DBHW Chapter 13

With eighty million easily obtained, Gu Yan returned home in a good mood. For him to take on an acting project would only earn him several tens of thousands or so……How could they even be compared? He was right after all to make that decision on that day. With eighty million, things would be more convenient now.

But of course, he did not intend to give up his profession of being an actor at this moment. After all, this was a good disguise, but he would not be wasting too much time on it.
The next day, he received Director Zhang’s call as he expected. He was told that due to Han Chang’s injury, he will have to withdraw from the crew, and he also asked whether he would like to take over as the male lead. But Gu Yan rejected him outright. Director Zhang tried to advise him otherwise, but he could only give up. He only told him to take a few days of rest in wait for them to adjust the positions before they inform him later when they were ready to continue again.

Gu Yan hung up his phone without care. If you told him to play the role of a man with deep feelings, gentle, no regrets in anything he does, a man who was impossible to find in real life, that would have been the real test of his skill. Right now, the role of the third supporting male character was fine, he didn’t need to hide any of his inner desires so it was an easy role to play. As for how unlikeable his character was, it only showed how hypocritical humans were……Humans are the greediest and most shameless creatures in this world, but they would never ever admit how filthy they are inside.

And if you compared them, even the savage and violent demonic beings would look cute next to a human.

He just so happened to be free today, so after some thought, Gu Yan decided to call Xu Ming over.

After coming over, Xu Ming found out that Gu Yan wanted to learn how to drive. This was a simple task. It was too bothersome to go all the way to a driving school to learn, so he just rented a car for training. When he was done learning, he could just directly register for a driving test.

But Gu Yan stopped Xu Ming from hiring a driving coach, and he said:”You can just teach me.”

After some thought, Xu Ming agreed. This really wasn’t anything hard, he had also pondered on this thought previously, he was just afraid that Gu Yan wouldn’t be too happy about it, so he mentioned to hire a proper driving coach.

It didn’t take long for the car dealers to bring the car over, then Xu Ming brought Gu Yan with the car over to the suburbs.

“Actually, all you need to pay attention to are the brakes, the throttle, the clutch, as well as the proper gear positions……”While demonstrating, Xu Ming continued:”You can watch me drive first, then you can ask me anything you’re confused about.”

First, Xu Ming drove straight, then came the reverse, U-turning, parking on a hill, and demonstrated them several times. Then he said:”Give it a try.”

Gu Yan sat himself on the driver’s seat and paused for a moment after starting the car. He was in no hurry either, so after getting a feel of it, he started to drive.

At first, he wasn’t driving too smoothly, but he started to drive extremely well after only ten minutes of practice, you couldn’t tell that he was a new driver at all.

Xu Ming:”……”

“Can I take the driving test now?”Gu Yan turned to ask.

“You still have to take the test for the rules and regulations on the road, have you looked through the book?”Xu Ming asked.

“I have it memorized.”Said Gu Yan plainly.

“……”Xu Ming replied:”I’ll go and sign you up, then we’ll see how soon you’ll be able to take the test.”Even though learning how to drive was simple, learning so fast was still going to make people envious, alright?!

Gu Yan was quite satisfied with Xu Ming’s work ethics, then he started to drive the two of them back personally. For him, driving such a simple machine took no effort at all, any magical weapon you could find would have been many times more complicated to use than this.

However, if you want to make use of this vehicle safely, you would have to get a license.

But only after arriving at the traffic management office did he realize that things weren’t going as smoothly as they would have hoped. His driving test would take place after a month.

Xu Ming looked at him with shame:”I was the one who didn’t realize this was going to happen, but fortunately we’re not in a rush……”

Gu Yan raised a brow. Human rules are truly bothersome after all, he feels that he is always teetering further on the choice between whether he should endure or not with each coming day.

But just as they were about to leave, his phone rang.

“Mr. Gu, are you at home?”Asked Zhang Han respectfully. He had only found that he wasn’t around after going to the set, so he could only give Gu Yan a call.

