DBHW Chapter 24


At this moment, Director Zhang just so happened to pass by in front of Gu Yan, cutting off their line of sight. When Gu Yan looked over again, that person had already stopped looking at him.

Gu Yan lowered his eyes, not allowing his emotions to reveal themselves. But the vigilance in his heart was already at its highest!

Why was that human cultivator here? Did he follow him here? No……He had clearly changed his appearance at that time, nor did he reveal any loose ends today. If that human knew his identity, there was no way he would allow him to sit calmly here, he would definitely come rushing over with his sword out! Humans and demons will never rest without bloodshed!

Which also means……This could have been a coincidence.

And what he had to do now was to stay hidden. There was generally no way for a human cultivator to find out whether a human was possessed by a demon as long as they did not actively reveal their identities, or took the initiative to use their powers. And if a human cultivator could not be sure of his identity, then they would not easily make a move. This was thanks to current society as well as his current identity……You could say that human lives were at least worth something now. If this was a thousand years ago, then a human’s life would have little difference with the weeds on the ground. As long as they could eradicate the demons, what is it to them if they accidentally killed a few humans?

Gu Yan stopped looking towards that direction and put his mind on the interactions happening on stage. The host was very humorous so the warm atmosphere was retained through the entire event.

But this was, after all, not a performance they were giving to an audience, everyone present were all insiders of the entertainment circle. The activity was not riddled with trivial details nor did it take up too much time, everyone just said a few words and that was it, and they were mostly just words of thanks and whatnot.

Not long after, Gu Yan was brought back off the stage again.

Fu Zhe Chuan smiled to him:”Congratulations.”

“I should be thanking you.”Gu Yan raised his eyebrows and smiled. The only reason the company supported him so much was all thanks to Fu Zhe Chuan, this was something he was clear about.

“It is only what I should do.”Fu Zhe Chuan’s voice was low and magnetic.

Gu Yan smiled faintly, unsure of how to respond.

Melodious music sounded out throughout the hall, and the pairs of ladies and gentlemen began to converge to the center, and started to dance.

But Gu Yan did not find that to be of any interest. He picked up a glass of red wine and stood at the corner, wondering how he was going to find an excuse to leave early without making things awkward. It was clear that Fu Zhe Chuan had no interest in dancing either, he had already refused several ladies who invited him and stood by Gu Yan’s side from start to end.

Gu Yan drank a sip of his wine, and spoke:”Why aren’t you joining them?”It was not a very gentlemanly move to refuse a lady.

Fu Zhe Chuan smiled,”Sometimes troubles will come endlessly if you do not refuse them, so it’s not a bad idea to do so.”

“Now how could this be a trouble? If someone else hears you, they’ll be jealous.”Gu Yan looked to the front. The emotions in his eyes flickered, and he suddenly downed the entire glass of wine in his hand.

“Are you jealous?”Fu Zhe Chuan chuckled softly.

“Me?”Gu Yan took up another glass, seeming to go on a bit of a binge. His eyes were already starting to become hazy,”I’m feeling very happy today, cheers.”

Silently, Fu Zhe Chuan downed that glass of wine without hesitation. He turned around and saw Gu Yan’s face just a few centimetres away. A faint blush had appeared on his fair skin, and he could smell the mellow scent of the alcohol from his breath. His eyes turned several degrees darker and he helped Gu Yan put his glass down,”You shouldn’t drink too much.”

“I’m fine……”Gu Yan’s voice was starting to slur and drag like a confused drunk,”Another……”

Gu Yan stretched out his hand to grab another glass, but all he found in his hand was air. A slightly cool palm suddenly moved over to hold his, and gently, a glass of wine was put in his hands.

Fu Zhe Chuan raised his head and looked towards the man who had appeared seemingly out of nowhere. His eyes focused on the man, he could feel instinctively a sense of crisis as if his territory was being invaded. This was no simple man, and his judgement had always been sharp.

It seemed as if Gu Yan had only noticed the appearance of someone new just then, and he started to laugh,”Who’s this?”

“Nice to meet you, let me introduce myself, my name is Qin Yao.”Under the dim light, the flickering colours of Qin Yao’s heterochromic eyes revealed a strange sense of beauty. He looked fixedly at Gu Yan, and his lightly tinted lips were curled into a light arc on his cool face that almost depicted an appearance of abstinence. He said plainly,”I’m a fan of yours.”

