DBHW Chapter 14

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Zhu Huan Wei closed the door and smiled to Han Chang,”I am Gu Yan’s agent.”

Han Chang’s face suddenly changed, as he expected, Gu Yan really wasn’t going to just let him go? His voice was tense,”What do you want from me?”

“Don’t be so nervous, I just have something to say to you.”Zhu Huan Wei’s expression was genial.

“There’s nothing for us to talk about.”Han Chang’s eyes flickered.

“How could that be?”Zhu Huan Wei helped himself and pulled a chair over in front of Han Chang,”Right now……Aren’t you curious about what Gu Yan thinks about all this?”

“He……”Han Chang gritted his teeth, and finally lowered his head,”I was the one in the wrong before, and I’m willing to give him an apology.”

“For all you’ve done, just an apology wouldn’t be enough now, would it?”Zhu Huan Wei smiled.

“I, I’ve already apologized. I’ve already withdrew from the crew due to my injury, what more does he want?”Han Chang looked mortified, he had never lowered his head in such a way before.

Zhu Huan Wei looked at him calmly from where he sat.

Han Chang felt his scalp tingling and couldn’t help but shout:”He shouldn’t be going overboard either! Doesn’t he just have Fu Zhe Chuan as a backer? There’s nothing for him to act all proud about! Yes, I was the one who sent someone to clean him up, but who knew that he was so good at fighting? Those people were the ones who got cleaned up before they were able to touch even a strand of his hair! And I even fell and broke both my legs……He didn’t lose anything out of this at all.”

“I got it……”Zhu Huan Wei smiled:”I hope you get better soon, I will be leaving now.”

Huh? Han Chang looked at him dumbfoundedly.

“Don’t worry, I will help you convey your apology.”Said Zhu Huan Wei with a smile.

Zhu Huan Wei walked out of the ward, and his calm face was now replaced by one of deep jealousy. He had not been Gu Yan’s agent for a while now, and he had even been expelled by the company. Even though he knew that Fu Zhe Chuan was Gu Yan’s backer, he still wanted to confirm how far Fu Zhe Chuan would go for him. But he would never have expected that Fu Zhe Chuan would go as far as to offend Madam Song for him, it could be seen that their relationship was not that simple……And this was also the first time he had heard of another important piece of information——Gu Yan was good at fighting.

But this was impossible, Zhu Huan Wei had been Gu Yan’s agent for more than a year, he had long learned everything about that young man who lacked subtlety, he was just a wine and wenching piece of waste. He was supposed to be weak……When did he get so capable? And seeing the horror in Han Chang’s appearance, it was clearly not as simple as just being ‘good at fighting’.

It couldn’t be that Gu Yan had been acting this whole time, could it? Then why wasn’t he acting now?

Zhu Huan Wei frowned. He thought that this was going to be a quick and easy job for some good money, but now, it seems like he himself may be jumping into the pit he dug if he took one wrong step. Gu Yan had already left his control, he may have to bring it up with that person.


After staying around at home for a few days, Gu Yan received Director Zhang’s notice, and the shooting started up again.

The temporary replacement for the male lead was the B-list actor, Du Chen. Du Chen had a decent appearance and has been working for a long time since his debut. He was a bit more popular than Han Chang, but has been going downhill over the past two years so that was why he took the job. He also needed to bring out more works to the public audience.

Before he came, he had also heard about the incidents happening within the crew, and so he has been very humble the entire time, he didn’t want to go down the same road as Han Chang.

The crew was finally in harmony, the director was overjoyed, the shooting progress was also finally picking up.

In just the blink of an eye, half a month had passed. Today, Director Zhang has arranged for them to film outside of the set.

n this scene, the staff of the company are sent out for outdoor training, and both the female lead and the supporting male lead was present at the scene, it was one of the more important parts of the series. The location they chose was a resort villa dozens of kilometres away from Haiyun City.

Everybody thought that they would be able to have some fresh air and some fun, but when they arrived at the scene……They all revealed looks of disappointment. This villa was desolate and depressing, you could tell at first glance that it wasn’t well taken care of.

Director Zhang smiled awkwardly,”The crew’s funds are limited, so we should save up where we can.”

