DBHW Chapter 7

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When Gu Yan finished his leisurely walk home, Xu Ming had already left. He stood in front of the window and peered condescendingly at the sights below him. This world was as quiet and beautiful as ever. Just the thought that this world would be destroyed by his own hands gave him an inexplicable twinge of excitement.

That foul, inferior creature from today really made him lose his appetite, for him to actually have the nerve to wreak havoc before he made his move. Gu Yan scoffed, he was already in the human world now, but he still had to personally deal with such trivialities.

As a high-level demon general, how could he tolerate the existence of such trash within his territory?


Xu Ming had come over early the next morning. He frowned,”The company is asking you to make a trip there today.”

“Oh?”Gu Yan raised an eyebrow.

“Do you still remember Zhu Huan Wei, your agent?”A worried expression emerged on Xu Ming’s face,”I think he’s looking for you.”

With a curl on his lips, Gu Yan shot Xu Ming a glance. As his agent, he shouldn’t have to contact him so officially through the company, even his little assistant had figured out that things can’t be good.

But what he feared the least, was trouble.


Even though the original host was just an insignificant little star in the world, the entertainment company he was signed to was Shihe Entertainment, one of the largest ones in the country.

And for such a large company, they had many big celebrities who have already made it big since a long time ago, as well as popular young rising stars. And so, relatively speaking, such a small-time star like Gu Yan was even more neglected, and the resources he could enjoy were little.

Shihe Entertainment had their own glamorous building in the city center. When Gu Yan entered, he could see many people going in and out from the hall. Some of the were familiar to him, and with some thought he figured that they were probably common faces on TV. When he arrived, Zhu Huan Wei was already waiting in the office. He appeared to be about thirty years old, and he smiled as soon as he saw Gu Yan, saying:”Come sit.”

Gu Yan observed him briefly. This person was said to be one of the senior agents of Shihe Entertainment, and there were many stars signed celebrities and artists signed under his name. But seeing his kindly appearance now, he could tell that he wasn’t going to give him the chop directly.

“I’ve been a bit busy these days and didn’t get to handle your business. You don’t mind, do you?”Said Zhu Huan Wei with a smile.

Gu Yan shook his head. He didn’t like being ordered around, so it was better that he didn’t.

Zhu Huan Wei secretly observed Gu Yan’s reactions and found that he was being quite tactful, but in his heart he grumbled that Zhang Yuan was actually unable to finish even such a menial task. He spoke of Gu Yan so outstandingly that he couldn’t have been deceiving him, but could it be that it was just a lie, and he was in truth trying to go against him?

“A lot of things happened to you during this time, and for you, I think taking a break would be the best choice. Just give it some time, out of sight, out of mind, it’s better to start over.”Zhu Huan Wei spoke to him warmly with a face that he meant the best for both of them, and continued”You should know as well that we’re now in the age of information, a small matter can blow up if it finds its way on the internet. But no matter how big the matter was, the heat would start to settle after a few days. If you try to explain things now, things would just get worse so you might as well leave it. Just give it some time and nobody will think about it anymore.”

“I think so too.”Gu Yan raised up the corners of his mouths, shooting him a smile.

“As long as you understand, I’m just afraid that you might misunderstand my good intentions. I heard you went to see 《Waiting Upon a Sunny Day》’s crew?”Zhu Huan Wei changed the topic and looked straight at Gu Yan.

“I did.”Gu Yan nodded.

“Now this is the part of you that’s still young.”Zhu Huan Wei put on a bitter expression and continued on,”Did you really understand all the things I told you earlier?”

“I do understand.”Gu Yan smiled,”I think that waiting for this drama to be released is a long enough times for those things to fade out of people’s sights.”

Zhu Huan Wei’s face turned stiff, but only for a moment. Soon, the look on his eyes became stern,”You’re too naive! Do you really think there won’t be any news and publications to hype up the series from start to finish? Do you think people won’t pay attention? Do you want your scandals to be thrown about endlessly by people?!”

“What about it? Why should I pick this career if I care what people think?”Gu Yan asked instead.

“You! Do you even know how bad your image is right now?! If you really want to work in this career, then don’t you know what cleaning up after yourself means? Even if you don’t, at least don’t let your photos be taken!”Zhu Huan Wei scoffed.

“The main reason you’ve called me here today is to stop me from taking up that role, right?”Said Gu Yan with amusement.

“What are you trying to say?”Zhu Huan Wei composed himself,”I’m just thinking for your sake.”

“Is that so?”Gu Yan looked at him with a smirk on his face,”I think the one who won’t let those things go isn’t anyone else, it’s you. If this is all you want to talk to me about, then you’ll have to excuse me.”Just as he finished speaking, he turned and left.

Zhu Huan Wei watched as Gu Yan left without hesitation, and only came back to his senses after being stunned for a moment. This brat actually dared to ignore him! And he was so angry that he went out to catch up to him!

“Stop right there!”


Gu Yan went straight into the elevator, and at the same time, two people from the other side of the corridor had also come over to this side.

The one walking at the front was a well-dressed young man holding a briefcase. He had his chin up and chest out, standing with a faint air of superiority around him. Just a step behind him was a middle-aged man with a large belly, speaking with the young man and smiling incessantly their whole way here. His smiling face that was full of chub was very alluring.

Right as they had almost reached the elevator, the middle-aged man quickly rushed forward to press the button before diligently turning towards the young man:”I’ll have to trouble you with this, Assistant Director Zhang……”
Zhu Huan Wei had just managed to catch up to him at this time, and he saw the middle-aged man at the front. Immediately, he slowed down and greeted him with a face full of smiles,”Good day, Manager Dai.”

