DBHW Chapter 11

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Madam Song shot her sharp glance towards Gu Yan,”He should know!”

Director Zhang looked at Madam Song, then at Gu Yan, hesitating before he spoke:”What actually happened? Can you elaborate, Madam Song?”

“Somebody pushed Han Chang down the stairs yesterday, breaking both his legs, and now he’s in the hospital.”The anger in Madam Song’s words were hard to suppress. Han Chang was one of her men, so for him to be targeted was no different from giving her a slap on the face!

Both Director Zhang and Meng Ying were both shocked, turns out the reason Han Chang did not come today was because he was in the hospital nursing his broken bones! Recalling how Han Chang had been bearing a grudge against Gu Yan these days, an absurd thought had been aroused in both their heads. Could it be that Han Chang wanted to deal with Gu Yan, failed, and even gotten himself hurt?

Madam Song humphed,”Director Zhang, such a wicked incident had happened within your crew. Somebody actually dared to hurt someone due to envy! You even have the guts to make use of such a person?”

Hearing these words, Director Zhang laughed. If you said somebody could “hurt someone due to envy”, the only person who would do that in this entire crew was Han Chang! Thinking back to Han Chang’s moral quality, he was clearly hiding the truth from Madam Song, using her to make a stand for himself. As for who it was that hurt him, Han Chang may be the only person who really knows.

“Madam Song, I’m afraid there may be a misunderstanding.”Director Zhang spoke profoundly:”I think it’s better to ask for more details before we point fingers at anyone.”

“What are you trying to say? Are you implying that I’m accusing him?”Madam Song frowned.

“Madam Song.”Meng Ying couldn’t stand it anymore, and thus spoke up,”Gu Yan wouldn’t be envious towards Han Chang, much less harm anyone. I think Han Chang is the one feeling envious towards Gu Yan……”

“Are you kidding me? You expect me to believe that Han Chang would feel envious towards someone playing a supporting role with such a notorious reputation?”Being retorted against continuously, Madam Song was furious,”If your crew continues to mix up right and wrong, even protecting a criminal, then are you really not afraid of all the pressure you’re going to get from public opinions?”Both crimnals and public pressure was being brought out, she was clearly going all out in threatening them!

Director Zhang’s expression changed, but he still chose to stand by Gu Yan’s side after just a quick thought. Needless to say, Gu Yan still had blackmail material against him, but Gu Yan wasn’t a man without any backers! Though Madam Song was a powerful person, as long as Shihe decides to stand with Gu Yan, there was still room to move around in this incident. After all, Madam Song can’t cover the sky with just one hand.

“Madam Song, catching criminals is the job of the police……Before the truth is revealed, our crew will never wrongly accuse anyone.”Said Director Zhang.

Madam Song laughed in her rage,”It seems my reputation amounts to nothing today!”

Director Zhang tried his best to maintain his expression. If not because he had no other routes, how would he be willing to offend Madam Song? Why was Han Chang the male lead? It was because this drama was sponsored by Madam Song! If Madam Song insists on withdrawing her funds, then things really won’t be easy!

But he had no way out either……


Gu Yan curved up the corners of his lips, revealing a cold smile. He had just did a tiny little trick so that Han Chang would fall down himself from fright, he never saw him at that time at all. Therefore, what Han Chang said to Madam Song could have been fabricated just to frame him……He really never gives up, and he actually still dared to pick a fight with him. It seems his lesson this time had been a bit too light.

Zhang Yuan was a relatively tactful person, but still, this was not something he could help. Gu Yan got on his feet, and just as he was about to leave, he saw a man walking over from the side. His eyes moved to him, and he halted his steps.


“You better give me a good explanation for this!”Madam Song was aggressive.

“What kind of explanation do you need?”A clear voice rang out in question.

“Hand him over!”Madam Song pointed to Gu Yan, her eyes laced with frost. He had pretty good looks, so it wasn’t a bad idea to take him in after some disciplining.

“I’m afraid I can’t agree to that.”The man said.

Only now did Madam Song realized that these words were spoken by the man at the side. As soon as she turned around, she saw the slender man standing at the side, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses with a gentle smile on his face. The look in her eyes changed, and her voice turned softer,”So it’s Director Fu, you’ve been joking more and more these days.”

“I’m not joking.”Though Fu Zhe Chuan’s voice came with a hint of mirth, but his eyes lacked any trace of amusement.

Madam Song’s expression finally turned grave as she pondered on her next words,”This matter has nothing to do with Director Fu, can’t you just give me a tiny bit of face and not intervene?”

“Who told you this had nothing to do with me? Gu Yan is my friend.”Fu Zhe Chuan spoke with no hesitation, showing that he means to go through to the bottom of this!

Madam Song’s countenance turned for the worse, Fu Zhe Chuan’s attitude had really caught her off guard. For those in their circle, it was common for them to play around with a few stars, but those were just games, nobody would oppose a business partner just for the sake of a little celebrity, just like how nobody would turn against their friend for the sake of a pet.

Fu Zhe Chuan insisted on protecting Gu Yan, that proves that Gu Yan’s relationship with him was not that simple. And since that was the case……Then Han Chang was no longer important. If she had known from the start that Gu Yan was one of Fu Zhe Chuan’s people, then she would never have come here in the first place!

“Since he is Director Fu’s friend……”Madam Song put on a smile,”Then what happened today may have been due to a misunderstanding.”

What she implied was that she would not be investigating deeper into this matter for the sake of Fu Zhe Chuan, so Gu Yan would do well to remember this. As for Han Chang, what about what happened to him? Madam Song didn’t care, what she cared about was only to retain her reputation. For the sake of her own self and for her reputation, it was nothing embarrassing to lower herself to Fu Zhe Chuan.


