DBHW Chapter 15

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Gu Yan released his hand and the stone well instantly returned to its peaceful self, and the spring water had become clear again.

He turned around and saw a young man rushing over. He glanced over at the well with the corner of his eyes, and he turned to look at Gu Yan nervously:”Are you also from the crew? Why are you still up this late?”

“You are?”Gu Yan narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Oh, my name is Xu Jun, I am the owner here.”The young man smiled.

“You were very nervous earlier, is there anything wrong with this well?”Gu Yan asked.

Xu Jun’s face had turned slightly unnatural,”Of course not, I just saw you out here this late, and came to ask out of worry.”

When he took over the place, the previous owner had repeatedly warned him that he could mess with whichever part he wanted, but he must never move this well. He was worried that something was wrong with it, so he asked a friend to hire a famous Feng Shui master to have a look. When he finished scouting the area, the Feng Shui master marvelled at the find, and at the same time, he had also warned him repeatedly not to move the wall, but he did noy say why. Later, after urging him for an answer repeatedly, he finally told him. This well is the work of a great master, if he wanted his business to be unimpeded, he must not touch this well. And also……The great master implicated in his words was a man beyond his reach.

Though the business in the mountain villa has not been well, nothing bad happened either. He had never found anything abnormal with the well, and gradually, left the matter to rot behind his mind.

However, he saw from afar just now that someone was standing by the well. The shadow trailing behind the man looked like that of a demon baring its teeth, silent, yet ferocious……Instantly, he remembered the warnings of the previous owner as well as the Feng Shui master, and fear struck his heart, ending up in his shouting due to his anxiety.

But it seems now that it may have just been an illusion……

Gu Yan smiled to him profoundly and spoke:”My name is Gu Yan.”

“Nice to meet you.”Xu Jun had never heard of this name before, it seems he was just a small-time celebrity, but he really was good-looking. He responded to him with a polite smile.

“I really like this place, I’m wondering if you’ve ever thought of selling the place?”Gu Yan asked.

Xu Jun was stunned for a moment, and immediately revealed a look of displeasure. Even though he had thought about it, he had never been able to go through with it because he wasn’t able to negotiate for a good price. Those with power looked down on this place, and those who were interested were those without the financial ability for negotiations. In the end, the price had been squeezed down more and more……But how could it be something just anyone could take up?

Immediately, he stuck on the label of a person who “doesn’t know his place” on Gu Yan, then speaking in a roundabout way:”It won’t be a small number.”

“I know.”Gu Yan smiled,”You can take your time in considering it, Mr. Xu, if you’re interested, you can tell Du Chen to get in contact with me.”

“I’ll think about it.”Xu Jun replied apathetically.

And how could Gu Yan not catch that tone in his voice? But he hardly cared, he believed that it will not take long for Xu Jun to change his mind.

He bid Xu Jun goodbye and returned to his room. He opened his palm that had been clenched the whole time, and a piece of stone the colour of light gray laid quietly in his palm; It was one corner of the stone well.

A light glimmered in Gu Yan’s eyes. How could those ordinary humans know how powerful the well truly was? Even the Feng Shui master had only seen the tip of the iceberg.

But the one who laid down the barrier was still one with some skill.

Because of how fragile the boundaries between the two worlds were, the constant leakage of demonic power from the demon world eventually started to condense, and formed a demonic spring. As for why nobody had noticed it, the reason was because this mountain was a naturally available golden land of Feng Shui, and the demonic spring was firmly suppressed. Not only did things look normal on the surface, even the Feng Shui seemed good. But the establishment of the mountain villa has destroyed the integrity of the mountain, cutting off the energy surrounding the mountain, and so the demonic spring had been released from its suppression, once again polluting the lands……If not for this seal, this place may have become a barren plot of land since a long time ago.

But of course, it was easy to say what happened, but how could a demonic spring nourished by the demonic energy from the demon world be sealed that easily?

Which meant, that man had formed an array supported by the power of heaven and earth to absorb the spiritual power from the mountain, trapping the demonic spring in the stone well, and that was how this place remained safe in these recent years. But since the spiritual power of the whole mountain had been sucked away, the environment appeared sullen because of its depletion, while the garden alone as the area where the spiritual power was condensed, appeared different from the rest. Now imagine if people lived here and was unable to receive even the slightest nourishment of the spiritual power in the air, it was no different from staying in the city, so how would it attract any customers?

