DBHW Chapter 23

Song completely unrelated to plot but it’s called “crazy girl” and we all know who’s a crazy girl in this chapter(jk I just can’t find music lmao)


With a glass of wine in hand, Madam Song came towards Gu Yan and smiled,”We meet again.”

Gu Yan turned around with a straight face and left.

Madam Song was startled, but after a moment, she was furious! This was the first time she had encountered someone like him who wouldn’t give her any face! She hasn’t even started to say or do anything, and she had already been completely ignored!

She caught up quickly and blocked Gu Yan’s path forward, her elegant and beautiful appearance torn apart, her eyes now revealing a cold light. She whispered,”What do you take yourself for? Don’t think I can’t screw up your entire career in this circle!”

Gu Yan did not speak. He only gave her a cold glance, with the contempt in his eyes completely unhidden.

Madam Song’s heart rose in anger, and her chest heaved fiercely. For Gu Yan’s handsome face to be so extremely detestable! It was hard to bear! Who did he think he was? She wanted to humiliate him, and make him clear about where he really stood!

She raised her glass, and thrust it towards Gu Yan! But just as she tried to extend her hand, she could move no more.

Madam Song tried her best to shake her wrist, but Gu Yan’s hands were like a pair of steel tongs, she couldn’t shake him off the slightest bit! She shouted,”Let go!”

Gu Yan raised a brow and smiled, his thin lips raising into a fine arc,”Why should I?”

Because I want to splash this wine all over you! Madam Song yelled in her heart, but she always displayed an image of a fine lady, this was true even when she was planning something bad against a person. For her to be so anxious earlier was already a mistake, so how could she say anything now?

Faced with such a firm and resolute Gu Yan who did not follow common sense and yielded at nothing, Madam Song suddenly found herself unable to do anything. She took a deep breath to calm herself, and told him off coldly,”It is very impolite to treat a lady this way.”

“But in my opinion, I should not need to be polite towards a person who has been impolite to me.”Gu Yan was smiling, but that smile was not present at all in his eyes,”Don’t you think so, Madam Song?”

“You!”Madam Song gritted her teeth.

“Oh? Isn’t this Madam Song? What’s wrong with the two of you?”A woman came over dressed in a low-cut dress the colour of blue gemstones. She had a tall stature and a voluptuous body, but what attracted people was not her body, but rather her flawless beauty. When she was not smiling, her appearance was like that of a hibiscus. But when she smiled, it was akin to a hundred flowers blooming, truly a thing of beauty to behold.

At this moment, her beautiful eyes showed a look of confusion as she looked at Madam Song and Gu Yan.

Madam Song suddenly smiled:”I’m just talking with a friend.”

Gu Yan released his hand and smiled towards the woman. This appearance was a hard one to forget, and Gu Yan just so happened to have seen her in the entertainment news section. The A-list actress Zhou Yu. Due to her beautiful appearance, she was given the nickname of national goddess.

But he would never have expected that the real thing would have been such an unexpected surprise.

Madam Song turned and walked a few steps toward her, completely unfazed by what happened earlier, and put some distance between her and Gu Yan. She lowered her eyes, and collected the hate from her eyes. She had originally targeted Gu Yan for the sake of making Fu Zhe Chuan unhappy, but now she ended up hating Gu Yan instead!

He, he was just a small-time star! Fortunately, Zhou Yu came to solve the situation, if not, then she really did not know how she was going to pack up after that. Even though Madam Song looked down on Zhou Yu quite a bit, feeling that she was just somebody’s mistress who had gotten famous through connections, but she did have quite some status within the entertainment circle after all, and her backer was also quite a powerful one, she could not treat her as simply as she treated Gu Yan. And so she put on a cheery tone,”What brought you here today, Ms. Zhou?”

“I’m old friends with Director Zhang so I came to support him.”Zhou Yu smiled.

Gu Yan looked towards Madam Song with a mocking smile, but his eyes later landed on Zhou Yu’s face. A flash of interest emerged in his eyes and he stepped forward.

Madam Song’s expression went stiff and a trace of fear flashed by, it took a lot of effort for her to stop herself from retreating. She wouldn’t dare try anything with Gu Yan anymore, but in her heart she was still concocting ideas on how to deal with Gu Yan when she returned!

Zhou Yu acted as if she was not aware of what happened between them, and she looked towards Gu Yan with a puzzled look. With a smile, she asked:”And you are?”

Gu Yan lifted up her hand and landed a soft peck on the back of her hand before leaning close to her ear, whispering,”We will meet again, Ms. Zhou.”Right after he finished speaking, he walked past her and left.