Gu Yan looked at him and only seemed to react to his words after mulling over them for a moment. He revealed a smile,”Do you want an autograph?”

Qin Yao paused for a moment, and slowly pulled out a white handkerchief from his coat pocket before handing it over to Gu Yan.

Gu Yan held the handkerchief in his hands thought about it for a moment before turning to Fu Zhe Chuan:”Do you have a pen?”

Fu Zhe Chuan took a look at Qin Yao, and he took out a pen silently, handing it over to Gu Yan.

Gu Yan shot him a smile, and shook his head as if trying to get the alcohol out of his system. Seeing that there were no surfaces nearby suitable for writing on, he stretched his hand over to Fu Zhe Chuan, and pinned the handkerchief to his chest. Fu Zhe Chuan raised his eyebrows in surprise, but he did not move.

“Don’t move, I’m going to borrow you for a moment.”Gu Yan’s voice was slightly raspy, clawing sexily at his heartstrings. He leaned over towards Fu Zhe Chuan’s body with his left hand securing the handkerchief to his chest, and with his right, he neatly wrote two simple words on the handkerchief: Gu Yan.

“Done.”Gu Yan smiled proudly and took the handkerchief back, then turned back to Qin Yao:”It’s yours.”

But Qin Yao did not take it from him. Instead, he caught Gu Yan’s hand, and suddenly pulled Gu Yan to him with some force, leaning close to observe Gu Yan’s eyes,”You’re drunk, how about I take you home?”

The tips of his fingers were cool and the steady force of his hands seemed to convey no hints of suspicion.

Gu Yan narrowed his eyes. With this distance between them, he could clearly see every trace of Qin Yao’s irides, and he could see that his eyes were devoid of emotion……

Gu Yan suddenly laughed out loud before shaking off Qin Yao’s hand, the handkerchief landing on the floor. A slight hint of provocation was aroused in his eyes,”Who are you? I don’t need you to take me home.”

Under Qin Yao’s watchful gaze, he turned openly towards Fu Zhe Chuan and curled an arm around his shoulders, catching hold of his tie with his other and pulling his neck towards him. Warm puffs of his breath brushed past Fu Zhe Chuan’s ears:”I want you to take me.”

Fu Zhe Chuan’s body went stiff for a moment, but he regained his composure in a short moment. With a gentle voice without any hints of hesitation, he responded,”Alright.”

“I’m tired, let’s go, it’s too noisy here……”Said Gu Yan nonchalantly.

“Sure.”Fu Zhe Chuan replied.

He supported Gu Yan by his waist and started to walk forward, but found that Qin Yao was still standing there without any intentions of moving at all.

Fu Zhe Chuan raised his head and looked at Qin Yao. Without beating around the bush, he spoke to him in a cold tone,”Can you please excuse us, Mr. Qin?”

Qin Yao’s eyes were still on him for a moment, and he turned his body slightly to make way for him.

Fu Zhe Chuan walked past him and went out.

Fu Zhe Chuan was almost carrying Gu Yan in am embrace as they left. He was calm, but everyone else who saw them were extremely shocked.

He took Gu Yan into his own car and told the driver:”Take us to his house.”

Gu Yan suddenly moved, hooking an arm around Fu Zhe Chuan’s neck. His lips closed into his ears and a soft chuckle reverberated:”Let’s go to yours.”

Fu Zhe Chuan endured the numb and ticklish feeling by his ear and straightened his body. After a moment, he said two words to the driver,”Go home.”

And thus the black car drove away in the night, leaving only dust behind.

Under the shadow of the eaves, Qin Yao slowly walked out of the building, his eyes fixed towards the direction the car had left in. A frown formed on his brows.

For a moment, he stood there without any movements, but after a while, a plump middle-aged man ran out from the hotel, looking left and right. A look of surprise emerged on his face when he found Qin Yao, and he hurried over to him. Cheerfully, he spoke:”Mr. Qin, what brought you out here out of nowhere?”

Qin Yao looked at him. Though his face was clearly devoid of expression, it was still surprising.”I’ve troubled you today, Station Director Zhang, goodbye.”

This middle-aged man was the station director of Haiyun City TV station, but to Qin Yao’s words, he dared not question them in the slightest, and hurriedly responded:”Let me see you off, Mr. Qin.”

“There’s no need.”And with that, Qin Yao turned and left.

