DBHW Chapter 10

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Following chapter contains profanities

“Thanks Bro Feng, sorry for troubling you. I’ll buy you a meal next time.”After ending the call, Han Chang sneered. He was clearly the male lead of this drama, but Gu Yan had been robbing the limelight everywhere he went. Do you think I’m just a flower pot and won’t deal with you?

Han Chang left the business centre. Just after waiting outside for a while, he could see a group of youngsters wearing black jackets with colourfully dyed hair riding over on their motorcycles.

A white-haired young man with a septum piercing jumped off his bike in front of Han Chang,”Name’s Ah Hua, Bro Feng asked us to come, who do you need dealt with?”

“Someone from the same crew as me, I’ll bring you to him.”Said Han Chang.

“A star as well?”Ah Hua frowned,”If you try to make things hard for a celebrity, you might even get yourself in trouble if you’re not careful.”Clearly, he appeared to be slightly unwilling.

Han Chang quickly laughed,”Don’t worry, he’s just a newcomer without any backers. And besides, he had tons of scandals just before this, it’s nothing even if he gets more.”

“Alright then……What do you want to do with him?”Ah Hua nodded reluctantly.

“At the very least, put him in the hospital for three months, maybe more.”A sly glow brimmed in Han Chang’s eyes. With this, the only thing Gu Yan could do is to quit the crew, and there will be no eyesores appearing in front of him again.

“Wow, how vicious.”Ah Hua laughed,”Get on, let’s go!”
The dozen of so black motorcycles zipped through the streets, attracting the looks of passers-by all around them, sighing that this pack of damned rebels are out and about again, but they just weren’t sure who the unlucky target was.

When they arrived at the outside of the community where Gu Yan lived, it was close to midnight, and they found Gu Yan very successfully.

At this time, it was nearly twelve so there weren’t many people on the sidewalks, but Gu Yan went out of the community alone. Seeing him, a sneer curled up Ah Hua’s lips, while two guys from behind rushed over to his side, blocking Gu Yan’s escape route.

“So you’re Gu Yan?”Said Ah Hua coldly, and he looked at Gu Yan’s thin body with eye full of pity.
A hint of coldness emerged in Gu Yan’s eyes for just a flash of a second. He saw this group of people squatting around downstairs from above, and resisted the impulse to clean up this pile of garbage. He waited for two whole hours before coming down, all so he could solve this problem without attracting any attention. But if this was the demon world……Heh, he wouldn’t have to be so cautious.

“That’s right.”Gu Yan’s eyes were indifferent.

“Wow~ You’re a calm one, did ya know you got yourself in some trouble?”Ah Hua laughed.

Gu Yan put on a smile and said plainly:”Do you plan to solve this here?”

Ah Hua’s expression turned angry and he responded coldly:”Since you’re so eager to die, then don’t blame us. There’s a quiet place to the side, we can have our little chat over there.”

After he finished speaking, he turned to head towards the area.
After walking for a few minutes, they arrived at a hidden alley nearby. Gu Yan thought about it to himself that these local tyrants were actually quite familiar with this place, seems such jobs hadn’t been scarce for them.

But for them to bump into him, now they were the ones who were really eager to die.

“This place is quite enough, right?”Ah Hua smirked.

Gu Yan nodded, revealing a pleased smile,”Indeed, it is quite appropriate for our problem.”

“You punk! Do you still not understand what kind of shit you’re in?!”This was the first time Ah Hua had ever seen such an arrogant person, he was so pissed that he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Don’t I?”Gu Yan narrowed his eyes,”I think you’re the ones who don’t understand.”

“Alright then! You’ve got guts!”Ah Hua looked at him coldly as he tapped his steel rod on the ground,”I’ll show you who’s the one who’s really confused about what’s going on here!”Immediately after he finished speaking, he shot a glance at his group, and they immediately mobilized to surround him.

Gu Yan scoffed.

One, two, three, four……A total of thirteen, each of them weak and pitiful, they can’t even count as a meal for a low-tier demonic being……And it was because they were too weak, that Gu Yan had to put some thought on how he was going to solve this issue without killing them. It has been over a thousand years since he has seen such a puny weakling, he might not be able to control his strength.

That’s right, he did not intend to kill anyone. For so many people to die at once, even if they were just a group of lowlives, he would still attract the attention of the state.

In just the moment it took for him to think, someone behind him had already raised a foot that aimed towards him!

Gu Yan raised his hand to caught his foot by conditioned reflex, and with a light twist, a loud ‘crack’ sounded out, then an ear-piercing scream as the man rolled on the ground while holding his knee.

Gu Yan’s mouth twitched. He had already restricted his power as much as he could, but he did not expect that these people were even weaker than he thought.
This moment seemed to have shaken the others, and for a moment, nobody came forward.

