DBHW Chapter 16

A figure came crashing straight down from the rock wall!

Everyone’s mind had gone blank. From such a height, he would at least be heavily injured if not dead! Seeing that the man was about to crash into the ground, everyone’s hearts had jumped to their throats!

Hearing the whistling of the wind ringing in his ears, the man’s face was white as a sheet and his eyes were filled with fear and despair! Was he going to die?

Suddenly, the rope on his waist tightened. It strangled him so tightly that it almost felt as if his waist was going to break of! But after a while, he found that he was not in pain. He……did not fall?

The man raised his head up to the skies and from afar, his eyes met with a pair of deep eyes as dark as the night.

All this happened in just a split moment. Everyone thought that the accident would have been inevitable, but the tragedy they expected did not appear. Gu Yan was right at the man’s side. With one hand clutching the wall, he instantly gripped onto the rope tied around the man’s waist with his other! When the man finally stopped falling, he was only less than ten centimetres away from the ground!

Gu Yan narrowed his eyes, and slowly released his hand. The man was gently lowered to the ground. He struggled to get out of the ropes and stood himself up. Gu Yan nimbly hopped down, landing by his side. He spoke to him in a clear voice:”Are you okay?”

“I, I’m fine, tha- thank you……”Said the man incoherently.

Gu Yan smiled to him.

Director Zhang was so nervous that he almost fainted. He was not young anymore, it was easy to get a heart attack!

Thank goodness, nothing bad happened! As he expected, Gu Yan really was his lucky star! He quickly called the staff over to help the man to the side for a rest, and to check on his wellbeing. After that, he turned his head back, and caught Gu Yan’s hand, turning them around to check. A deep red mark ran itself across Gu Yan’s hand, and some of his skin had peeled up from the friction. Director Zhang was both grateful to him and sorry,”It’s all thank to you just now, without you, I’m afraid the consequences would have been unimaginable!”

Gu Yan smiled and took his hand back without leaving a trace.”It’s only what I should have done.”

“I really never expected for such a thing to happen!”Director Zhang’s expression revealed that he was still shaken from the ordeal,”We’ll stop here for the time being, we will have to check the set again! These things definitely must not happen ever again! You should take a good rest. Remember to let the medical staff check your hand.”

“I will, you should worry about your work instead, I’m fine.”Gu Yan said.

Du Chen and Deng Jia Ning looked at each other, and they could both see the fear in each other’s eyes. Even though the one who fell weren’t them, they were still standing up there with him when it happened! Accidents could happen to anyone, a shadow of trauma was instantly casted over their hearts.

Could the rumours of this villa be true? Was the Feng Shui no good?

What if any other accidents pop up again next time?

Gu Yan swept his eyes through the crew, and lowered his eyes, covering the light in his eyes.

On the way back, he saw Xu Jun hurriedly rushing over. His face looked grave, and his mind was filled with thought, he did not pay any attention to Gu Yan at all.

Gu Yan returned to his room and closed the door. He opened his hand and the injury instantly started to heal quickly at a speed visible to the naked eye. Not long after, even the last traces of the red marks could not be seen anymore. If not for the sake of staying undetected by the human beings, he dispersed the protection of his body, going straight in with the best of his body’s ability. This level of force was barely enough to leave any marks on him if not for that.

He closed his eyes and sensed deeply. After the passing of one day and one night, the rich demonic energy had encapsulated the entire mountain villa.

After coming to the human world, this was the first time he was able to breathe like this again……Although the difference between this and the demon world was almost ten thousand to one, the familiar smell was still a great temptation for a demonic being.

During the afternoon, the sky was littered with rain. The dark oppressive sky was like a deep curtain covering everyone’s heads.

Director Zhang was smoking in his own room, and he twisted the cigarette butt into the ash tray before speaking:”Mr. Xu, when we inspected the site today, two more accidents happened, and in both incidents, the staff were injured to different degrees.”

“I heard.”Xu Jun nodded.

Director Zhang hesitated for a moment before continuing:”We’re preparing to leave tomorrow……”

“I understand.”Xu Jun had expected this,”I will refund the deposit to your crew.”

“You can take your time with it……”Director Zhang gibed.

Xu Jun smiled:”I have some other matters to attend to, so I will take my leave now.”

