DBHW Chapter 9

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Xu Ming felt like he was developing a complex for abuse, he was so used to being verbally abused that even though Gu Yan’s tone was just slightly better than usual, he felt shocked and flattered……And then all his temper was gone.

But thinking more about it, he felt that there really was no need for him to get angry. Even though Gu Yan seemed just as hard to deal with than before, but when it came to handling matters, he was way more reliable than before. Even if it was on something he couldn’t get a handle on, he was still able to go through it smoothly, it really makes him worry less. As for the rest, what else can he expect?

Take right now for example……

He sent Gu Yan to the crew first thing in the morning, but even though Gu Yan stood there surrounded with a pressure that kept people away from him, not only did he not act like a big shot, he didn’t throw a temper tantrum either, he did whatever the director told him to do and even finished his task superbly without any mistakes. He memorized every single word in the script without error and passed on the first take, he really took a load off their minds!

In fact, it was far more than that, even the rest were being compared to him now!

Just look at that fresh meat Han Chang who had just gotten popular, he couldn’t remember his lines even after going through several takes, all he could do was flaunt his good looks. Just a single scene was riddled with countless NGs, even Director Zhang’s face was twisted with displeasure.


Gu Yan sat leisurely on his chair, and took a sip of coffee. How boring.

“Hello there.”A handsome and gentle-faced man came over and showed Gu Yan an amiable smile,”I saw your performance today, you really shone on that set.”

“Thank you.”Gu Yan smiled to him. This was the man who plays the second male lead of the series, Deng Jia Ning. He heard people say that he was  a ‘thousand years a supporting male character’, so this wasn’t his first rodeo at such a role.

Deng Jia Ning blinked his eyes and smiled back to him:”When this drama is released, I’m sure you’ll definitely be popular.”

Gu Yan replied with a chuckle, and did not answer.

Clearly, Deng Jia Ning was a very talkative person, so he quickly moved onto a separate topic. He spoke with amazement,”I didn’t expect Director Zhang to be able to rent this place as our shooting venue, it feels unreal.”

“Oh?”Gu Yan looked at him.

“This business center and its futuristic concept was built by the Fu Group with a ton of money, and it’s the most famous project in the country. It’s construction was just completed recently and will only be open to the public next year.”Deng Jia Ning continued,”You may not know, but though the head of the Fu household, Fu Zhe Chuan is famous for being a scholar and a businessman, his sights are usually set really high so a small crew of ours probably can’t ever get his notice. The crew had also expected to be rejected, but they gave it a try anyway, and they didn’t expect that Fu Zhe Chuan would actually agree for us to enter his business centre that was still unopened. For us to be able to use the venue, the results of the shooting will be way better than in any other place. After all, these romance dramas were shot for women in the end, and women liked pretty things. Put in a few handsome men and it’ll be hard for the series not to get popular.”

Gu Yan nodded in agreement. When he had first arrived, he was also quite surprised. He would never have expected that the humans would actually have developed to such a degree in just a thousand years, their construction process really was a sight to behold. For such a large and grand place that was at the same time, exquisitely decorated with an elegant yet creative feel, it was indeed a place that would easily attract attention.

“I heard that he had invested tens of billions into the project, and all the members of the design team were top experts from overseas. Even a single pane of glass is used to make a statement in this building, tsk tsk.”Deng Jia Ning lamented:”Even if I work on a year’s worth of acting, I still wouldn’t have earned enough money to buy even a single store here.”

Gu Yan put down his coffee and revealed a hint of a smile. It seems he has underestimated how rich Fu Zhe Chuan really was. However, this was good.

The two chatted in a one-sided conversation, and though strictly speaking Deng Jia Ning was mainly the one doing the talking, and Gu Yan the listening, they still seemed to be having a cheerful moment.
Meanwhile on the other side, Director Zhang had just yelled for a cut again. He was furious at Han Chang,”What the hell is wrong with you?”

Han Chang’s face turned white for a moment, and green the next. He had actually been preparing for the entire night, but who knew that he would make a mistake every time he got nervous during the shooting? And in the end, the more mistakes he made, the more nervous he got, and the harder it was to get into his role. After so many NGs, he still performed as poorly as he did for the first take.

“Let’s end this here, we’ll continue this scene tomorrow.”Director Zhang’s tone was not very good,”Go back and prepare for it, we’ve only rented this place for a month, and I don’t want you to waste everyone’s time.”

His words had been extremely rude, and Han Chang’s face was distorted with the humiliation, but he did not dare to refute him.

