DBHW Chapter 22

Gu Yan wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with his handkerchief, and he revealed a tranquil smile.

That wonderfully sweet taste seemed almost as if it still lingered in his mouth……

After having a meal, he could even feel the energy in his body recovering, suppressing the golden spiritual energy in his body further also seems to require less energy now. With this, he may be able to recover earlier than he had planned.

Just thinking about the endless supply of food present in this world, it would become even more difficult to restrain himself now that he was able to have a taste……

The human world truly was a beautiful place.

Gu Yan’s eyes were becoming deeper.

Firstly, he went home to change his clothes, and after resting for a night, he visited the hospital the next morning.

Xu Ming stayed in the hospital for the whole night and looked slightly haggard. He would never have expected that Gu Yan would come himself. He quickly spruced himself up before going over to greet him:”You’re here.”

Gu Yan nodded, and spoke with some concern:”How’s Xiao Fei?”

Xu Ming smiled bitterly,”He’s fine, they’re mostly minor injuries but……There’s a fracture in his thigh. It’s a bit troublesome and he’ll need some time to recuperate.”

“It’s good as long as he’s fine. If you ever need money, just ask.”Said Gu Yan.

“No no, it’s fine thank you.”Xu Ming looked at Gu Yan with some complication, and thanked him:”You’ve already helped me out a lot, I don’t know how I should thank you. How could I still ask for more money? Don’t worry, I’ll find a way to get you your five hundred thousand back as soon as possible.”

“There’s no hurry.”Gu Yan smiled.

“No no, it’s what I have to do. I’ll pay you back as soon as possible.”Xu Mingwas slightly embarrassed. If he really was going to pay him back with the money he earned from his job, then he wouldn’t be able to succeed even after twenty years.

“What are your plans after this?”Gu Yan raised a brow.

“I……I’ve prepared to sell the house, then I should be able to pay you back.”Said Xu Ming after a moment of silence.

This was his decision after mulling over it for the whole night. Other than that, he really did not know how he was going to get five hundred thousand. If he sold the house, he would still have some money left after paying Gu Yan his money back. After that, the three of them could rent a house, and if he works harder at work to earn more money, it was still an acceptable way to live……

Gu Yan looked at him,”I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Xu Ming lowered his head. If not that he had no other paths to take, then he would not have thought of doing that either.

“I’m trying to help you, not force you. If you really don’t feel comfortable with this, then you can work for me as a means of paying me back.”After some hesitation, this was Gu Yan’s response.

Xu Ming raised his head, thinking he had misheard,”I’ve always been your assistant.”

Gu Yan laughed,”You’re the assistant the company sent me.”

“Is there any difference?”Xu Ming wasn’t sure what Gu Yan was trying to get at.

“Of course there is.”Gu Yan told him:”The company is the one who pays your salary so that you can do your part as an assistant. Your behaviour is reliable to the company, not me.”

“But I……”Xu Ming felt a little wronged. As Gu Yan’s assistant, he had always been answering to him.

“I know you’re a serious person especially when it comes to work, so I hope you can do some things for me, and I hope that in these matters, you will report only to me. But of course, I can pay you a salary as well.”Gu Yan did not wait for Xu Ming to finish, he continued:”I can give you a monthly salary of twenty thousand, with five thousand being your living expenses every month, and you can pay me back with the other fifteen thousand. We’ll do this until you pay me back completely, what do you think?”

“……”Xu Ming felt as if these conditions were simply God’s gift from heaven. He looked at Gu Yan in disbelief.

If he went with what he said, then he wouldn’t have to lose anything. He wouldn’t have to sell the house, and neither did his mother have to worry. Besides that, not only would his income not be reduced, he would even be getting more……The only things he had to do were the things Gu Yan needed him to do……But wasn’t this his job in the first place?

His first reaction was that Gu Yan was probably sympathizing with him, so he thought about ways to help him out.

