DBHW Chapter 20

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When Xu Ming raised his head, thinking he had heard wrong, he was faced with Gu Yan’s smile. But even so, his eyes were deep like the undisturbed oceans.

“If there’s anything troubling you, you can always tell me.”Gu Yan smiled as he looked seriously at Xu Ming.”Perhaps I may be able to help.”

Xu Ming’s lips moved, and his voice appeared slightly nervous,”I……I need to borrow five hundred thousand……”

Gu Yan pretended to be surprised,”five hundred thousand?”

“Yeah……But it’s fine if you don’t have it, I can try asking someone else.”Actually, Xu Ming regretted it after he finished speaking. He didn’t know why he had blurted out his thoughts without even thinking about it. But in truth, he did not have any plans to borrow any money from Gu Yan. He did not believe that their relationship was at such a level, and so did not think that Gu Yan would be willing to help him. Telling him seemed to have just been a self-depreciating statement.

“Sorry, I need to go out right now.”Time was ticking, and Xu Ming couldn’t care much about Gu Yan at this moment. He put on his shoes and prepared to leave, he had to find a way to get five hundred thousand before the clock strikes ten!

But Gu Yan lifted his foot to block his path. Seeing his actions, Xu Ming’s face had instantly turned angry:”I really have urgent business to tend to! Move aside.”

Gu Yan shook his head,”Did I say I wasn’t going to lend it to you?”

A smile played by his lips, but his heart was full of scorn. It was just a simple five hundred thousand, and he clearly had it on hand. Why did this foolish human had to reach so far away instead?

If not for the fact that he still had some use for him……Then he wouldn’t mind if he went out and got himself killed.

Xu Ming was stunned for a moment. What did he just hear? Gu Yan himself was offering to lend him money?! Is the sun rising from the west today?

“I have five hundred thousand, but you have to tell me, did something happen?”Gu Yan was patient, and spoke slowly.

“My brother gambled and lost, and he now owes five hundred thousand. If he doesn’t pay up, then those people will kill him……”Said Xu Ming honestly, and he looked at Gu Yan with eyes filled with hope. Since Gu Yan had already said it in such a way, he could not just keep it from him.

“So that’s what it is, that is indeed quite some urgent business you have on your hands.”Gu Yan nodded, revealing a look of understanding,”I’ll go with you, the bank is still open right now.”

“You, you’re really going to lend the money to me?”Said Xu Ming with surprise. Even now, he still found this hard to believe. Earlier, he had just been in a great pit of despair as if the end times were coming, but at the end of it there was instantly someone available who was willing to lend the money to him, and even offered it. And it was even that Gu Yan who he wasn’t too close with, not to mention how Gu Yan had never been one to help someone out……It really was hard to blame him for being in such disbelief.

Gu Yan smiled,”It’s just five hundred thousand.”

Xu Ming finally confirmed that he really wasn’t hearing things, and Gu Yan wasn’t joking either……A grateful look emerged in his eyes, his despair had turned to joy in just a moment! So it turns out Gu Yan was actually such a warm-hearted person? At the most critical moment, he extended a helping hand to him selflessly……For Gu Yan, it was only five hundred thousand. But for him, this was a matter of life and death!

Recalling how he had misunderstood Gu Yan in the past, Xu Ming felt even more deeply ashamed now, as he spoke after some hesitation:”Thank you, I will definitely pay you back. I, I……Even though my income isn’t too high, and it might take me a long time, but I’ll definitely pay you back! If, if you don’t feel like it anymore……”Xu Ming was so nervous that his face was turning red with great worry……

He was just an insignificant little assistant to a star who earned four thousand a month. For him, five hundred thousand was a horrifying number, he would only be able to pay him back if he gave up both food and drink for ten years. He really, really needed this money, but he his conscience wouldn’t allow him to take advantage of this situation. Some things had to be made clear……But he was afraid that Gu Yan would go back on his word after hearing it. A complex emotion overtook his heart, and the eyes he looked at Gu Yan with were extremely tense.

Gu Yan smiled. He truly was a foolish and laughable human. He was clearly in such a state but still so honest, still thinking about others. Doesn’t he know what truly was important right now? Doesn’t he know that anything could wait until after he had gotten the money?

But……Compared to those despicable and shameless humans, this foolish one was not as distasteful to him. This had also strengthened Gu Yan’s decision to help him. If he really was a human being with no limits, then he really would be worse than a demonic being……Gu Yan would not want to use such a person.

He narrowed his eyes slightly,”What are you going to do if I don’t lend you the money?”