Everyone expressed their understanding. Actually, everyone understood, it’s just that television dramas were always so glamorous, but most of them were just the layout of the scene and post-production work. During the actual shooting, things would generally be more difficult. It wasn’t easy to get a sponsor, so everyone was used to saving.

Gu Yan walked in alone, leaving the rest of the crew behind. The air in the mountains felt almost extraordinarily cold.

The holiday resort was not old, and it looked to have been built not very long ago. All the proper facilities were available and luxurious, it just lacked popularity. If you took a closer look, you would find that all the flora in the area looked listless. It was clearly a while before autumn, but some of the leaves on the trees had already started to turn yellow. With all this, it gave people a feeling of desolate depression.

Du Cheng went up to Gu Yan and spoke cheerfully:”I know this place, a big boss came over three years ago from Taihai to invest in this plot. At that time, he proudly announced that he wanted to build the most luxurious resort in Haiyun, but who knew that his luck would be so bad since construction started. Accidents happened without end, and the guests never returned after their first visit, nobody what he tried, the place just wouldn’t prosper. The boss found a lot of Feng Shui masters to take a look, but they all said this place was no good……The big boss was very angry and said he found a Feng Shui master to check the place before construction, and he was told that not only did this place have no problems at all, it was even a gold mine for Feng Shui, so why did things end up this way?”

Gu Yan raised his eyes to look at the dark skies just ahead, then turned back to look at Du Chen:”And then?”

“I’m not very clear about what happens next, to be honest.”Du Chen smiled,”I just know that not long after those incidents, the big boss sold this place off for cheap and returned to Taihai. Since then, rumours of this place’s bad Feng Shui leaked out in the industry……Now it’s just barely being maintained, here only to attract some uninformed tourists.”

“And Director Zhang still chose to send us here?”Gu Yan raised a brow.

Du Chen shook his head and revealed a bitter smile,”Because it’s cheap. The expenses of the crew aren’t small, so how could we afford to squander? And besides, even though rumours say the Feng Shui is bad, no life has ever been taken here, business has just been bad. We’ll only be here for two or three days, it shouldn’t matter.”

Gu Yan nodded and smiled to him,”You know quite a lot about this place.”

“The current owner of the place is a friend of mine.”Du Chen chuckled:”At that time, he thought he could take advantage of the cheap price and just bought it, but who knew that after so any years……Things didn’t look up at all. He couldn’t make ends meet, so now he’s even considered closing the place down.”

Gu Yan revealed a thoughtful look.

“Oh, so you guys were here.”Director Zhang panted as he ran over,”The rooms have already been arranged. You should rest early tonight, we have to get up at five tomorrow.”

Du Chen turned to Gu Yan and smiled:”Let’s return?”

“Sure.”Gu Yan responded.

Director Zhang handed them their room cards with a big smile,”I still have some things to do, the two of you should get back early and rest.”

Gu Yan and Du Chen’s room cards just so happened to be linked with each other, so the two went back together.

This was a townhouse surrounded by rockery, it was a very quiet and beautiful place. Behind the villa was a man-made garden brimming with lush greenery, it was very different from the outside.

Gu Yan took a deep breath and his pupils narrowed slightly. He dispersed the expression on his face before speaking with Du Chen:”I’d like to take a walk by myself, you should go back first.”

“Okay, you shouldn’t stay out for too late either.”Du Chen left after he was done speaking.

Gu Yan walked along the garden path. There was a stone well in the deepest area of the garden, and the side of the well was covered with fine pebbles, the entire thing was hidden behind the lush greenery and easy to pass by. He walked up to the well and looked down. The water in the well was clear, reflecting his face, the cold and handsome face with a pair of deep, dark eyes. He raised up the corner of his thin lips, revealing a smile.

Gu Yan reached out and lightly stroked the edge of the well, a cold and rough feeling coated his palm. His expression deepened as he released a small trace of demonic power. Instantly, the stones under his hands turned hot, as if it were repelling something! Immediately, the water in the well started to boil!

The boiling well was no longer clear, it was now a dense, murky black……

It was a demonic spring!

Gu Yan leaned his body forward slightly and narrowed his eyes, looking fixedly into the well……

“What are you doing?!”A surprised voice suddenly rang out from behind him.


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