DBHW Chapter 8

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Gu Yan had been able to recognize Zhang Han from the beginning, he was Fu Zhe Chuan’s young assistant who had come that night to the scene of the accident.

He did not see any news related to Fu Zhe Chuan’s accident during that period of time, it seems that matter did not get reported on the news. Zhang Han was also speaking with very vague terms, so naturally he would go with the flow as well. But regarding Zhang Han’s attitude, he was still quite pleased with it. Sure enough, it wasn’t his loss to make a move on that day, it’s a decent idea to send away some flies with this every once in a while.

“Please tell Fu Zheng Chuan that there is no need to be so courteous.”Gu Yan’s lips lifted up into a smile.


Dai Hong’s forehead was dripping with cold sweat, he did not have any guts to neglect Gu Yan anymore at this moment. With an enthusiastic smile, he said:”Xiao Gu, what was that all about just now? Don’t worry, just tell me if he’s giving you any trouble, I will definitely back you up.”He stared so nervously at Gu Yan that he didn’t even leave a single glance for Zhu Huan Wei! Even the way he spoke went on a 180 degree turn.

Not even a hundred Zhu Huan Weis added together was worth enough for him to offend Fu Zhe Chuan.

“Oh, you finally saw me, Manager Dai.”Gu Yan’s tone was airy, and a faint smile of mockery was visible in his eyes.

These words made the veins on Dai Hong’s forehead pop. Gu Yan really wasn’t giving him any face, but he really didn’t dare to offend Gu Yan right now, so he pretended not to have heard the sarcasm and smiled to himself,”Ah, you’re still angry huh? Xiao Gu.”

Humans really are a league of their own when it came to shamelessness, even Gu Yan was too lazy to continue with him. He raised a brow:”Not only did Zhu Huan Wei cancel all my casting notices, he even told me to drop the TV series gig I just received, suggesting instead that I should try to keep myself out of the public eye. What do you think about this, Manager Dai?”

Zhu Huan Wei was sweating hard:”It’s only a temporary thing, just temporary……”

“Shut your mouth!”Yelled Dai Hong in his rage, and he faced Zhu Huan Wei imposingly. Just temporary? Are you a fool? Not only are you not trying to find a remedy for such a third-rate star’s scandals, you even planned to give bury him in the snow. If nothing unexpected, he might not be able to enjoy the life of fame for the rest of his life. if this was before, he would not have cared about such a matter, but this was not an option to him now.

“Manager Dai……”Zhu Huan Wei’s face was pale and he shot a vicious glance at Gu Yan.

But Dai Hong did not look at him at all, he was speaking earnestly to Gu Yan:”I did not know anything about this before, and that is my negligence. But don’t worry, I will make sure to arrange everything properly, you definitely will not have to suffer any grievances! How about this, I will ask Liu Wei to contact you, he is the best gold medal agent we have in the company.”

In just one short conversation, he had switched Gu Yan to someone else’s care, and Zhu Huan Wei on the other hand was completely ignored.

Gu Yan nodded indifferently and gave Zhu Huan Wei a profound look,”You guys can continue, I will be taking my leave.”

Seeing that Gu Yan was going to leave, he quickly tossed Dai Hong aside and caught up quickly,”I was just about to leave as well, let’s go together!”


The two went out of the building together, and only then did Zhang Han put on a smile,”It really is a small world, I really did not expect that you were a part of Shihe Entertainment.”Both his expression and language was relaxed and casual, even revealing a hint of familiarity. Those who did not know may even think that they were very close with each other, they would never have assumed that this was their second meeting.

“I did not expect to meet you here either.”Said Gu Yan profoundly.

Zhang Han had a start, but then he laughed and said frankly,”Director Fu is now Shihe’s largest shareholder, so some procedures will have to be handed over. I’m just here to substitute for Director Zhu, we will be seeing each other very frequently in the future, so I hope we can get along.”

“Oh?”A look of unexpectancy revealed itself on Gu Yan’s face, he really was not aware of this matter.

“The acquisition of the shares had completed just recently, so many people still don’t know about it.”Zhang Han smiled,”But it’s no matter, we will be announcing it after some time.”