Gu Yan had also figured things out at this moment. If he planned not to kill anyone, then wouldn’t it be fine as long as he avoided their vital points? If a leg or perhaps both their legs were broken, then the fighting ability of that person will be nonexistent, it actually took him so long to solve such a simple question. And it was all his fault for thinking about it from the wrong direction. In the demon world, even if their arms and legs were broken, you still couldn’t underestimate any demonic beings. Because, even if only a head was left, and only a single breath of life left in them, they still had the ability to bite a chunk out of you……But these humans, this thought really was an overestimation of them.

A scornful look appeared in the depth of Gu Yan’s eyes. These weaklings are destined to be the lowest in the food chains!
Ah Hua and the others were all watching Gu Yan, and nobody knew why, but a cold breeze rose up from the depths of their heart. The pained howls of their comrade still echoed in their ears, and they had barely even seen how it all happened……

Maybe Gu Yan’s calmness from before was not faked, nor was he a fool, but he really had the confidence to take them on? No……It had to be a coincidence. We have so many people, how could we be afraid of one guy! You dared to hurt our brother, so we’ll give you hell!”Get him!”Ah Hua shouted and rushed over, brandishing his steel rod!

At this time, he did not think about going easy at all, the inexplicable fear in his heart drove him to want to defeat the enemy before him even if he had to use all his strength!
Seeing that the steel rod was closing in quickly, Gu Yan’s face still did not change. It was too slow, how could such a slow movement ever hit him?

The sound of wind rose up, and a hint of excitement rose up within Ah Hua’s eyes. He was going to hit Gu Yan! Just a little bit more, just a little……But in the next moment, the steel rod in his hand halted. Even though he exerted all his effort, it still did not get a single inch closer to Gu Yan. He looked at Gu Yan’s calm, black eyes, and it felt like he was falling from heaven into hell. The last bit of luck in his heart had disappeared, and fear spread across his face.

Gu Yan held the steel rod with one hand and pushed forward, Ah Hua had to stumble a few steps backwards before he could steady himself. As soon as he raised his head, he saw his steel rod flying over! The steel that came crashing on his body felt like it weighed a thousand pounds! Pain shot out from his shoulder as his arm hung backwards in an unnatural position.

In the next moment, he looked stunned at Gu Yan as if he were a sheep that had wandered into a tiger’s den. Left and right his comrades fell, screams echoing in the skies……

After a start, he finally came back to his senses!
“Stop, stop! Stop right now!”Ah Hua’s eyes were bloodshot as he screamed,”You mother fuckers, I told you to stop!”

Actually, even if Ah Hua did not shout, they were already scared shitless. Hearing Ah Hua’s yell, they all came back to their senses, and fled. They all had the same thought in their hearts, they had to get as far away from this demon as possible!

Ah Hua looked a Gu Yan with fear in his eyes,”Sorry, I’m sorry, we’re the ignorant ones, I’ll pay you back! I’ll make it up to you!”

Gu Yan did not say anything, he just looked at him coldly.

“I……As, as long as you let me go, I’ll tell you who sent me!”Ah Hua was gasping, he didn’t even care about promises anymore, he could only think of strangling that Han Chang to death right now! This was the non threatening little star he was talking about?

“Did you think I wouldn’t know who?”Gu Yan slowly spoke.

His gentle voice drifted to Ah Hua’s ears following the wind, the screaming around them had also quieted down, seemingly afraid to alarm anything, and the alley was now quiet. Despair shone in Ah Hua’s eyes, he had no more chips to bet with. Looking into Gu Yan’s calm eyes, this was the first time he had ever felt so close to death.
In the suffocating silence, Gu Yan laughed.

To kill such a thing would do nothing more than to dirty his hands. He raised his hand to check his watch, no more than two minutes had passed.
He turned and walked straight out of the alley.

Clear, crisp steps, tap, tap, tap, step by step he walked, and it felt like he was walking right on Ah Hua and his gang’s hearts. Only until Gu Yan’s figure disappeared did Ah Hua finally showed a look of disbelief.

Gu Yan actually let them go just like that?!
Another moment passed, and he confirmed that Gu Yan was not returning. Only then did the people who had tumbled onto the ground finally start making noise again.

Ah Hua supported his right arm and stood up, then with gritted teeth, he made a phone call, telling his other brothers to come get them. It was impossible for them to get back by themselves in this state.

A lackey came over from the side and cautiously asked:”Hua Bro, are we going to leave it at that? Shouldn’t we bring the guys……”They have guns too!

Ah Hua raised his left arm that was fine, and with a slap, landed a hit across that lackey’s cheek. He roared:”Keep what happened today to yourself! Don’t drag me in if you want to die!”He has been by Brother Feng’s side for a long time, and seen a lot, he wasn’t like these ignorant fools. He understood that in this world, there were people you should not provoke……

The lackey held his face and felt very wronged:”I’m scared that we can’t explain this when we go back too, after all, this is Brother Feng’s friend’s……”

“I’ll tell him myself, you don’t have to worry about it.”Said Ah Hua coldly. He raised his head and looked at the house at the front right direction,”As for Han Chang……That punk won’t have an easy life, stay away from him.”
Han Chang turned around abruptly and sucked in a cold breath, a flash of fluster running through his eyes.