Both Director Zhang and Meng Ying could finally sigh in relief.

Director Zhang was getting more and more astounded by Gu Yan, he would never have ever expected that Gu Yan’s backer could actually be Fu Zhe Chuan! And recalling how their crew had actually managed to rent this place as their set, perhaps it was also due to Gu Yan? He never thought that the one with the strongest backing was actually Gu Yan in this crew, it really didn’t show at all, he was low-profile, way too low-profile! It really was a wise move to stand by Gu Yan’s side! Director Zhang suddenly felt very admiring of his own judgement.

But Meng Ying’s expression was that of regret. If her opponent was Fu Zhe Chuan, then it seems she may not even have the tiniest bit of a chance……

Of course, this was not the most important points at this moment. The most important point was, that Fu Zhe Chuan actually liked men! If this type of ground shaking news were to be reported, how many girls would be heartbroken! And to say that he was just a friend? Do you think she’d believe it?

Not even a hundred Gu Yans were enough to be Fu Zhe Chuan’s friend.


“Thank you.”Fu Zhe Chuan nodded with a smile.

Madam Song had also revealed a cheerful smile. If she could get on Fu Zhe Chuan’s good side, then it would be worth it even if Han Chang had gotten hurt. When she returns, she can just make it up to him some other way. But before she could even be happy, she heard Fu Zhe Chuan continue:”I think this has to be a misunderstanding, but it’s fine as long as Madam Song can understand.”

Madam Song’s smile was instantly stuck stiff on her face.

“Since it’s a misunderstanding, then Han Chang must have deceived me.”Madam Song’s red lips parted, but closed again, and she coldly continued:”Since he dares to lie to me, I will definitely get to the very bottom of this!”

Fu Zhe Chuan nodded before responding plainly:”That would be the best.”

Madam Song’s face was still stiff when she coldly huffed:”Good bye!”

And she turned to leave after she finished speaking. Even though she wasn’t willing to offend Fu Zhe Chuan, she was not afraid of him either. But today, she really didn’t want to stay for even a moment longer! Madam Song gritted her teeth.

Seeing Madam Song leave with a cold face, Gu Yan couldn’t resist putting on a faint smile. It didn’t show on the surface, but Fu Zhe Chuan was quite the wicked man beneath……He wouldn’t need to waste his own efforts anymore.


Seeing as Madam Song had left, Director Zhang immediately turned to Fu Zhe Chuan and took his hands with enthusiasm:”It’s all thank to you today, if not, our little crew may have gotten into quite a bit of trouble!”

“Gu Yan’s problems are my own, it was only proper of me.”Fu Zhe Chuan smiled reservedly at Director Zhang.

Director Zhang’s eyes were sparkling. Ah, as expected things aren’t as simple as they seem. He immediately revealed a resolute expression,”You’ve seen it yourself, our entire crew stands firmly behind Gu Yan, nobody will be giving him any trouble on our watch. So Director Fu, you can rest assured that Gu Yan is in good hands in this crew!”

Thank you very much, Director Zhang. As for the follow-up on Han Chang’s matters, I’ll have Zhang Han get in contact with you.”Fu Zhe Chuan smiled.

“Yes, that’s fine! Everyone says that you’re the most righteous person in town Director Fu, you’re the number one of our Haiyun City’s business world, and you really deserve that title!”These were the words Director Zhang was waiting to say. He had finally stuffed the words into his stomach, but he still threw it out shamelessly. Hehe, with a golden thigh as thick as Fu Zhe Chuan’s, who would even covet Han Chuan’s chump change of an investment? And he even wondered, since Han Chang won’t be doing any acting with his legs, then should he just push Gu Yan up to the role of the male lead? He could definitely do it.


Gu Yan really couldn’t stand the sight of that any longer. He turned his head to the side to look at Fu Zhe Chuan.

Fu Zhe Chuan immediately understood. He turned back to Director Zhang with a smile:”Well, you should continue, no need to mind me, I’ll be leaving after saying a few words to Gu Yan.”

“Oh, alright. Take your time, we’re not in any hurry here.”Said Director Zhang with a big smile.

Meng Ying watched on as Gu Yan and Fu Zhe Chuan went to the side. With a sigh, she threw the pink lunchbox into the trash.


Fu Zhe Chuan looked seriously at the young man in front of him. Strictly speaking, this was the first time he had seen Gu Yan besides during the accident.

Gu Yan in person looked even better than on the photos. His fair skin was flawless with pearlescent pink lips that were beautifully curved. The curves of his face were very clear, and his deep, black eyes set neatly below his brows had a powerful attraction, just like a vortex. He stood there, seemingly bored, exuding a sharp temper like the edge of a blade……Handsome and sharp. Such a unique aura had to be seen in person, this wasn’t something a photo could capture.

“Is there something you would like to speak to me about?”Fu Zhe Chuan spoke with a smile in his eyes.

Gu Yan raised a brow, and he responded plainly:”I thought you were the one who had something to say to me.”

Fu Zhe Chuan was stunned for a moment, then he raised his hand to push up his glasses. In his eyes was a glow:”Yes, actually. I came today just to ask if you would like to have dinner with me tonight.”

“Sure.”Gu Yan easily agreed.

Fu Zhe Chuan’s lips curled into a pleasant smile,”I’ll pick you up tonight.”

Gu Yan nodded indifferently.

“Well, I’ll leave you to your work, see you tonight.”Fu Zhe Chuan shot him a gentlemanly smile.

“Mm.”Gu Yan’s eyes were faintly narrowed.

Though human beings were only food in his eyes with barely any difference, this particular food was quite the smart one, and amongst food he was also one of the better looking ones.


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