DBHW Chapter 12

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Seeing that Gu Yan was walking back, Meng Ying quickly put her peeping eyes away.

Gu Yan shot her a meaningful glance. He could just about understand what Meng Ying was thinking about, but he had little interest in humans.

No, it should be said that the only interest he had in humans, were that they still excelled at being food……

Seeing Gu Yan’s return, Director Zhang had on a radiant smile. He was now even more diligent than before as the last bit of unwillingness in his heart had turned to dust. He even pondered on the notion that perhaps getting tangled up with Gu Yan wouldn’t be a very bad idea, if at all, then he could borrow Gu Yan as a means to get closer to Fu Zhe Chuan……Director Zhang was an ambitious person, he had the skills but he could never get a big sponsor, not being able to take the next step forward really was the biggest pity in his life. But right now, his chance was here……


And because of that, everybody was now treating Gu Yan even more politely.

When Deng Jia Ning came over this afternoon, he noticed that there was a strange atmosphere floating around the crew. It felt as if overnight, Gu Yan had turned into the centerpiece of the crew……

Meng Ying saw that he was at a complete loss, so she came over to gossip:”Hey, did you know? Madam Song came this morning.”

“That woman?”Deng Jia Ning’s look changed. It was said that Han Chang’s backer and sponsor was her.

“Yeah, Han Chang broke his legs so he’s in the hospital. he told her Gu Yan was the one who did that to him, so Madam Song came to stand up for him.”Meng Ying nodded.

“What do we do now?! I told Gu Yan earlier that he should keep himself low-profile.”Deng Jia Ning didn’t expect so much to happen this morning, so his countenance was now completely changed.

“Isn’t he low-profile enough? Han Chang is the one looking for him to trouble, he’s just making things hard for himself.”Meng Ying rolled her eyes.

Deng Jia Ning:”……”Is the topic really turning in the right direction?”

“He has Fu Zhe Chuan backing him up, and it’s not like he killed anyone, does he still have to be afraid of a gigolo like that Han Chang?”Meng Ying laughed:”Han Chang will be withdrawing from out crew this time.”


“I wonder who’s going to be the new male lead……It would be great if Gu Yan could do it. There’s even a kiss scene, just thinking about it makes me feel kinda excited……”



When Gu Yan returned once more, he found Deng Jia Ning looking at him with strange eyes. With that, he realized that he must have found out what had happened today.

It seems everyone thinks his backer is Fu Zhe Chuan now.

Gu Yan felt displeased, does he need a puny human to be his backer? If not for the fact that he had to maintain his identity as a human for now, not even both Han Chang and Madam Song added together would be enough to be any trouble at all. They should be expressing their gratitudes now that they were allowed to continue living……
Regardless, everyone had a lot of things in their mind after such an episode, so Director Zhang decided to just let everyone off for a break, then he had also hurried off elsewhere after taking a call.

Gu Yan put on his coat and went downstairs, but not long after, his phone rang. It was an unknown caller.

He hesitated for a moment before accepting the call, and raised his phone to his ear.

“At about a hundred meters to the front left, do you see me?”A warm voice came from the receiver.

Gu Yan turned to look and saw a black sedan with its windows rolled down. Fu Zhe Chuan smiled and nodded at him.

“I see you.”He returned his phone to his pocket and went over.

With Fu Zhe Chuan’s ability, getting his phone number was nothing hard, so Gu Yan was not surprised.

He went over and took a quick sweep over the car. This was not the same model as the one he had previously seen during the accident, but it was still a low-profile black sedan. There was no driver in the car, Fu Zhe Chuan himself had taken the car out to get him. He turned to him and asked with a smile,”What do you like to eat?”

Humans, of course. Gu Yan raised his eyes to look at him,”Anything’s fine.”


And so Fu Zhe Chuan drove him to a high-class French restaurant nearby.

It was obvious when they entered that Fu Zhe Chuan was a common patron to this establishment. With a smile, the waiter brought them to the private room. The atmosphere of the room was quiet and elegant. The ground was covered with exquisite hand-made carpets, and if you opened the windows, you would be greeted to the hazy night lights of the city.

As a gentleman, he very politely pushed a menu to Gu Yan’s side of the table,”You can order first.”

Gu Yan swept a glance at it before pushing the menu back with his brow raised:”I’m not familiar with these, you should order.”

A menu written fully in French……The brain of the original host did not come with this skill.