Director Zhang scoffed and turned to head towards Gu Yan. Immediately before he arrived, he quickly put on a diligent smile and asked politely:”Brother Gu, have you rested up? How about we continue with your scenes?”

Han Chang was able to see from afar how Director Zhang’s face changed faster than he could flip a book. Thinking about how he had just been humiliated, the eyes he looked at Gu Yan with had instantly filled with hate, his fair and handsome face had become very vicious. If Gu Yan’s performance hadn’t been so eye-catching, how could he have gotten so nervous and made so many mistakes? How could Director Zhang have been so dissatisfied with him after just a few NGs?


“Sure.”Gu Yan stood up. He was happy to be able to end work early since it was too boring to hang out with a group of humans.

Director Zhang said cheerfully,”Old brother Gu is the most reliable one after all. Jia Ning also happens to be present today, so let’s just do your rivalry scene with him.”The more Director Zhang looked at Gu Yan, the more pleased he felt. Whether it was his appearance of personal ability, they were all extraordinary. With his years of experience within the entertainment circle, he can tell that this young man will soon be a big hit, not to mention he even had a background that was anything but simple! He had clearly been caught in a difficult just before, but he managed to turn things around and get the full support of his company. Which one of the stars under Liu Wei’s handling wasn’t a super big shot? Gu Yan already had his own skill as a foundation, so if you combine that with the strong boost he would get from the company, it would be hard to even be anything but famous.

Before this, he had been used as cannon fodder by Zhu Huan Wei, but it was still slightly depressing that he had now fallen into Gu Yan’s hands. But right now, he was really trying his best to get in a better relationship with Gu Yan, he probably wouldn’t make things hard for him. These were Director Zhang’s quiet thoughts to himself.


Deng Jia Ning was unlike Han Chang, he had been in this business for quite some time and he was both a modest and diligent man. He stood up with a smile, and after fixing up his makeup, the two were ready to start acting.

His role was that of the second male lead, and he was both the senior of the female lead in school and in the company. He was a very popular person in the company, and he cared very much about the female lead who was his juniour at work. Gradually, he was moved by the innocence and cuteness of her, and secretly fell in love with the female lead. After being abandoned by Gu Yan’s character, the third male supporting character, she was very sad, so he went over to try to console her and learned of the cause and effects. With that, he became very angry towards Gu Yan, and he felt that he had a bad personality. And so, after the two met again in the company, a conflict happened.

Deng Jia Ning’s role was that of the head of one of the departments in the company, while both Gu Yan and the female lead were working under him.

Director Zhang directed the crew to ready the lights and cameras, and stuffed a folder into Gu Yan’s hands before yelling action!


With the folder in hand, Gu Yan came to the door and gave it a knock.

A calm voice sounded out from behind the door,”Come in.” Deng Jia Ning raised his head, and as soon as he saw Gu Yan, a faint and indiscernible frown knitted across his brows for a moment.

Gu Yan put down the project papers on the table,”Manager Chen, this is the business plan you needed concerning the coming clothing exhibition.”

“Let me see.”Said Deng Jia Ning. He flipped open the folder in his hands and looked through it very carefully. Strictly speaking, this wasn’t a bad plan. For a newcomer, this was an acceptable result, but remembering that this was the person who abandoned the innocent and cute Xiao Qing for riches, he felt unhappy. So he pointed out one of the parts and said:”I think you need to put more consideration on this part. Since it is impossible to determine the number of guests that will be visiting on that day, it is necessary for us to make several alternatives to be fully ready to cope with any possible accidents.”

But how would Gu Yan knew how he was thinking at heart? He thought about it over and over,”It is my negligence, I will prepare the amended plan now.”

Deng Jia Ning pointed out that this was a common mistake among newcomers, and it wasn’t anything big. But unexpectedly, seeing that Gu Yan was just about to leave, he added on coldly:”Bring me the completed document by today before you get off work.”

Gu Yan frowned, this would be slightly troublesome. Even though he didn’t understand why a person who would usually treat his subordinates very generously would suddenly make trouble for him, he was still a very arrogant person, and immediately responded with:”There is still more than ten days before the activity begins, is there really a need to be so rushed?”

Deng Jia Ning kept a straight face,”After you resubmit the plan to me, it will still need to go through reviewing and revising, and then handed over to management for checking. After the finalization, it will then be handed over to the staff for preparation, we are already running short on time.”

There were no leaks in what he said, and it was perfectly reasonable. What could Gu Yan still say as a newcomer? Unless he didn’t plan to continue working there anymore, he could only leave with his folder. After closing the door, he scoffed and stood there with a cold expression, this was the first time the curtain was pulled for the two of them.