The thought that Gu Yan may need him to do illegal things did not go through his mind at all. Because, Gu Yan was such a kind and thoughtful person, how could he be a bad guy?

“I, I……”Xu Ming wanted to accept his offer, but he felt that it was quite shameful. He had already helped him out by lending him money during urgent times and even saved his brother’s life with that, but now……It did not felt like he was repaying him at all.

“You don’t have to give me an answer immediately.”Gu Yan laughed softly. He did not show any intentions of forcing him, it was more like a pair of friends joking around.”But you should remember what you’ve promised me, you’re one of my men now.”

“I’ll promise you!”With Gu Yan’s gentle laughter, it even pushed Xu Ming towards the edge to his decision! He wasn’t an unreasonable person at all! For him, the method proposed by Gu Yan was the best he could think of, and the only thing he had to pay Gu Yan was his loyalty. But truthfully, even if Gu Yan had not mentioned it, he still had the intentions to repay Gu Yan the best he could! But it was just a pity that his abilities were limited, so much so that it was a struggle for him just to pay him back. But since Gu Yan has given him this chance, then he would definitely do his best! He would never let him down!

“Right then.”A satisfied glow emerged in Gu Yan’s eyes,”You should get Xiao Fei settled first, it would be good to stay with and take care of him these few days. If there’s anything I need, I’ll tell you.”


Even though Gu Yan had repeatedly told Xu Ming not to worry, Xu Ming had still appeared at his house the next day.

Xu Ming had originally been a very responsible assistant, and had always been doing his job really well. But it was clear now that he was even more hardworking and meticulous than before, even to the point of being over the top and rigorous. These changes were most clearly reflected on his behaviour around Gu Yan. Before this, they had been like friends, and more so equals. But now, he had lowered himself, unconditionally doing anything Gu Yan requested of him with neither complaints nor doubts.

The reason he was able to do this, besides how indebted he was to Gu Yan, was because Gu Yan now gave him a different impression than before. He now had the sort of temperament that made you want to trust and rely on him, and not unreliable as he had been before.

Watching Xu Ming who had come even before six to prepare breakfast for him, Gu Yan revealed a smile.

He observed him for a few days and determined that Xu Ming was someone who could be of use to him. If any bit of hesitation and unwillingness were to appear in his eyes, they would not escape Gu Yan’s.

After breakfast today, Gu Yan called Xu Ming over and told him:”There’s something I need you to help me with.”

“What is it?”Xu Ming did not hesitate at all.

“I’ve set up a little business, but I don’t have the time to take care of it. Visit the place for me, will you? And get that place sorted out.”Gu Yan brought out the contract to the mountain villa and passed it to Xu Ming.

Seeing this, Xu Ming was slightly surprised. He had heard this place before, but he would never have expected Gu Yan to buy the place. It seems Gu Yan’s wealth is broader than he imagined.

But he did not ask too many questions. He had noticed that he knew less and less about Gu Yan with each and every day that went by, but all he needed to do was to do his part.

“Alright, I got it. Could I ask what I’m supposed to do?”Xu Ming asked.

“It’s simple, shut down the place and fix things up.”

“Okay.”Hearing this, Xu Ming sighed in relief. After all, he was no economic professional, so it would be a slightly difficult task for him to manage such a big villa. But as long as it was just arranging for the place to be shut down, then it was fine. He got his stuff ready,”I’ll go right now.”

Seeing Xu Ming leave, Gu Yan turned his gaze away.

That was a very important place to him, and it relates to many of his future plans, so he did not wish for too many people to notice the place. Moreover, the purpose of his acquisition of that place was not for money, so closing down the place was the easiest way to go about things. Since so many bad incidents have happened before, it would not arouse any suspicion even if he were to close the place down.

And these things would best not have been done by him, it was fine as long as a human was to show up for all this.

After that, Gu Yan turned on his computer as usual and looked through the news. He was getting more and more used to the human’s way of life, and his acceptance towards the internet had also risen considerably.