Fu Zhe Chuan was stunned for a moment, but then he pursed his lips after a moment so as not to reveal an impolite smile. Wouldn’t one usually pretend to understand, and simply pick two items under normal circumstances? Ignoring his subordinates and the women who were trying to get closer to him, they would all try to show the best side of them to him. Even if they were just normal friends meeting up for a meal, they would still be more reserved. For someone as straightforward as Gu Yan in his display of his ignorance……This really was a first for him.

“My apologies, it was my negligence.”Fu Zhe Chuan took a look at Gu Yan, then he picked up the menu quietly and called the waiter over. The waiter nodded and noted down his order before leaving with the menu.
Now only two were left in the room.

Fu Zhe Chuan watched Gu Yan, and after a moment, he said:”I believe you already understand what I asked you out for today, I would like to personally give my thanks to you.”

Gu Yan nodded without any hint of modesty, we’ll see if you dare do otherwise!

But Fu Zhe Chuan did not know what he was thinking, so he continued:”If not for you, I’m afraid I may not have the great fortune to sit before you today. You’ve saved my life……This is truly a favour that’s hard to repay……”

“That’s simple.”Gu Yan’s lips curled into a smile,”Just give me money.”


Gu Yan looked plainly at Fu Zhe Chuan. If he would get nothing out of it, why would he bother himself to save a human?

Fu Zhe Chuan’s mouth twitched as he looked at Gu Yan. He had already gotten the feeling that Gu Yan was a very straightforward person from before, but he never would have expected that what came next would so easily trump the prior……

After a moment, he slowly sighed:”You really are the most straightforward person I have ever seen.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”Gu Yan had also felt that he was more direct than those hypocritical humans.



For Gu Yan to ask for money was not out of mere whims, but rather an answer after deep thought. If he were to complete his plan, then funding would be an indispensable part of it. Even if he had not been in the human world for a long time, he still understood the role of money here. Although being an actor was a high-income occupation, such a small-time star as himself would find it a heavy task to accumulate a lot of money in a short amount of time. Whether or not he could become famous or not was one problem, but the process of that would still be a long one. An even faster way to get money would be to rob or to kidnap and ask for ransom, but if he had done that……Then why would he still have to disguise himself with this identity?

With that, he decided that the fastest and most safest way was to get money from Fu Zhe Chuan.

Firstly, Fu Zhe Chuan was filthy rich, and secondly, Fu Zhe Chuan owed him a favour.

Even though he would be able to get more benefits and money if he were to maintain a good relationship with Fu Zhe Chuan, it was completely outside of Gu Yan’s scope of considerations. And firstly, it was because it required time, secondly, his nature prevented him from trying to act nice towards humankind. The disguise he had at this moment was nothing more than just his last resort.

His goal was to open the channels between this world and the demon world as soon as possible. As soon as that was done, the human world would cease to exist, so what would that extra bit of money be worth?

He has to use the fastest method to achieve his goal in the shortest time possible, the rest was irrelevant.

As for the humans’ perception of him? Heh……What even is that?


Fu Zhe Chuan looked at him, and he could see the indifference in Gu Yan’s eyes. He suddenly realized that Gu Yan was not joking with him, he had only……spoken out simply and bluntly his own desires, and he did not at all have any wish of crawling up the social ladder through him. Realizing this, Fu Zhe Chuan didn’t know whether he should sigh in relief, or feel disappointed. His only attraction to Gu Yan was money.

There were many people who wanted his money, but someone as direct as Gu Yan was a first.

Fu Zhe Chuan was silent for a moment, but after some hesitation, he slowly spoke:”I wonder……how much it is you believe is appropriate?”

“How much do you think your life is worth?”Gu Yan raised a brow. How would I know how much you’re worth? Have some awareness! You foolish human!

“……”Can we still keep up a pleasant conversation?

Fu Zhe Chuan took a deep breath and raised his hand to massage his temples. He had never thought that he would one day sit here, and discuss calmly and reasonably with someone else the worth of his own life. If not for the fact that he was convinced the person before him was the one who saved his life……He would probably suspect that he was currently at the scene of a kidnapping.

But for him to not have turned to leave immediately, even Fu Zhe Chuan wanted to praise himself for his calm.


Gu Yan knocked on the table, a flash of impatience in his eyes,”Have you figured it out?”

Fu Zhe Chuan raised his head and smiled,”I don’t think the worth of anyone’s life can be measured with money, because the living can make money. But as soon as they die, no amount of money can bring them back……”

Before he could finish, he could see Gu Yan’s eyes turn cold,”Are you trying to go back on your word?”