He had actually secretly been watching the entire scene play out from nearby in the dark room, nobody could see him but he could see the figure in the alleyway, illuminated by the moonlight. He just wanted to see with his own eyes how that Gu Yan was going to get screwed! But instead, he was welcomed to a horrifying scene……

This won’t do, he can’t stay here, he has to get away, now!

Han Chang did not dare to open the lights, and he felt his way in the darkness down the stairs. When he turned around a corner, a cold breeze suddenly came from behind. And as if something had pushed him, his foot slipped and he rolled straight down the stairs!


Director Zhang looked at the time, it was already ten in the morning. The sun was shining brightly outside of the windows, but they still haven’t seen Han Chang’s figure. They tried to call him more than a dozen times, but nobody picked up.

This damn brat, he doesn’t have any notion of time at all! Director Zhang scolded him in his heart, but a smile bloomed on his face as soon as he turned around to Gu Yan and Meng Ying. He told them:”Let’s shoot your parts first for today.”

“Sure.”Meng Ying answered first with a smile decorating her lips. Compared to facing that old bag at home, Gu Yan was simply a million times more pleasing to the eyes, and she went to work every day filled with motivation. As for Han Chang? How was it any of her problem whether he came or not?

Gu Yan had no comments on it either.

Seeing that none of them had any objections, Director Zhang turned back to direct his staff to arrange for the scene. Due to the temporary change of plans, everything was messed around again, and his dissatisfaction towards Han Chang was also rising.
Meng Ying came to Gu Yan’s side and took out a pink lunchbox,”Here are some cakes I made myself, they’re for you.”

The piercing eyes of jealousy of the female staff all turned over, they also prepared gifts for Gu Yan, okay! And not once did he accept any!

“I don’t eat cakes.”Gu Yan’s voice was calm with nary a ripple.

The collective glances of all the girls moved over again. Heh, we just know that our prince charming wouldn’t make any exceptions! We can rest now!

Meng Ying pouted and put on an expression as if she had been wronged,”Then what do you like to eat?”

Gu Yan raised up the corners of his lips, I want to eat you instead. How could a pile of sweet and tasteless pastries compare to the hot, fresh deliciousness of a delectably cute little lady’s flesh……If you knew, would you still dare to stand so close to me?

Meng Ying looked at Gu Yan with confusion, she felt that his eyes seemed a bit strange. But she didn’t mull over it. She prepared to continue talking, but Director Zhang had started to call for them.

“Alright, places everybody!”Director Zhang clapped his hands.

“Let’s go!”Meng Ying could only give up. She grabbed Gu Yan’s hands and hurried over to Director Zhang. After taking a few steps, her heart suddenly started to beat faster, Gu Yan did not shake her hand off!

But unfortunately, the distance was too short……They soon reached Director Zhang.

Meng Ying released her hand and tidied up her own hair, silently repeating her lines she would have to say in a moment.
Right when they were about to begin, the door to the hall had suddenly been opened, and a woman walked in.

Director Zhang looked over angrily, what are those people doing outside? How could they let irrelevant people just break into the set! But when he had a clear look of her, he was suddenly jumping in fright. His words of accusation had turned into polite greetings,”Madam Song, what brought you here?”

The woman came over dressed in a graceful outfit, her hair flowing down simply behind her back, revealing earrings made of jade the size of a fingernail. Her delicate makeup looked extremely beautiful, but if you looked closely, you could still see the crow’s feet at the corner of her eyes, revealing that her true age may not match with her appearance.

He red lips parted,”Am I not welcome, Director Zhang?”

“How could that be?”Director Zhang would never dare to offend the woman in front of him, and he continued with a smile:”I can’t welcome you enough. You should have told me you were coming, Madam Song, then I could go out to receive you.”

“I wouldn’t dare trouble the great Director Zhang with such a task. I came for Han Chang today.”Madam Song’s tone came with a hint of iciness.

Director Zhang felt furious to hear this, wasn’t Han Chang just a little boy toy pet of yours? They were just filming a drama and he put himself on an even higher shelf than some big shot. Even his figure didn’t appear today, what’s that denouncing attitude for? He gave a fake laugh:”Han Chang isn’t here today, you may have to visit another day, Madam Song.”

“Aren’t you very clear why Han Chang isn’t here, Director Zhang?”Said Madam Song.”

Director Zhang’s heart jumped, and he put away the smile on his face,”What do you mean, Madam Song?”

“You really don’t know?”Madam Song scoffed and turned her head, looking with her piercing eyes at Gu Yan,”He should know!”


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