Gu Yan would mainly look at news focused around society, especially those concerning accidents or intriguing news. For example, where the accidents happened, and how many had died, and for example what sort of strange things have happened in that area, if the feng shui was not good or if the place was haunted and what not. Or perhaps, if any strange murder cases have popped up……

After looking through all the new content, he began to read about news concerning himself.

A few days ago, 《Waiting Upon a Sunny Day》 had officially begun its broadcast. Both the ratings and its popularity was very high, though there were still many who insulted and wrote badly about the series. But even so, the series was well-made, and the appearances of the actors were very good, it was still in general a very likeable series. Especially his character of the third supporting male. Even though it was just a simple supporting character, and he did not have many hours on the screen, he still had an exceptionally large amount of fans. In just a few days, he had hundreds and thousands of new fans on his Weibo account, it was close to approaching two million. This could be considered as him breaking out into the world of fame.

In the afternoon, Gu Yan received a call from Director Zhang.

Director Zhang was very enthusiastic as he expressed that the ratings the drama received were very high. And so, they were planning to hold a celebration banquet, and Gu Yan was invited to participate.

Gu Yan thought about it, and gave his answer. Even though he did not much enjoy participating in the banquets of humans, he still couldn’t ignore them completely if he wanted to mix around in the entertainment circle.

But with the thought that these were all going to be his emergency rations anyway, what is it to have some patience with them? Seeing that they were so delicious and all.

On the next night, Gu Yan drove himself to the hotel punctually. He wore a silverish-grey suit that looked simple and elegant. On his body, it complemented his cool and handsome face very well, and made it hard for people to look away from him.

The doorman looked over his invitation, and welcomed Gu Yan in respectfully.

Pretty much most of the guests have already arrived at this moment. Gu Yan looked around and saw quite a few familiar faces. There was Director Zhang, Meng Ying, Du Chen, Deng Jia Ning. But besides them, even the investor was here.

Fu Zhe Chuan stood to the right of the great hall with a glass of red wine in hand, talking to someone. He raised his head to look at Gu Yan, and revealed a smile to him.

Gu Yan politely responded with a smile.

It was no secret in the circle that though Gu Yan was just a notorious little star in the industry, he still managed to attract Fu Zhe Chuan’s interest, and even receives strong support from his company. Seeing that he was now a rising star on this date, everyone still showed him a kind smile when they saw him. After all, nobody knew how far Gu Yan would be able to go, so it will be good to improve their relationship with him now.

And who didn’t know that Han Chang was kicked out of the crew? It was natural that nobody was willing to get on Gu Yan’s bad side.

On Gu Yan’s face was a faint smile, but in his heart, he felt quite disgusted. He picked up a glass of cocktail and headed towards a corner of the great hall, as he had no interest in starting trivial conversation with these boring humans after all.

But just as he had turned around, and saw the person standing behind the pillar, Gu Yan regretted his decision.

Compared to the blind and foolish human, he would rather mix with that boring rabble. This was annoying.

Madam Song looked at Gu Yan, and a cold sneer appeared on her charming face.

Those people were all talking badly about Gu Yan behind Fu Zhe Chuan’s back, but they didn’t even dare make a move on a little small-time star. But when someone stood at her level, there was no need to worry. Even though as someone from the Song family, she was no match for Fu Zhe Chuan, she was still a behemoth in the industry that should not be looked down upon. And with the marriage between the Liu and the Songs, even Fu Zhe Chuan would have to mind his step when faced with their combined wealth.

She did not dare to offend Fu Zhe Chuan directly, but she was not the least bit afraid of Gu Yan. In her eyes, Gu Yan was just a small piece of Fu Zhe Chuan’s game. At most, he was just a pet.

Fu Zhe Chuan made her look bad, so did she still need to show any face to Fu Zhe Chuan?

She wanted to give this ignorant and over-confident little boy toy as her way of standing up for herself. And with that, she could also show Fu Zhe Chuan that she was not someone he should be offending!


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