Xu Ming’s face turned pale in a moment,”I, I……”He really wanted to slap himself on the face. Besides Gu Yan, there was nobody he knew he could find who could lend him the money in such a short amount of time……What use was it for him to still stick to his dignity and conscience at this moment? If anything happens to Xiao Fei, then he won’t be able to forgive himself for the rest of his life!”Please lend me the money, I will definitely pay you back!”

Gu Yan was still as he watched him for a moment, and suddenly a soft chuckle leaked from his lips. He curled up the corners of his lips:”I was joking, I’ll lend you the money, and naturally, that meant I trust you. Save your brother first, we can talk about the rest next time.”

Even though he was slightly tempted to tease this idiot a bit more, the life of his brother really was more important at this moment.

“Yes, yes! Thank you, thank you!”Xu Ming was so excited that his speech was incoherent. The eyes he looked at Gu Yan with was like those looking at his saviour!


Gu Yan rushed over to the bank before it closed and withdrew five hundred thousand yuan in cash, then set off with Xu Ming.

Originally, Xu Ming tried to convince Gu Yan not to go. He was already very grateful that Gu Yan could lend that money to him, how could he involve Gu Yan in more of this? After all, he didn’t know what those people were capable of doing! But Gu Yan insisted to follow, telling him that he couldn’t feel at ease for him to go alone.

Xu Ming walked beside Gu Yan, and somehow, he felt rather at ease when he looked to his calm profile. In such trying times, he did not expect that Gu Yan was the one who gave him a shoulder to lean on, and it made his heart feel rather complicated.

“Is this the place?”Gu Yan stood in front of a dimly lit bar and asked with an eyebrow raised.

Qinghui road was only two streets away from Fifth High School, hidden behind the old and battered cement streets. Many shops were already closed in the evening, and this was the only bar still open, it was the lot number 17 they were looking for. Through the door, they could still hear some racket inside.

“It should be.”Xu Ming swallowed his saliva. He really was a bit nervous. Those black society casino people were not good people, they were all ruthless and wicked……But he had to come today, he couldn’t just leave Xiao Fei.

Gu Yan peered over at Xu Ming, and the look of contempt of disdain flashed by his eyes for just a fleeting moment. Such weak courage…..Heh.

He took a step forward and pushed the door open directly.

Smoke drifted out from inside the building, following the smell of alcohol and debauchery. The disheveled inhabitants squirmed and writhed, practically nobody noticed that they had come in except for the two fierce-looking tattooed skinheads guarding the door.

“Who are you?”The burly man at on the left looked Gu Yan up and down, and asked him in an unkindly tone.

Gu Yan’s clothes were smooth without a single wrinkle, and they all appeared to be high-end goods. Not only was he extremely handsome, he also exuded a powerful aura that was out of the norm. He could tell with one look that he was not a person from their part of the world. Meanwhile, Xu Ming also had a self-confident look despite being a little timid. But the patrons here had always been young punks and some local gangsters. Gu Yan and Xu Ming’s arrival was not at all fitting with their establishment, so they couldn’t help but feel wary.

After all, this was not a “clean” bar.

“I brought the money, let me see Xu Fei!”Xu Ming mustered up the courage and stepped forward.

Hearing this, the man on the right observed Xu Ming,”So you’re that brat’s brother?”

Xu Ming nodded,”Let me see him.”

“And who’s he?”The man pointed to Gu Yan, still speaking in an unkindly tone. Why did Xu Ming bring this person here? Unless……Did he call the police? Was this person a cop?

“Aaaahhhhh——What are you doing! My finger is going to break!”The man suddenly screamed.

Gu Yan raised his hand and went straight for his pointing finger, twisting it straight backwards! His finger was bent into the curvature of a semicircle as his joints creaked.

“I don’t like being pointed at.”Gu Yan spoke indifferently.

“Let go, you fucking asshole!”Seeing the situation, how could the man on the left take Gu Yan’s arrogance sitting down? He clenched his fist and attacked! But before he was able to get close, he wasn’t even able to see what Gu Yan had done, but his hand had also landed in Gu Yan’s palm!

Gu Yan was twisting the two hands of the two burly men at the same time, one in each hand. He exerted a little more strength, and the two immediately fell to the ground in pain!

“Take us to Xu Fei.”Said Gu Yan, his face still indifferent, but an icy coldness had emerged in his tone.

Facing the trash among ants, he did not feel the need to waste any time on them.

Xu Ming who was watching at the side was completely dumbfounded! He felt like this was his first day truly getting to know Gu Yan. Since the afternoon, everything Gu Yan did had gone beyond his imagination!

This cold-faced, unrestrained man was like an omnipotent god! As if nothing at all could ever move him.

And his skills……Was this real life? It was so crazy cool, it was hard to describe!

“Let, let go! I’ll bring you!”The man on the right showed a look of fear. Compared to the onlookers, he could feel the horror of Gu Yan even more deeply!


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