And from what he had just seen, the power within the demonic spring was surging and as dark as ink, clearly showing that the array may not be able to last any longer……No matter who were to take over this place, it was still going to be a hot potato for them. But for Gu Yan, it was a great surprise.

He would never have expected to find a weakness in the boundary so easily, he had to get his hands on this place!

Earlier, he took advantage of his opportunity and broke off a corner of the well, destroying the precarious array, increasing the spread of demonic energy. Soon, this whole place will be enveloped by demonic energy.

The next day, everybody started to wake up one after the other, with Meng Ying being the very last to appear. Her complexion did not look very good, and a dark shadow could be seen under her eye.

Feeling concerned, Du Chen asked her:”What happened? Did you not sleep well last night?”

Meng Ying forced herself to put on a weak smile,”It was probably the bed.”She had been cursed with nightmares the whole night, but no matter what she did, she was unable to wake herself until the morning, where her situation finally improved. It could still be seen now that she felt very lethargic.

The makeup artist had to put on a thick layer of makeup for Meng Ying before she was able to hide her complexion.

Director Zhang came over to explain the script. The scene they were going to film today was a competition organized by the company in the outdoors. And in the competition, the female lead had been challenged by the supporting female character, and even humiliated by her. The male lead could not stand to see it continue, and came out to help her. Thus the female lead had to acknowledge her defeat, and even the third male supporting character was defeated.

It was an old-fashioned face slapping scenario, but the audience would never get tired of it.

After they finished hearing the explanation of the plot, Du Chen had his makeup and costume settled, instantly turning into a stereotypical handsome prince type character. He shook his head and smiled to Gu Yan:”This isn’t my first time acting in such a silly drama, I mean, look, I’m an arrogant and cool, tall, good-looking guy, rich too, how would I end up falling for a Cinderella type character with nothing good going for her? It still boggles my mind……Don’t you think so, Jia Ning?”

Deng Jia Ning smiled calmly to him,”If you think your character is silly, then what about mine?”He was the legendary ‘thousand years a supporting male character’s……He was the guy who had to remain deeply in love with her without ever regretting it, despite not even getting to hold her hand.

“Brother Gu here is the only normal one.”Du Chen stuck out his thumb, giving Gu Yan a big thumbs up.

Gu Yan’s mouth twitched slightly, and he turned to look elsewhere.

Meng Ying came over with the script and looked at them curiously,”What are you guys talking about? You look like you’re having fun.”

“Ha ha……”Du Chen.

“Nothing much……”Deng Jia Ning.

“Alright, everybody!”Diretor Zhang called out to everyone with a megaphone.

The first few scenes they were going to shoot did not require Gu Yan to be on stage, so he sat with Deng Jia Ning by the side to rest, watching Du Chen, Meng Ying, as well as the supporting female character’s performance.

It was clear that Meng Ying was not in a good state today. Even though she had a thick layer of makeup on, the darkness of her eyes still could not be covered, and she was even making a lot of mistakes on her scene with the supporting female character. It took a dozen shots of the same scene before they were finally able to pass it.

Gu Yan’s eyes glimmered with a strange light. When the demonic power leaks out, the first to be affected were these weak-bodied women and children.

Director Zhang had also not expected their filming today to be so unsuccessful. He reprimanded Meng Ying and the supporting female character a little, and then told them to go rest. After that, he called Du Chen and Gu Yan over to start the shooting for the next scene.

The actors were divided into two groups, with Du Chen and Deng Jia Ning in one group, and Gu Yan in another, as well as several other extras. In total, each group was made up of five people, and the two teams began the rock climbing competition.

“Are you ready?”Director Zhang looked at the cameraman,”Action!”

Ten people rushed over and climbed up with both their hands and feet. Seeing that Du Chen was the first to reach the top, all the actors below gave their cheers at an appropriate time. Practically nobody paid attention to the other extras who were still climbing.

This scene clearly went smoother than before. Director Zhang revealed a satisfied expression, but suddenly, a scream rang out amongst the cheers!

one of the ropes suddenly loosened at the top……A figure came crashing straight down!

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