“Good!”Director Zhang called for a halt and spoke with a face full of smiles,”Very good, very good! Both your expressions and your tone was perfect. Let’s continue the next scene.”

Gu Yan smiled, and Deng Jia Ning had also walked out. After changing their clothes, the two moved directly to the next set. Gu Yan’s memory was impeccable and there was not a single flaw in the recitement of his lines, but Deng Jia Ning did not have that ability. Even so, he was a diligent person with a good attitude, so even if he couldn’t get a pass on the first take, he was still able to go through it after only two or three NGs. The both of them were very successful in their performance.

Han Chang did not leave immediately. He stood there for a while but nobody gave him any attention at all, they were all surrounding Director Zhang and Gu Yan. Not long after, he left with a bitter face.


The day went by quickly, and the shooting for the day ended at sunset.

Deng Jia Ning looked at Gu Yan, and after some hesitation, he told him:”You might have offended Han Chang.”

Gu Yan did not expect that he would tell him that, so he looked at him thoughtfully.

“Anyway, you better watch out for yourself, Han Chang has a backer.”After all, it was no good for Deng Jia Ning to say too much, so he could only remind him as this newcomer Gu Yan seemed to be a pretty decent guy.

“Got it, thank you.”Gu Yan looked at him.

“Right then, I will be taking my leave. See you tomorrow.”After giving him a smile, Deng Jia Ning left.

Gu Yan retracted his gaze and the expression on his face had slightly frosted over. Of course, he had also noticed Han Chang’s expression, but he just did not care at all. Don’t even mention the fact that this ant was glaring at him a little, even if he wanted to come for a bite, he could just crush him with a single step, he didn’t have that much energy to care about such trifles. But he just did not expect that Deng Jia Ning would remind him, they had just met today.

Such unnecessary kindness……But even this did not change the despicable nature of humankind.


When he returned the next day, Han Chang’s performance was clearly better, and Director Zhang’s face when he looked at him was not that bad anymore. But he had always been afraid of being compared. Seeing the smiles and praises Director Zhang showered on Gu Yan, as well as the whispering of the female staff about Gu Yan with their bright eyes, the eyes Han Chang looked at Gu Yan with were getting darker and darker as time passed.

Deng Jia Ning had kindly advised Gu Yan to stay low-key. After all, he was just a newcomer, so it was better not to have enemies. But Gu Yan had turned a deaf ear to his advice, and so he said nothing more about it.

Another day of their shooting ended. Meng Ying ran to Gu Yan and said cheerfully:”Do you have any time tonight?”

Even though Gu Yan had never showed her any expression worth a look at, he was labelled the aloof handsome guy, so one had to be patient if they wanted to hook him up! She had to be aware that every woman in the crew was her rival! Don’t look at how each of those stars on TV were each more handsome than the other, they only looked that way from the makeup and editing, their looks when you saw them in real life couldn’t even be compared to one tenth of Gu Yan’s good looks. Gu Yan’s tall and perfect figure, his well-defined face, cold but slightly naughty character, and his skin……Even without any makeup, it was perfect without any flaws. No matter when and where, he was always so handsome, he even made her as a woman feel self-conscious of her own looks.

“I don’t.”Gu Yan said.

“Are you busy again?”Meng Ying pouted, this was not the first time she had hit the wall. Watching Gu Yan as he left, she was left with the glamorous figure of his back.

She couldn’t help but sigh. When she turned around, she saw Hang Chan standing some distance away, looking at her with an unkindly look, but he suddenly sneered.

With Han Chang and his gigolo look, as well as his role as the tall, rich, and handsome president, he wouldn’t be able to fit the appearance of an emperor even if he were dressed in the dragon robe, only a shallow and wealthy woman would find an interest in him. For him to actually dare to try attracting her attention, he really needs to take a look at himself.

It was a pity that she wasn’t interested in the one who was interested in her, while the one she was interested in was just ignoring her. Meng Ying scoffed, leaving only the sound from her high heels as she left without even sparing Han Chang a glance.


Han Chang was so angry that his face paled, what a shameless little bitch! If not for your sugar daddy, do you really think you’re worth anything? How dare you not be interested in me! Han Chang took a deep breath. I can’t clean you up, but don’t I still have the ability to take care of that little boy toy, Gu Yan? A cold smile emerged from his lips as he took out his phone to make a call.

“Hello? Brother Feng? It’s me, Han Chang, I have something I need your help with……”

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      Besides that, I also urge you to listen to other Daomu Biji fansongs by searching 盜墓筆記! Many are very good.


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