DBHW Chapter 6

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A cold draft of air rose up behind everyone’s backs. Nobody would ever have thought that they would be faced with such a hellish scene that looked straight out of hell.

Torn limbs filled the ground of the first floor lobby, and even the walls were stained with gore and minced gobs of flesh. Internal organs and heads littered the ground and a cut off arm was right by their feet, its fingers twisted into a strange position with their nails peeled back, seemingly suggesting that it had been torn off during its struggle on the ground……It was virtually impossible to tell how many bodies there actually were in the area.

One of the young men behind Jiang Hui suddenly ran out and retched at the wall, but nobody had any mind to mock him.

Song Yun Zheng had already expected this. He waited for everybody to come back to their senses before he said:”According to our preliminary calculations, there should be about a hundred or so hospital staffs and patients who were involved in this case. But due to the……special circumstances of the bodies at the scene, we are still in the process of finding the exact number.”

“Where are the culprits?”The look on Jiang Hui’s face was heavy.”What is the current status on them?”

A grave expression rose up on Song Yun Zheng’s face, and he hesitated for a moment before saying:”The culprit……Should be a single person.”

“A single person?”A slight change flickered in Jiang Hui’s countenance.

Song Yun Zheng nodded,”The policemen who were patrolling the nearby area heard some strange noises coming from here, so they came over to check……They fired their guns to stop the massacre of the culprit, but were killed instead. Two of them died on duty but one is still alive after hiding among the bodies, and he is the only surviving witness. If you want to hear more about the situation, then I think it’s better to hear it directly from him.”

Jiang Hui and his group followed Song Yun Zheng towards a room at the side. A young policeman sat with a blanket over him, his arms wrapped around himself, almost as if his thoughts were sinking into a horrifying scene. The sound of the door startled him, and only after seeing that it was Song Yun Zheng was he able to relax.

“Di, Director Zhong.”Said the young policeman in a quiet voice.

“It’s alright, don’t be so nervous.”Song Yun Zheng spoke to him in a gentle ton,”Can you tell us what happened again?”

The young policeman nodded, but he couldn’t stop himself from revealing a horrified look when he recalled what he had seen today. Slowly, he began to speak:”It was about four in the afternoon……We heard some screaming from inside the hospital, and there were even people running out, yelling monster, so I went with two other of my colleagues to check it out. We figured that we may have to face the culprit, so we all had guns.”

“At first, we didn’t come in contact with the culprit directly because we had come in from the side door, so we didn’t see the situation at the main entrance……”Speaking to this point, he paused and took a deep breath.

“We went over from the corridor at the side, and we could hear the sounds of people struggling in the hall, and calling for help, so we rushed in. And then, we saw a person……No, I don’t even think that thing can be considered human anymore. Even though he had clothes, and his body was just like that of a normal man, but……I could feel it at the first glance, that he’s a monster in human skin.”

“Both his arms were long and he had a hunched back, but his strength and speed was unbelievable. He could reach a distance of more than ten metres, and when he started running, all you could see were afterimages, and he could crush a person’s head with just a simple grab. When we were facing him, we were just lamb waiting to be slaughtered. He let those people go all so that he could tease them like despairing prey, and then he would kill them one by one, it was as simple as stepping on an ant, it was no longer just simple manslaughter, it was torture……I’ve never seen anything as terrifying as that……We pulled the trigger as soon as we saw him, but……”

“But it was completely useless. I clearly remember hitting him! But it didn’t stop him at all. But instead, it only attracted his attention.”

Speaking up to this point, the young policeman’s face paled,”One of my colleagues, he was killed in just the blink of an eye, he was torn into half while he was still alive……Both another of my colleagues and I turned and ran, but I heard a scream from behind me. I didn’t even have the courage to look back anymore……”

“I only knew to run for my life, and in the end, I hid myself under a pile of bodies. It was quiet, everyone was already dead. I heard him tearing apart a body and chewing on it, and I could even hear him crunch on the bones……”

“I don’t even know how I managed to survive, that was a monster, a monster……Ha ha, he must’ve known that I was hiding there, but we were just ants in front of him, he didn’t care at all.”

