DBHW Chapter 17

You know what, I noticed this since a while ago but, the action scenes are kinda awkwardly funny and bad lol

Also I may? have screwed up my gut from stress and my lack of food, or decent food rather, so if it starts hurting again tomorrow I might rest, aka we might not have another chapter tomorrow.


Gu Yan’s pupils shrunk, he’s been discovered!

Does he fight, or not?

The thought flashed in his mind and dissipated as quickly as it came. In the next moment, he turned and jumped down from the tree, running towards the opposite direction!

The rain gradually became smaller, and he heard a whizz coming from behind him. That human is catching up!

Gu Yan revealed a smile. He was not as laughably stupid as that bloodthirster that only knows its instinct to kill……Even if he had suppressed his cultivation, and his power further suppressed by the pressure of both heaven and earth, his strength was still far from being comparable to an ordinary middle-tier demonic being. For example, the resulting lethality of the same spear and sword in the hands of an ordinary office worker versus the hands of a warrior on the battlefield was completely different.

The whistling of the wind buzzed by his ear.

Gu Yan made a sharp turn, moving away from the mountain villa, heading towards the lush cedar forest in the distance. He tapped the balls of his feet lightly on the ground, and propelled himself forward without leaving any traces, landing nimbly behind a thick cedar tree.

The other party was not able to catch up to him, but he wasn’t able to shake him off either. It seems he won’t be able to avoid clashing with him. A cold light flashed in Gu Yan’s eyes.

He raised his hands up, and with a rub on his face, his sharp chin had become flat, turning his face into a square shape while his nose collapsed, his cheekbones bulged, and both his eyes were now stretched. If he narrowed his eyes, only a slit would be left, it was hard to tell whether they were open or closed. Right now, his face was completely different from its former appearance! Even if someone who was quite familiar with him were to stand in front of him, they might not even be able to recognize him.

“Come out, I know you’re there.”Qin Yao stood in the forest. The rain had stopped, and it was quiet. He let his arms hang naturally by his side with his fingers slightly bent.

Drip. Qin Yao’s expression changed as he turned back abruptly, but all he found were raindrops falling from the leaves.

Just as he loosened up slightly, he felt his spine tingle in the next moment. A dangerous sensation roused within him, and he quickly bent his body over, avoiding that attack! The hair that curtained his forehead dropped to the ground.

Qin Yao stood up and focused his gaze on the opposite side. Dressed in a black suit, the ugly man stood quietly.

Gu Yan raised his hand, raising up the knife in his hand. What a pity, as expected he was not a normal human after all, to be able to run against his plans.

“Who are you?”Asked Qin Yao slowly. His voice was like an ice spring with a unique sense of iciness. He had not been able to find the other’s aura at all, it has been many years since he had encountered such an opponent.

“And who are you?”Gu Yan opened his mouth to speak. Even his voice had turned hoarse and old.

The two looked at each other, and for a moment, it seemed as if time was still.

When a gust of wind blew over, Gu Yan suddenly moved! Appearing in front of Qin Yao in an instant! The cold glint of the small knife in his hands flared! He actually did not care who this human was! No matter who he was, as long as he could become an obstacle to him, then he could just kill him! Compared to those weak humans, a strong human like him seemed even more delicious, didn’t he?

He will kill him, and eat him. A faint red glow emerged in Gu Yan’s eyes, he could not stop the bloodthirst rampaging in his mind!

Qin Yao’s countenance was profound. His hand that held the umbrella trembled, and the umbrella spread open abruptly, obstructing the knife in Gu Yan’s hand. And with a quick twist, he sent the knife flying! At the same time, his hand was formed into a blade, aiming straight towards Gu Yan!

Gu Yan lost the knife in his hands, but he did not panic. His nails instantly turned sharp, they were several times sharper than the knife from earlier! In the demon world, all the demonic beings relied on their own bodies when they slaughtered each other! And not anything else! There were no weapons better than their own bodies! His fingers were turned into claws, and without the umbrella obstructing him now, he ignored Qin Yao’s attack and went straight for his face!

If Qin Yao’s hit were to land, then it was inevitable that Gu Yan would become gravely injured. But if Gu Yan were to land his hit, then Qin Yao would be as good as dead!

This type of self-sacrificing attack finally made Qin Yao’s face change. Seeing the claws right in front of his face, he dodged abruptly to the side, giving up his blow that was headed towards Gu Yan. At the same time, the pace of his feet changed, and he appeared right behind Gu Yan in the blink of an eye!

But as if Gu Yan had eyes growing out from his back, his waist suddenly folded back into an incredible arc, forming a 90 degree angle from his pelvis. He raised his hand and squeezed the wrist of Gu Yan’s attacking hand, throwing him more than a dozen metres away!

Qin Yao flipped over in the air, landing steadily on the ground. He slowly set his body straight and let his right arm hand by his side. On his wrist was a deep red mark, so red that it almost seemed as if it were going to bleed. On his right hand was a fine blade almost as thin as the wings of a cicada, and he dripped a drop of blood onto the blade.

His eyes fell on Gu Yan’s right claw, and he spoke with a voice as cold as a thousand years of winters,”You are also a demonic being.”