“I am at the traffic management office.”Said Gu Yan.

“Oh?”Zhang Han felt rather surprised,”Are you there for something?”

“I came to get a driver’s license, but I will have to wait a month for the test so I was just preparing to leave.”Said Gu Yan.

Zhang Han suddenly laughed,”That’s simple, wait there for a moment and I’ll come over immediately.”

“Sure.”Gu Yan hung up the call.

Xu Ming looked at Gu Yan and asked with some slight embarrassment:”I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do here either……”

“Don’t worry about it.”Gu Yan sat down and swept Xu Ming a glance without mind.

Xu Ming was surprised, but he didn’t dare to ask too much so he could only wait by the side. After about a minute had passed, they saw a young man hurrying in from outside. After he saw Gu Yan, his eyes lit up:”Mr. Gu, you’re here!”

Gu Yan nodded.

Zhang Han took out a gold card directly from his bag and handed it respectfully to Gu Yan:”This is what Director Fu asked me to hand to you.”

When Xu Ming saw the word, his had nearly gone cross-eyed, what on earth happened yesterday? Why did Fu Zhe Chuan give Gu Yan a bank card? And it’s even the top gold card from XX bank! It was said that only accounts with more than ten million within can request for it……

It couldn’t be to pay him back for saving his life, could it? As expected Fu Zhe Chuan really was a righteous and generous gentleman……Such were Xu Ming’s thoughts.

Gu Yan put away the card and turned back to reveal a smile,”Thank you for your hard work.”

“Don’t mention it, it’s just part of my job.”In front of Gu Yan, Zhang Han had always kept himself low, he was just like a secretary running errands for him,”Please wait here for a moment, leave the driving test problem to me.”

After he finished speaking, Zhang Han went into the traffic management office, and returned after several minutes with a middle-aged man. Following beside Zhang Han, the middle-aged man displayed an appearance of respect and flattery.

“This is Chief Hu.”Zhang Han introduced him to Gu Yan with a smile.

Chief Hu was quite surprised when he saw Gu Yan, but he immediately extended a hand cordially:”Nice to meet you, Mr. Gu, we can start the driving test now, and you’ll be able to get your driver’s license on the spot once that is over. I guarantee it won’t take up too much of your precious time.”

As expected, human affairs were best handed over to other humans for convenience, Gu Yan has learned something new. He nodded and went with them out back to the test venue.

The test was very simple, be it the written test or the road test, he passed them both on his first try. Seeing this, Chief Hu felt relieved. At first, he was even worried that Gu Yan wouldn’t be able to pass so he may have to move some strings around with his connections. But now, Gu Yan had no issues at all, so with this, everything that came after would be very easy to settle.

Zhang Han stayed at the side the whole time until Gu Yan finished getting his driver’s license, then they came out together.

“Even though I am only Director Fu’s secretary, I can still handle some simple errands like this. If you ever have any trifles you need help with, you can call me anytime, Mr. Gu, you don’t have to be reserved with me.”Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Alright.”Replied Gu Yan.

You really aren’t reserved at all, huh……Xu Ming really wanted to complain, but he had no place here to do any of that……

Zhang Han did not appear unhappy at all, instead, he even looked very happy. After that, he bid him farewell very politely and left.

When Xu Ming returned home with Gu Yan, he had a lot of things he wanted to ask about but Gu Yan had on a look of ‘get away from me’, if he were to ask, he would just banging his own head on the wall. The curiosity that clawed at his heart felt very uncomfortable……


Within a high-class ward of Haiyun’s Third People’s Hospital, both of Han Chang’s legs were wrapped in plaster and hoisted up with slings. His handsome face was pale and ashen, and a bruise could still be seen on his face.

He had just received a call from his agent and notified of his being kicked out of the crew. Immediately, his eyes couldn’t help but shine with his resentment! A bunch of useless garbage, garbage! They can’t even deal with a single Gu Yan! And there was that woman, Song Yuan, here he thought she was a powerful one! But she actually couldn’t deal with a little small-time star?!