She was just a low-tier demonic being, but she was surprisingly intelligent. Due to the great disparity between their tiers, Zhou Yu did not manage to find out his identity, but he was able to see through the oddities in her in just one glance. Within the body of this beautiful woman, was a demonic being. Though a succubus was only a low-tier demonic being with low abilities in combat, belonging at the very bottom of the food chain within the devil world, these succubi with relatively high intelligence could still mix in with the humans in their world, laying completely undetected.

Without even managing a few more steps, Gu Yan saw Fu Zhe Chuan coming over to him.

“I lost you in just the blink of an eye earlier.”Fu Zhe Chuan looked deeply at Gu Yan for a moment, and he smiled:”What happened?”

Gu Yan replied casually:”Bored.”

“I’m feeling bored too, but……”Fu Zhe Chuan looked at Gu Yan,”They’re all people from the entertainment industry, it’s always better for you to get to know them better, perhaps you may even get the chance to work with them in the future.”

Now these words were quite true, but did Fu Zhe Chuan need to get to know these people as well? Truthfully, Gu Yan had not expected to see Fu Zhe Chuan here. After all, the level of this banquet was not that high, why would he need to attend such a small celebration party for an idol drama?

In the time it took for them to exchange a few words, both Madam Song and Zhou Yu have already walked over to them. The banquet was about to begin.

Gu Yan took another look at Zhou Yu, and raised up the corners of his lips. She was indeed a shocking beauty of the highest grade, be it in appearance or body. It was quite lucky for her, as a succubus, to have bumped into such a lucky find.

At the very least, he did not make a wasted effort coming here.

Fu Zhe Chuan noticed the look on Gu Yan’s face, and suddenly spoke:”Do you know Zhou Yu?”

“I don’t.”Gu Yan smiled,”But she really is a beauty, who’s her backer?”A lot of news could be found on the internet, but there were still some information you would not be able to find, what you could find were only things the circle wanted the public to see. But when you were at Fu Zhe Chuan’s level, it was natural to know where Zhou Yu came from and who her backer was as long as he wanted to know, but this had only been a casual question from Gu Yan.

“Her?”Fu Zhe Chuan smiled,”She’s been with Director Zhong from the Yuanlin Group for a lot of years now, it’s always been an open secret within the circle.”

“Oh.”Answered Gu Yan thoughtfully. He had heard about the Yuanlin Group before, they were mainly people who worked with real estate and had an asset of hundreds of billions, one of the top companies in the domestic rankings. As for that Director Zhong or whatever, he had seen him once in the news. A man in his fifties with a big belly. With such a wealth man backing Zhou Yu, it was not hard for her to become famous. But for the current ‘Zhou Yu’, getting famous was definitely not the only thing she was looking for……

Fu Zhe Chuan turned his head over,”Why did you ask? Are you interested in her?”

“I have no interests in another man’s woman.”Gu Yan shook his head and smiled. He already knew what he needed to know, there was no need for unrelated humans to know what he thought.

But with him being mentioned, Fu Zhe Chuan net worth was more than the Yuanlin Group, so he still had some use to him.

Fu Zhe Chuan looked seriously into Gu Yan’s eyes for a moment, and continued to speak as if nothing had happened:”Oh right, the banquet is about to begin. Let’s go find a seat at the front.”

“Sure.”Following Fu Zhe Chuan, they both reached the first row, and Gu Yan sat naturally beside him as if this was normal, and the two appeared to be very intimate friends. But he did not know how many people were shocked silly by the sight.

The host at the very front had already stepped onto stage and spoke a few lines, immediately raising up the atmosphere. At this time, Director Zhang and the producer came forward, with the producer first expressing his gratitude towards everyone before talking about the results achieved by the TV series……Hoping that everyone can enjoy themselves and whatnot.

Gu Yan lowered his eyes, bored. How comfortable were the lives of these humans that they could waste their time with such meaningless things? While in his memories, all he remembered was survival and bloodshed……It was so unfair.

The noise and laughter ringing in his ears felt as if it had come from another world……Even if he were sitting here, he still could not merge himself with this world.

He really wanted to destroy it all.

Suddenly, something had lightly touched his arm.”Gu Yan raised his eyes abruptly, a sharp light flashing across his eyes. Seeing that it was Fu Zhe Chuan, his eyes regained their usual calm.

Fu Zhe Chuan did not react to it, there was even a smile playing by his lips as he spoke warmly to him,”Were you lost in thoughts earlier? I was calling out to you.”

Only now did Gu Yan notice that Director Zhang was inviting the stars on stage. He smiled,”Thank you.”And he got up to leave, moving over to stand next to the female lead, Meng Ying.

The position of the stage was relatively high so he was able to have a clear view of everything below. When Gu Yan swept his eyes to the last row, his pupils shrunk.

At the very last row was a man, sitting alone. He sat silently, and his heterochromic eyes just so happened to be looking towards Gu Yan as well.


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