“Hey, hold on……”Station Director Zhang would never dare to neglect Qin Yao. Even though he had never heard of this Mr. Qin before, he was still someone Chief Song had reminded incessantly to be given good treatment, he definitely had a very important position! He was not someone a little station director like him could ever dare to offend, he had to treat him well!

But after following him for a few steps, he suddenly lost sight of him despite Mr. Qin being right in front of him just a few moments ago, and he wasn’t even walking very quickly.

Station Director Zhang rubbed his eyes, and though he was drunk, he was at the very least a little more sober now. What was that? He didn’t just see a ghost, right?


Half holding Gu Yan around his waist, Fu Zhe Chuan took him back to his seaside villa. It took a lot of effort for him to finally bring Gu Yan into the guest room, and onto the bed.

Gu Yan moved seemingly in discomfort and his head started to squirm around the pillow, revealing his attractive neck. His Adam’s apple could be seen bobbing up and down and his long eyelashes were faintly trembling. Fu Zhe Chuan’s eyes dimmed, and he couldn’t help himself from leaning over to take a good look at the person before him. Watching him with focused eyes……He extended his hands slowly……But suddenly, he stopped just before touching Gu Yan.

After a short moment, he slowly reacted his hand and wanted to get up and leave. But suddenly, Gu Yan waved his right hand over, latching onto his lapel. His eyes slowly opened, and a thing layer of mist covered his pure black eyes. Though hazy, his eyes were locked firmly on Fu Zhe Chuan, exuding heat from its passion that could almost melt a person……

Fu Zhe Chuan also looked at Gu Yan.

For a moment, only the clear sounds of their breaths could be heard.

Fu Zhe Chuan pursed his lips. In the end, he still peeled away Gu Yan’s hands firmly, but slowly. With a deep and raspy voice, he spoke,”You’ve had a bit too much to drink, you should get some proper rest tonight.”

Gently, the door was closed behind him.

Gu Yan looked towards the direction of the door, and the blush on his face gradually receded. His eyes had once again returned to its clear and cold selves, any hint of drunkenness that was previously there was now gone. In the blink of an eye, all the alcohol in his system had broken down and dissipated……He pressed his finger lightly on his lips, and a glow of desire emerged in his eyes.

For such a delicacy to be put in front of his eyes……He really did not wish to let him go.

Ever since he got to taste the flesh of humans again, it was getting harder for him to control his instincts to feed. With such a fine delicacy placed in front of his eyes, exuding a gentle and light aroma, just taking a whiff was enough to send his desires blaring. How could a bunch of punks hope to compare to a human like this? Besides that human cultivator, this was the most delicious human he had met in this world……His taste must be better than anything he had ever tasted.

Earlier, for just a moment, he really wanted to swallow Fu Zhe Chuan down into his stomach.

But thankfully, Fu Zhe Chuan had left. Gu Yan closed his eyes lazily.

So it turns out the name of that human cultivator at his ascension stage was called Qin Yao. With one look, he could tell that he had come for him without doubt. It seems that his behaviour had attracted the attention of the humans. He did not hesitate to act like a drunkard, and evaded Qin Yao’s probing with Fu Zhe Chuan as a cover, and he didn’t even return home. It took all that effort to finally fool that human, if Fu Zhe Chuan ended up a corpse tomorrow, then his identity would be immediately exposed, and no doubt he will end up in the incessant pursuit of the humans.

And so, Fu Zhe Chuan still had to live for now, but just being alive was not enough, he had to live with not a single hint of a problem.

What a pity, he could look at him but he wasn’t allowed to eat him.

Gu Yan lay in bed and released the suppression of the golden spiritual energy in his body, and ran his demonic energy through his body, beginning his battle with the golden spiritual energy. Soon after, his forehead was covered with a fine layer of sweat.

A human cultivator had their eyes on him now, and he would never forget how persistent the humans were. They wanted to weed out all the demons from the human world, so they definitely would not let go of him easily. What he had to do now was to recover his strength as soon as possible……A cold smile revealed itself on Gu Yan’s lips.

Light a candle for Fu Zhe Chuan and his right hand, song also dedicated to him

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  1. Poor FZC if he knew that GY, he found it really tasty and wanted to “devour it” without leaving an intact bone literally 😅😅

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  6. Wuuwuu,too bad demon-human pair is not shippable.but this is very realistic,its matched with our folktales that demon seduce human just to eat them.I finally catch a glimpse what’s rolling inside demon mind.


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