Gu Yan was confounded for a moment, the person he had casually saved had turned into his new boss in the blink of an eye? But that would explain why Dai Hong had been so respectful to Zhang Han earlier.

“I’m afraid I will have to be the one to hope that we can get along.”Gu Yan smiled.

“Now I wouldn’t say that.”Zhang Han was very modest,”Are you going home now? Should I send you?”

“There’s no need, my assistant is waiting for me.”Said Gu Yan.

Zhang Han did not insist on it, and he added a few more courtesies before leaving.


Gu Yan came to the parking lot and Xu Ming quickly came over to ask,”How was it?”

“Just like that.”Gu Yan raised his eyes.

“What does that mean?”Xu Ming shifted nervously,”The company has already passed on the message that you’re going to be in trouble, how can you still be so calm about all this!”

“And what are you so worried about? Even if I’m in trouble, you wouldn’t lose your job either. Maybe you can even be transferred to another big celebrity and you can continue your assistant job.”Seeing his jumpy appearance, Gu Yan suddenly felt like teasing this little human, and so he kept a straight face.

Xu Ming paused, what he said was indeed rather reasonable……But he couldn’t do something that unconscionable. He had only thought that Gu Yan would react in such a way because he had received too big of a shock, so he tried to console him:”But I’m still your assistant right now, isn’t it normal for me to be worried about you? But you shouldn’t feel discouraged either, after things die down for a bit, you might still have the chance to turn yourself around!”

How could it be a normal thing to worry over someone else? A complex look flashed past Gu Yan’s face for a moment, and a smile revealed itself on his lips.

Even though both Xu Ming and Zhu Huan Wei’s words were pretty much the same thing, the meaning it represented was completely different, he was still able to make that distinction. But whatever, seeing that your loyalty still remains, I could just let you stay. No matter when or where, you could at least keep your life if you stay by my side.


Dai Hong watched as Zhang Han rushed out to catch up to him, and an uncertain look popped up on his face. Zhu Huan Wei stood nervously at the side and asked in a whisper:”Manager Dai, who was that person?”

Dai Hong took back his gaze and scoffed,”That man is Fu Zheng Chuan’s assistant.”

Following that, Zhu Huan Wei proceeded with caution:”That, you see, I actually didn’t know that Gu Yan had that connection either……”In fact, he had already guessed Zhang Han’s identity from earlier. Even though Fu Zhe Chuan was rich and powerful, it still wouldn’t force Dai Hong to lower himself, right?

“So now you know.”Dai Hong’s voice was cool.

Zhu Chuan Wei wiped the sweat on his fore head,”I got it, I was the one at fault in this matter, Manager Dai, do you……?”

“Heh……This will have to depend on Fu Zhe Chuan’s attitude.”Dai Hong gave Zhu Huan Wei a look of pity,”Since you’ve met him, I’ll just tell you now, Director Fu is going to be our new boss in the future.”

“What?!”Zhu Huan Wei was shocked,”How come I’ve never heard anything about this?”

Dai Hong’s eyes were filled with scorn. What are you worthy enough to know about with your status? Seeing Zhang Han’s attitude towards Gu Yan, Gu Yan definitely wasn’t something as simple as just a normal friend for Fu Zhe Chuan, seems he will have to take good care of this little one in the future. He will have to discuss about this matter quickly with Liu Wei and see how they were going to redeem themselves. As for Zhu Huan Wei? What was he worth?

“You better watch out for yourself.”Said Dai Hong flatly, and he turned to leave.

Zhu Huan Wei looked at Dai Hong’s departing figure and a flustered emotion revealed itself in his eyes. Seeing Dai Hong’s treatment, he was obviously mere firewood now to him. Things would be find if this matter was brushed off just like that, but if Gu Yan were to come to him with trouble, Dai Hong definitely would not be standing up for him! With that thought, a glow of resentment revealed itself immediately in his eyes. I’ve worked under you for so long, even if I don’t deserve any credit, I’ve still worked hard, but you turned your back on me as soon as I’m faced with a little thing, do you really think I’m that easy to bully?