“Goodbye, Mr. Xu.”Director Zhang got up to see him out. He was also relieved. After all, it was taboo to suspect that the Feng Shui in someone else’s place is no good. Ah, if he had known, then he wouldn’t have tried to take advantage of the price……

Xu Jun came out of the room and his mind was bombarded with problems. Even though business had not been well these years, such accidents had never happened before. When he decisively agreed to Director Zhang’s request earlier and took the initiative to refund his deposit, it was also in the hopes that he could control the impact of this matter to a minimum……It had been hard to maintain even before this, if the crew goes out and run their mouths, then the only thing left that he could do was to close the place.

It was just that now that such things had happened, it was even harder to do anything now. Xu Jun couldn’t help but sigh.


The rain got heavier by nighttime, it was as if a big hole had broken through the sky. Heavy rain poured over the muddy mountain path over and over.

Gu Yan suddenly opened his eyes and sat up from bed.

His ears moved slightly, and he turned to look out the window. Outside the window was a field of darkness. Rain blurred his line of sight, and nothing could be seen.

But on the muddy path, a person could be seen slowly walking. He wore a white shirt on his upper body, but due to all the rain and the mud, it was now a dirty yellow. Beneath that, covering his legs were a pair of black trousers. The wetness of the fabric caused it to stick to his body, and further below that, he wore no shoes. He walked very slowly and it could be seen that he was slightly hunchbacked. The wetness had also caused his hair to stick to his ugly face as he trudged forward, slowly and firmly.

Un until he reached the entrance to the mountain villa did the man finally stop. He raised his head, and a stiff and sallow face was revealed, but his two eyes were scarlet red.

He breathed in, and a strange smile curled up on his stiff face.

Just like a demon coming out from hell.

THe man raised his hand and grabbed the iron lock on the gates. With what seemed to be a light twist, the thick iron lock was easily broken apart just like tofu……

Suddenly, a white light flashed past, and his arm fell to the ground still with the lock in hand! The noises were submerged in the heavy rain, and not even a splash of water was roused.

The man let out an ear-piercing scream! He held his severed arm and turned his head abruptly, his red eyes staring at the man standing to the right.

The man held a black, long-handled umbrella and stood there quietly. His two eyes were of different shades. With the rain dripping down the edge of his umbrella, his whole person seemed to be looming beyond a bead curtain.

His clothes were neat and tidy, even the heavy train was not able to detract the slightest bit of his calm, he was like a noble who had emerged from the darkness.

“What a coincidence.”His voice was deep and magnetic, and with the smile on his lips, he seemed almost as if he were greeting a friend. He raised his head to look up at the building beyond the curtain of rain, and his eyes were profound,”This really is a good place, isn’t that so?”

“Tsk……”The man held his severed hand and watched Qin Yao with his scarlet eyes, but he did not go over. He opened his mouth and an unpleasant voice creaked from his throat,”Who, are, you?”

An unexpected look emerged from Qin Yao’s eyes as a slight curve found its way to the corners of his lips,”So you can still think and feel fear, it seems you are not a normal low-tier demonic being. That’s good, very good.”

The man looked vigilantly at Qin Yao and let out a deep growl, as if he could not understand his words. His eyes shone with a deep sense of bloodthirst.

“It seems I have still overestimated you.”After a while, Qin Yao shook his head and let out a mocking laugh,”If a thing like you can come to the human world and start a massacre, then you must have realized that you may have to die as well.”After he finished speaking, his eyes became sharp!

The man seemed to have felt the murderous aura emanating from him! Instantly, the look in his eyes turned fierce! He kicked the ground with his two feet, and left a shadow in place of where he stood! In the next moment, he had already reached Qin Yao’s front! With a cold glint glimmering in his left claw, he struck it directly towards the top of Qin Yao’s head!

Qin Yao’s right hand twitched, and his long umbrella pulled itself shut. He pulled it across his front and blocked the blow! Then, he pushed forward, and repelled the man heavily away!

The man rolled backwards with the momentum. He did not wish to fight at all, he just headed towards the darkness and started to run! Even if he was just pretending to attack, he still borrowed the force of Qin Yao’s counter to open the distance between them and escape!