After hearing this, everyone had gone silent.

At this time, a young man who had entered behind them and had been silent since he entered started to speak. He had a clear voice and he spoke with a calm expression, as if everything that the policeman said did not even move him an inch. With his unevenly coloured eyes, he looked at the policeman,”Did you see his eyes?”

“He moves very fast, I couldn’t have a clear look of it.”The young policeman tried to recall,”Red, they should be red. I remember now, surrounded by those bodies covered in red, his eyes were the same shade as the blood. He looked just like a demon that crawled straight out of hell……”

The man nodded and stood back.

Jian Hui gave him a deep look before turning back to ask the young policeman,”Do you still remember what the culprit looks like? Can you describe it for us?”

“I’ll try……But I can’t remember too well……”

After several minutes, Jian Hui shut his notepad and put his pen back into his pocket,”Thank you for your cooperation.”And then, he turned to follow the young man out the door.

“Mr. Qin, did……you figure anything out?”Jiang Hui was half a step behind him and spoke in a very respectful tone. This made Song Yun Zheng who was by the side very surprised. He had thought he was just one of Jiang Hui’s subordinates, or maybe a guest he invited, after all, there were many strange people in their department. But when faced with the state apparatus, the strength of each of them were ultimately weak. With Jiang Hui’s status, the people who could elicit such a careful response for him were all powerful people. But this person…….He was someone who Song Yun Zheng had never seen before.

Qing Yao gave Jiang Hui a glance, but did not respond to his question. Instead, he asked Song Yun Zheng,”How many of such cases has there been here?”

Song Yun Zheng did not expect that he would suddenly speak to him, but he didn’t dare to dawdle, he quickly replied:”This is the first anything like this has happened.”

Qin Yao’s brows were knitted into a frown.

Jiang Hui suddenly pulled Song Yun Zhen over and whispered:”Give it another thought, Mr. Qin definitely has his reasons for asking. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same, what about the similar ones? For example those related to monster sightings, murders, and whatnot.”

Hearing the mention of murder, Song Yun Zheng was stunned for a moment and his face changed,”On that case, there really have been some.”

“A murder case popped up in the Donglin Community a few days ago, a male house owner murdered his own wife and desecrated the body, and till now, only a part of her body had been found……”Thinking about the idea of monsters eating humans, it only served to make his stomach churn,”Could it be done by the same person? And he even……he ate her……”

“It is not necessarily the very same one.”Qin Ming suddenly spoke.

Song Yun Zheng breathed a sigh of relief.

“But there is an eighty percent chance they are the same type.”

Oh my God! There’s more than one of this kind of monster?! Son Yun Zheng could only feel his sight dimming.

Jiang Hui was calmer about this, and he asked respectfully:”Do you think these cases were done by the same kind of thing? What is their goal? There has been a very long time since such an evil thing had happened, and the general population of supernatural beings have been suppressed since a while ago.”

Qin Yao shook his head and looked to the distance,”I’m not sure about it either, I’ll only know if I see it myself.”

At this time, a policeman suddenly came over and whispered something to Song Yun Zheng. A complex look surfaced from Song Yun Zheng’s face and he came forward to Jiang Hui and Qin Yao, saying:”I received some news just now, the body of the suspect in the Donglin Community murder case has been found.”

“Oh?”A hint of mystery flickered past Qin Yao’s eyes,”Where?”

“In another district, it’s quite far away so I’ll go arrange for a car now!”Song Yun Zheng made a prompt decision.