After Zhang Han left the company, he drove straight to the hospital. This hospital was the best private hospital in Haiyun City, and it was home to a great variety of high-end equipment and top doctors, their level within the entirety of Haiyun City was at the forefront. And because of the luxurious facilities as well as the meticulous service they provide, it had always been regarded as a hospital for the noble, catering to the wealthy, and this hospital was also one of Fu Zhe Chuan’s many businesses.

Fu Zhe Chuan’s ward was an independent suite with heavy, soft carpets lining the floor, baroque leather sofas furnishing the living room, appliances like a TV, refrigerator, and whatnot, it was comparable to the suites you would find in a five-star hotel. Seeing Zhang Han enter, Fu Zhe Chuan put down the documents in his hand,”Is everything settled?”

“Yes.”Replied Zhang Han respectfully,”And also, I bumped into Mr. Gu.”

“Oh?”Fu Zhe Chuan raised his hand to prop up his gold-rimmed glasses. A glimmer flashed past his slender phoenix eyes.

“It was just a coincidence, if I’d left just a step too early, I may have missed the chance. At that time……Mr. Gu had met with some trouble.” Zhang Han continued.

Fu Zhe Chuan’s expression cooled,”Continue.”

“It’s like this……”Zhang Han retold the matter succinctly and clearly without any added details, and finally he said:”Considering the fact that he is your saviour, Director Fu, I stood up to put in a word in his favour.”

“And you’ve made the right choice.”Only then did Fu Zhe Chuan’s expression calm,”Continue to take note of him, don’t let him find out that I’ve been investigating him.”

“I know what to do.”Zhang Han nodded.

Fu Zhe Chuan took a piece of paper out from his stack of documents and handed it over to Zhang Han, saying:”Give this crew a reply, tell them they can allocate and rent a part of the building for their use.”

Zhang Han received the paper in surprise, this was the application letter for the crew of 《Waiting Upon a Sunny Day》, and they wanted to rent one of their company’s newest business centres as their shooting venue. Director Fu never had the hobby to care about such matters, but what was so different today? And looking further down, surprise had turned into relief. Gu Yan was actually the third supporting male actor of the crew.

“I will work on this matter now.”Zhang Han quickly spoke, it seems he has still underestimated how highly Director Fu looks upon Gu Yan.


After returning home, Gu Yan’s phone was ringing incessantly. Firstly, it was a man named Liu Wei who gave him a call. He spoke very courteously and introduced himself as his new agent, as well as expressing that he will try his best to help him with his repackaging efforts, and to not worry about the public opinions of him on the internet. The company had their own special crisis response mechanism to deal with such public opinions on the net, so he can enter the shooting process for the new series with ease. He had also called the crew for a greeting, so there was no need to worry about anything.

Just as this call ended, Director Zhang’s call came. Firstly it was to praise Gu Yan heavily, saying that he knew all along that such a talented man like his old brother Gu would never be left for burial, and he told Gu Yan that their shooting venue had been fixed so they could start the shooting in advance, and for Gu Yan to show up at the crew to report in tomorrow.

After Director Zhang’s phone call was over, it was then Zhu Huan Wei’s call which came, but it had been rejected ruthlessly by Gu Yan. But then he continued to call him for another three times, but he continued to reject them, and finally……peace.


Xu Ming stood at the side and looked at Gu Yan with a very strange expression. His mouth was gaping,”You……How……”

“How what?”Gu Yan raised a brow.

“Didn’t you……Ahh you lied to me!”Xu ming glared.

“What did I lie about?”Gu Yan looked at him calmly.

Xu Ming was stunned for a moment, and he put some thought into it. Indeed, Gu Yan did not say anything, all of those guesses he made had all come from his own mind. But……But why would he say such easy to misunderstand words! Xu Ming felt so stifled that his face twisted,”When I asked you what happened, why didn’t you tell me directly? I’ve been worried about you all day!”

“I didn’t know you were worried at the start.”Gu Yan pondered about it, and he suddenly chuffed:”But now I do.”


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