He could perceive the dangers of the man before him by instict, both killing and running for his life were both instincts deeply engraved into his bones! This was not a weak little human that he could easily slaughter, but an existence that could threaten his existence. And so, it decisively chose to escape!

Qin Yao sneered and chased towards him. He did not seem to move fast, but he quickly caught up to the man who was running almost as fast as the speed of flight.

Suddenly, he threw out the umbrella in his hands, and from a distance of over tens of meters, the sharp tip of the umbrella managed to pierce through a being that could not even be harmed by bullets! He let out a shrill scream as it rolled to the ground. In just the blink of an eye, Qin Yao was once again standing in front of him.

The red eyes of the man revealed both his fear and indignation!

He suddenly moved, and the skin on his body started to split apart, revealing an ugly black shell beneath. Behind his back were a series of sharp spurs. As the flesh of his broken arm squirmed, a new arm grew out……In the blink of an eye, he had thrown away his human skin and restored himself to his demonic body.

The monster stood four to five metres tall, its body covered in black and its eyes red. It had four arms, and outside the joints of its back were ugly and sharp spurs like that of a huge black beetle. It opened its jaws to release a howl as green saliva dripped down, and fiercely, it pounced towards Qin Yao!

“How ugly.”Qin Yao’s expression was calm as he spat out the two words.

Behind a large leafy free just a hundred metres away, Gu Yan was hiding amongst the thick undergrowth, watching the battle play out in the rain.

That was a bloodthirster, a middle-tier demonic being. Even though a bloodthirster belonged to the lower half of the middle-tier of demonic beings, as well as one of lower intelligence, its combat power was not to be underestimated. In an area densely packed with demonic energy, he could still unleash about eighty percent of its full combat capabilities if it were to transform into its original form. It was already enough to become a nightmarish existence to normal humans.

But in truth, the strongest demonic beings that could pass through during the crack this time were only those at the middle-tier.

Gu Yan accepted the command of the demon lord to live in the human world, but since the power of a high-tier demonic being was too great, he couldn’t pass through. For the sake of going past the borders, he forcefully suppressed his own power, limiting his strength to reach only the peak of the middle-tier. The power he could exert now could not even count as one tenth of his full.

If Gu Yan were to face a bloodthirster at its full power, it would still require a bit of skill to be able to succeed.

Since the doors between the three realms have been closed for too long, spiritual power was lacking in the human world. With the decline of the immortals, humans now who focused on the development of science and technology had long forgotten the true strength of their own bodies……And even more so they had forgotten the horrors of the past.

Seeing the man in front of him now, there were clearly exceptions.

Gu Yan revealed a grave expression. This was the first time since he had come to the human world that he had seen a human being strong enough to attract his attention.

He did not belong in the category of ants.

As it entered into a state of madness, the bloodthirster released a violent attack against Qin Yao. It swung its arms, and even a thick tree had been sliced into half! But even so, he could not even touch a single thread of his opponent’s clothes!

Qin Yao’s movements were nimble and elegant, but he was still able to land a heavy blow on the bloodthirster with each hit!

In just a short period of time, both the arms and the legs of the bloodthirster had been cut off. The countless wounds on its body oozed with blood the colour of dark brown. It struggled and squirmed on the ground, and let out a weak howl.

The tall body of the demonic being was similar to a small mountain. It groveled silently by Qin Yao’s feet, and both its eyes had lost its lustre……

Qin Yao’s eyes were cold. With a wave of his hand, a silver light in his hand flickered, and the huge head of the bloodthirster had been cut off, its breath completely dissipated.

Gu Yan pursed his thin lips. He had already formed a plan in his mind. If he was certain enough, he definitely would not mind killing this human here and now, eliminating any potential threats while it was still at the stage of a bud. But seeing how he had dealt with the bloodthirster, it was clear that he did not use his full strength. Under his current state where his power was sealed, it would be difficult to win. Even if he managed to kill him, he would still be gravely injured, it was not worth the loss.

After a moment, he made a decision. When Gu Yan turned his body to leave, he took one last glimpse at the scene, and just so happened to see that man turn around to walk towards him. The appearance of the handsome man with his heterochromic eyes was cold, and his sharp eyes seemed almost as if it could see through any obstacle, looking straight into Gu Yan’s eyes!

Gu Yan’s pupils shrunk instantly.


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