“No, that’s not it, I just wanted to say that life is a priceless treasure. It is reasonable to say that I would not be able to repay you even if I fall to poverty.”Fu Zhe Chuan was not hurried,”But the businesses that I own are quite a lot, if we really want to get a clear number, it is not something I can bring out in an afternoon.”

“So what do you plan to do?”Gu Yan’s brows were knitted into a light frown.

“I can give you eighty million in cash for now as a display of my sincerity. This money is part of my personal savings, so it will not need to go through the permission of the board of directors, I can have it brought to you very quickly.”Fu Zhe Chuan continued,”I believe……You may be in a bit of rush to get money.”

Gu Yan nodded.

“Of course, it was definitely not enough to buy my life with just eighty million, it can only be counted as a mere gift of sincerity. So if you ever have any needs in the future, or perhaps……you are short on money, I will definitely do my best to help you.”Fu Zhe Chuan smiled.

Only now did Gu Yan reveal a look of satisfaction. This human was still a sensible one, if not, he would have countless means prepared to kill him with.

He managed to get his cash, and his promise. Seeing how well this human was performing today, Gu Yan raised his chin and revealed an arrogant smile,”You’re not bad, if you ever have anything troubling you in the future, you may contact me.”


What was this scene of an underling showing his sincerity, while his boss pats him on the shoulder in praise, proclaiming to cover for him in the future?!

With a stiff face, Fu Zhe Chuan attempted a smile.


Right at this moment, the waiters had come with their food. A variety of exquisite dishes were brought to the table, instantly dissolving the strange atmosphere.

Gu Yan really wasn’t a picky eater. He had spent a thousand years in the demon world, a place lacking in resources, barren and empty, there was only an endless stream of demonic beings. The demon race was one that killed each other, and with his current status, what he sated himself with the most was still a variety of demonic beings. But the flesh of a demonic being was disgusting, it was hard and sour, hardly comparable to what humans tasted like. Mm……they weren’t even comparable to human food.

Gu Yan ate very quickly. After a while, he raised his head and found that Fu Zhe Chuan barely ate, but he did not mind.

“I will be returning now.”He wiped his mouth and stood up.

Fu Zhe Chuan had also stood up. He smiled to him:”I will ask Zhang Han to bring you the money tomorrow, but you have my number as well in case anything happens.”

Gu Yan nodded.

Fu Zhe Chuan saw Gu Yan to a cab before driving himself back.


After Zhang Han received the notice, he had already reached Fu Zhe Chuan’s villa early on to wait for him. To tell the truth, he was still quite curious. The bees buzzing around Fu Zhe Chuan was simply too many, but he had never paid attention to any of them, there wasn’t even a single scandal surrounding him! But for him to actually invite Gu Yan out to a meal with only the two of them, he could see his concern to Gu Yan was not as simple as one towards the person that saved them……Could it be, he really took an interest to Gu Yan and wanted to know him……better? For a while, many ideas swam through his mind.

But ideas were always beautiful, whereas reality was cruel. The first thing Fu Zhe Chuan asked him to do was:”Go prepare eighty million, bring it to Gu Yan tomorrow.”

“Huh?”Zhang Han was stunned, eighty million! So much on the first date?

“What are you thinking?”Fu Zhe Chuan looked at him coldly,”This gift is my thanks to him for saving my life.”

Zhang Han finally returned to his senses and his mouth gaped in surprise,”He came to ask for money?”

Fu Zhe Chuan was quiet.

“He really asked you for money?!”Zhang Han raised his voice. How could he have been so blind and impatient? Settling with only eighty million! No, that’s not right, this is not what he should be thinking about, what he should be focusing on instead was that Gu Yan had actually done it for money! That was too superficial! Too vain! Too disappointing!

“What are you making a fuss out of this for?”Fu Zhe Chuan frowned,”This is the money he deserves. He’s just a bit direct, but what’s wrong with that?”

“……”I’m more surprised that you’re telling me this, okay? I haven’t even said anything and you’re already trying to put in a good word for him. Zhang Han put his jaw pack on,”I’ll prepare it at once, I ensure you that it will reach Gu Yan’s hands by tomorrow!”

“Mm.”Fu Zhe Chuan nodded.

“Oh, that’s right……”Zhang Han put away the exaggerated expression on his face, and revealed a dignified look. He whispered:”The investigation on the car wreckage has been completed, someone has indeed tampered with the fuel tank.”

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