The fabric covering Gu Yan’s shoulders suddenly split open, revealing a bone-deep wound that slowly started to crack open. The surface of the cut face smooth, revealing his red flesh and meridians……

Gu Yan looked down at the wound expressionlessly. The red flesh surrounding the wound slowly started to squirm, and struggled to close bit by bit. The sprouting meridians intertwined, and not long after, it stopped bleeding, now growing into a 20 centimetre long scar.

Qin Yao’s eyes focused. Was this the healing power of a high-tier demonic being? It was at least ten times stronger than the demonic being he had just hunted earlier. It had already reached the level of that of high-tier demonic beings…….

According to the speed of his healing, it would take at least a dozen attacks in a second for him to hand a lethal hit on him. Otherwise, these injuries would be nothing more than just an itch to him, and it would not affect his combat capabilities.

It seems that this battle would not be resolved so easily.

Gu Yan’s wounds needed only a short moment to heal. He moved his shoulders and looked towards the man with his glowing scarlet eyes. He had to admit that what he did earlier came as quite a bit of surprise to him. But if this was the extent of this human’s combative abilities, then he will be having a wonderful feast tonight.

The taste of a human cultivator was far more delicious than those of ordinary humans……

Just as Gu Yan was pondering over how he should enjoy this delicacy, Qin Yao looked straight at Gu Yan, and suddenly chuckled softly. His heterochromic eyes revealed a profound glow,”Amongst those dirty and lowly demonic being, I have to say you do possess some skills.”

“And so, it is deserving for me to take this a little more seriously.”Just as he finished speaking, he reached out into a void, and pulled out a silvery-white sword with a length of three feet straight out of thin air. Meticulous and complicated patterns were engraved onto the sword, and bit by bit it emerged from the void……

The aura repressed in Qin Yao’s centre poured out. Gu Yan’s face changed slightly, and the bloodthirst in his mind was instantly suppressed.

For him to be able to retrieve items from the void, he turned out to be a human cultivator from the ascension stage!

Even at the times where the lands were rich with immortals over a thousand years ago, the human cultivators from the ascension stage were still a powerful existence, and their combat power was no weaker than the general high-tier demonic beings. And since humans were good at using magical tools, possessed many skills and schemes, they were generally able to fight beings stronger than them. Generally, a demonic being was not well-matched with the human cultivators at the same level as them. His existence was already a threat to him.

After coming to the human world, all he saw were the common people, the environmental pollution, and how hard spiritual power was to come by, it was no longer a suitable place for cultivation. He could not even find a beginner human cultivator; instead, technology was flourishing and very different from what they had a thousand years ago……But who knew that at this time where immortals were scarce, the first one he managed to meet was such a strong one.

Even a thousand years ago, those at the ascension stage were rare, they were not people you could find just by sitting around.

If he were able to use his full cultivated power, Gu Yan would not have been afraid of just a single human cultivator, instead, his desire to fight would have been aroused. But now that the gates between their worlds have not opened, and his cultivation was sealed, the him currently on the human world was not a good opponent against a human cultivator at the ascension period. Gu Yan calmed down and pondered on how he was going to successfully escape, but he did not reveal any hint of his attentions on the surface. Instead, he stared at the man in front of him with even fiercer and more bloodthirsty eyes……As if he had already lost his mind from the anger.

In Qin Yao’s eyes, a faint light glowed. Just as it did, the silvery-white sword in his hands seemed to be slightly glowing as well. He suddenly swung his blade despite the dozens of metres of distance between them! In and instant, the sharp aura of his strike reached Gu Yan’s front!

Gu Yan kicked his two feet on the ground, and he jumped up high, leaving a pit on the ground from the great force! He was just barely able to escape Qin Yao’s attack! He looked down and saw a deep gully where he once stood. If that hit were to land on his body, he may not have been able to take it even with his healing power. He can not continue staying here any longer! Gu Yan revealed a vicious look on his face, and his figure moved, leaving behind a trail of afterimages! He flashed left and right, closing in to Qin Yao bit by bit……

Qin Yao watched Gu Yan as he came closer and closer, they were now less than a metre apart!

Gu Yan’s claws had already reached his eyes, but Qin Yao suddenly raised a brow. A strange smile could be seen revealing itself in his two eyes. He loosened his sword arm and suddenly, he caught Gu Yan’s two wrists! He could not escape!

Gu Yan’s pupils shrunk.

The sword did not drop to the ground even though Qin Yao had released his hand, instead, it floated up, turning around, and headed for Gu Yan’s back!


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      1. Peppermint candy helps calm an upset stomach as does yogurt, bananas, rice, toast, applesauce, Sprite, ginger ale, saltine crackers…


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        My mom’s cousin has MS she changed her diet, cutting out gluten, etc and was able to walk again…there are studies on how diet greatly affects us in ways we don’t know.

        I had issues with stress, eating wrong foods, and getting upset stomach aches a lot. I learned some treatments and how certain things help. Like the BRAT diet, bananas, rice, applesauce, toast. Or ginger ale, Sprite, 7up help calm things by sipping on it. Gatorade or other sports drinks help from recovering being sick due to electrolytes & treating dehydration. And so forth.

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        You may also have noticed ive never asked, and that may probably indicate that I probably knew. And if my memory serves me right i did post a chapter tomorrow.

        I wish you well as well, but it is just very upsetting to me sometimes because doing such remedies may be easy for most people, but I don’t have that kind of money to spare. You could say this is my 2 cents as well. I also suggest checking the dates next time


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