?”

Gu Yan narrowed his eyes and put the young man’s hand down from his shoulder. He was slightly out of it for a moment due to the sudden memories resurfacing in the host’s brain.

This person was called Sun Jie and he was a very close friend of the original host in this city. They would eat, drink, screw prostitutes, and even do drugs together, they were so close they could almost share the same pair of pants.

But though they were such good friends, the original had never seen him a single time since the accident for these months, he didn’t even get a call from him, it was like he had disappeared into thin air.

“I’m doing great.”Gu Yan invited him in and put on a smile,”Speaking of which, you invited me out for a party on that night but I ended up almost drowning halfway there so I didn’t end up going. Where were you?”

Sun Jie giggled,”It’s my fault, I went off by myself without even waiting for you. If we went together at that time, then you might not have ended up in an accident.”

Gu Yan looked at him. Though this person had concealed it well, he had still noticed the momentary stiffness of the other’s facial muscles and that unnatural tinge in his eyes.

“You think so?”Gu Yan smiled and asked:”I haven’t seen you for a while, what are you up to these days?”

Sun Jie sighed,”Damn it, I had too much fun that day and I was so smashed the next morning I couldn’t wake up. After that, I ended up being dragged by the company out somewhere for a business trip and I’ve been so bloody busy I didn’t even know something happened to you. But as soon as I came back, you’re my first stop for a visit.”

“Thanks.”Gu Yan looked at him with a blank smile by his lips. A good friend here to see him without even bringing any gifts?

How could the original host take this piece of trash seriously? What an absolute idiot.

“I heard you’ve been doing well recently, my girlfriend saw that drama you were in too. She’s been mad crazy about you, you know? I swear you’re all she thinks about.”Sun Jie’s smile twisted strangely,”So I told my girl, that handsome guy is my best buddy! She wouldn’t believe me, so she said that if I can invite you out to see her, then she’ll do anything I say tonight.”

“There’s a lot of positions I’m itching to try, but that girl just won’t cooperate, proud one she is. It’s hard for her to even bring this up, so you gotta help a brother out, alright?”Sun Jie nudged Gu Yan’s shoulder with his elbow and laughed.

Gu Yan’s eyes passed over his hand and his eyes turned cold, but he still kept the smile on his face:”Sure, where to?”

“A good place.”Sun Jie’s smiel was mysterious,”I’ll guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with it.”

Gu Yan smiled lightly.

He had been too lazy to figure out who was trying to put the original host to his grave, and had no intentions at all of avenging him. It was just a simple fight and some conspiracies between a bunch of ants. Compared to what he had to do, this was simply not even worth bringing up……

But if someone came without regards for their life, trying to plot against him, then he didn’t mind spending some free time to clean them up.

Now let’s see who wanted him dead.


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