Right at this moment, the sound of footsteps rang out from outside. Han Chang immediately dispersed the hatred in his eyes. Seeing that the one who entered was Madam Song, he immediately put on a look of gentleness like spring waters. Smiling to his eyes, he called out to her:”Yuan Yuan, you’re here.”

Han Chang was ten or so years younger than Madam Song, but such intimate greetings came from his lips easily. His gentle and kindly appearance had always been a favourite of Madam Song’s. But at this moment, with his face still bruised, his smile looked extremely strange, and recalling that he may have been lying to her……Madam Song’s countenance turned cold.

“Yuan Yuan, you must have been tired today, come sit down and rest.”Seeing her reaction, Han Chang’s heart jumped, but he still kept the gentle and caring tone in his voice.

But Madam Song did not sit down as she usually would, but rather, she looked condescendingly down at him from above.

Only now did Han Chang realize that something was wrong, but he decided to play the fool, smiling,”Why aren’t you coming over?”

Madam Song looked at Han Chang with a cold sneer at her mouth,”You told me that Gu Yan pushed you down the stairs because he was envious of you, is this true?”

Han Chang’s face changed slightly:”Of course it’s true.”

“Really?”Madam Song already understood with one look at his expression. She was mad at herself for being used, it seems she had been too indulgent with him.”This is the last chance I’m going to give you.”

Han Chang’s expression was slightly stiff when he responded:”Of course it’s true, how could I ever lie to you? I’m better than him in everything, he’s just an unpopular star without any skill or power, you aren’t supposing that I was framing him, are you?”

Hearing his words, Madam Song sneered mockingly at him,”You sound assertive, it seems you have no idea that he’s one of Fu Zhe Chuan’s people.”

“How could that be possible!”Han Chang shouted out. His mouth was gaping from surprise, and there was terror in his eyes. With the right side of his face covered in an unsightly bruise, how could that newly popular handsome twink star still be seen? He was now just a normal person who was ugly and frightened.

Madam Song was tired of this, she plainly said:”Seeing that you’ve been with me for some time, I will give you a warning now, you better watch your back.”

Han Chang watched as Madam Song left, and he knew that she would not be returning anymore. He pleaded incessantly:”I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was wrong, please don’t go, please?”In his strungle, he rolled out of bed and screamed in pain, but Madam Song did not even turn to look at him.

In the end, Madam Song had still left. Han Chang sat on the ground, his heart filled with fear. Gu Yan who was backed by Fu Zhe Chuan was not the only one he was afraid of now……He had always been an arrogant person and offended many, without the shelter of Madam Song, even if Fu Zhe Chuan didn’t come to find trouble with him, he would still have no chances staying in the entertainment circle anymore. No, perhaps he should say that it would be difficult for him to run anywhere!

Han Chang’s face was as white as a sheet, why did he have to meet Gu Yan? Every step of how everything was developing had strayed from his expectations. Brother Feng’s men were beaten up by Gu Yan until they were a sorry pile of losers trying to run away, and at first he thought being able to fight was the only thing he was good at. With Madam Song’s appearance, he would definitely find himself cornered, but who knew that he actually had Fu Zhe Chuan as a backer!

Why did he have to go and offend him? Couldn’t he just have done his own part in his own role? It’s not like Gu Yan was threatening him for his role as the male lead anyway. But now that things were at this stage, it was already too late to regret it. He hated it so much, but he didn’t dare to even think of doing anything to Gu Yan anymore.

Without any further news from Madam Song, two days passed. Han Chang tried to call, and tried to message her, but seeing that the curtains had already been pulled on him, he finally gave up.

He smashed his phone furiously to the ground! And immediately it crashed into pieces.

“You’re seem quite angry.”A surprising voice sounded out.

Han Chang raised his head to see an unfamiliar man enter. He kept himself on his feet:”Who are you?”


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