The middle-aged man was the general manager of Shihe Entertainment, Dai Hong. Manager Dai nodded his head faintly and smiled just the right amount as not to lose his bearing.”Old Zhu.”

Zhu Huan Wei had not expected that he would bump into Manager Dai here. But just as he thought about the artists under his tutelage, Manager Dai had never been one to care about such trivial matters. He turned to Gu Yan and whispered coldly:”If you keep on ignoring your company’s arrangements like this, have you ever thought of the consequences?”If the soft tactic won’t work on him, then he would have to bring out the heavy ones. Would he really be afraid that he wouldn’t handle a tiny little artist under him?

“Then how have you decided to deal with me?”Gu Yan put on a smile.

“Don’t forget that your contract is still with the company, just look at what you’ve been doing recently……”Zhu Huang Wei snorted,”You don’t plan to stick around in the entertainment circle, do you?”
“Hoh, how imposing.”A cold voice suddenly sounded out.

Zhu Huan Wei had not expected anyone to step in, and he turned to glare at them. As soon as he did, he saw the young man standing next to Manager Dai watching him with eyes of mockery.

He was a step too late so he did not see the previous scene, so in his heart he wondered: what’s with the arrogant youngsters these days? He had been in the entertainment industry for so many years, is he someone who could be stepped on by any bloke on the street? Don’t you think you’re someone just because you’re standing next to Manager Dai! He tried to calm his anger and asked:”And who are you?”

If he really did see the scene before, then perhaps he may not have acted in such a way.

As soon as the words came out of Zhu Huan Wei’s mouth, he saw the mockery deepen on the other party’s face, while Manager Dai’s expression had suddenly turned rather sour. His heart suddenly skipped a beat, could this young man be one of Manager Dai’s relatives?

Where did he go wrong?


“Manager Dai, is this how your men usually do their work? This arrogant and bossy attitude would give people the wrong idea that he’s a mobster here for kidnapping or blackmail. It is also a bad image for our company to have.”Not even caring the least bit about Zhu Huang Wei, Zhang Han directly turned to Dai Hong and spoke without courtesy. As Fu Zhe Chuan’s assistant, his scope of vision was very high, so how could the agent of a small star ever hope to be significant in his eyes?

Dai Hong’s expression had turned to one of shame, wasn’t this kind of thing known to everyone? Were there any lack of rules within the entertainment circle? Zhang Han was not an ignorant person, so why did he suddenly intervene? And even worded his sentence so sternly? Manager Dai looked towards Gu Yan and a ridiculous idea popped up, could it be that Zhang Han was standing up for Gu Yan?

He knew who Gu Yan was, but such a small-time star like Gu Yan was a dime a dozen in the company, but he could still faintly remember those who had a bit of backing, and it definitely did not include a person called Gu Yan!

“I’m afraid that there must have been a misunderstanding.”Manager Dai shot a glare at Zhu Huan Wei and tried to smooth things over,”Lao Zhu, give Assistant Director Zhang an explanation of what happened earlier, we would never throw our weight around.”

Even though Zhu Huan Wei was being very slow at this moment, he had still noticed that something was wrong. This young man was not Dai Hong’s relative, but Dai Hong’s superior was more like it! But thinking up to this point, a look of confusion popped up on his face. Even though Dai Hong was very rude to him, he still felt grateful, this was a chance for him to save himself. He quickly responded:”Yes, this is indeed a misunderstanding, it’s like this……”

“A lot of things have been happening with Gu Yan lately, uh, none of them were glorious matters, and his public opinion online is not very good. I was just advising him to take a break for a moment, but he’s young, filled with vigour, and unwilling to listen.”Zhu Huan Wei sighed,”I was also just feeling anxious earlier, but I did all this out of goodwill.”

Dai Hong had also recalled such matters after he had brought it up, but this was not really the case. Gu Yan was involved in quite a lot of scandals, even he had heard of some of them. And since such a thing did happen, he could finally breathe a sigh of relief in his heart. He turned back to Zhang Han:”Old Zhu’s tone is not very good, but he is a good man.”

“Is that so?”But Zhang Han did not take the cue, his face had turned even colder,”But some matters require the input of more than just a single person.”

Dai Hong finally showed a hint of surprise within his eyes, seems he won’t be keen on dropping the matter so easily!


Zhang Han turned to face Gu Yan and the arrogance on his face dissipated as he revealed a humble smile,”Mr. Gu, I did not expect to meet you here. Director Fu has had you in mind recently, and he says that he wish to visit when he is free to thank you personally.”

Zhu Huan Wei felt as if he had just been dumped with cold water and could barely respond. Instead, Dai Hong’s face was white as a sheet, and his surprise had already turned into amazement!

Zhang Han stood up for him not because Gu Yan was his friend, instead, Gu Yan was Fu Zhe Chuan’s friend!

If not for how absolutely unbelievable this conclusion was, he would have been able to come back to his senses just now. Zhang Han had always been a steady man, and the behaviour he displays when he is out represents Fu Zhe Chuan’s attitude. He would never do anything out of line just because he had the status, and for him to cut such a low figure in front of Gu Yan could only be due to Fu Zhe Chuan! These words couldn’t have been said just for Dai Hong to take note of, could it?

This was one of Director’s valued friends, you better watch yourselves!

thanks to syn and aca for live roasting me during the first hour or so of this translation lol

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