After more than an hour, a group of people stood in the dark and damp alleyway, and they saw a man lying next to the waste container. His expression was very serene and no wounds could be seen on his body. After a long autopsy by the forensics team, they finally concluded that he had died from a heart attack. Song Yun Zheng’s face had turned sour, they managed to get information on this man a while ago. He was young and strong, it had nothing to do with any heart related diseases at all! His incompetence made him feel slightly embarrassed.

He stole a peep over and found that Jiang Hui and Qin Yao’s attention were on the body, and they didn’t show any signs of wanting to mock him at all. Only then did he pick up his expression.

Taking advantage of when Qin Yao was busy with examining the body, Song Yun Zheng pulled Jiang Hui to the side and whispered:”Hey, Brother Jiang, tell me, who on earth is that Mr. Qin?”

“Him? I don’t know either.”Or so said Jiang Hui, but he continued:”But I know that he’s a person we can’t afford to offend.”

“Oh?”Song Yun Zheng was surprised. At first, he thought that Qin Yao was just a pampered rich kid from the capital, and that Jiang Hui was just showing him respect to give face to his family. When you’re standing on his position, why would you have to be afraid of a youngster?

Jiang Hui nodded,”If you don’t believe me, then let me tell you, do you know who brought him here? And do you know how much the person who brought him respected him? Even I don’t dare to think about it.”

A look of disbelief appeared on Song Yun Zheng’s face. Jiang Hui’s words……He really didn’t dare to think about it. Once again he looked towards Qin Yao’s back, and all he could feel was the tingle on his scalp……

“Could, could he be the son of that person……?”Song Yun Zheng pointed to the sky, but before he was able to finish the words, even he felt that it was laughable. Even if you ignore the rest, he shouldn’t be nicknamed Qin in that case either……

“What, you think I’d be afraid of that guy?”A look of disapproval flashed past Jiang Hui’s eyes, and then he continued seriously,”Mr. Qin is a man with real ability, don’t just judge him by his cover.”

“As for his identity, you shouldn’t ask what you shouldn’t know.”

As if to confirm the truth of his words, a sudden exclamation came from the front, and the two who were gossiping with each other turned their heads to look. Just as they did, they saw faint black fog appearing on the surface of the body, revolving around it, twisting around like some kind of poisonous snake……The policemen around him couldn’t help but step back in shock.

The black fog seemed as if it could not stray too far from the body, and after some twisting, it rushed towards Qin Yao who was the only one still standing in place! Jiang Hui could feel his heart jump from the sight, and just as he was about to rush over, all he saw was the dark fog turning into white mist with a sizzle as soon as it touched Qin Yao. Qin Yao was unperturbed. He reached out his hand and set it upon the chest of the body, and as if the corpse was pile of snow beneath the shining sunlight, it started to melt bit by bit until only a pile of clothes were left.

He stood up slowly and the look in his eyes were complex.

“What happened?”This was Song Yun Zheng’s question. The things he had seen today were completely outside the specs of what he knew of the world. As a person who had been receiving education on matter since a young age, he really couldn’t accept this reality.

“This person was possessed by a demon.”Said Qin Yao directly.

“A demon?”Son Yun Zheng’s mind was filled with confusion.

Qin Yao gave a faint nod,”Even though the demon is already dead, the body it possessed has already partially turned into a demonic being, there is still demonic energy that still lingers within. Normally, demonic energy is rejected by the bodies of human beings, and will dissipate when met with external force, it proves that it had been less than an hour since its death.”

Alright then, let’s just say that the matter with the black fog has been dealt with, so how in hell did the body disappear? But Song Yun Zheng knew to have tact and did not ask. But in truth, everything that had happened thus far had already well exceeded the scope of his understanding. He turned towards Jiang Hui with a look of pleading. Jiang Hui’s special investigation unit was the department that really specialized in all sorts of strange happenings, but now that he looked at him, he found that Jiang Hui was doing just as well as he was!

Jiang Hui looked like his soul had left his body and the blood was drained from his face,”You said it was a demon?”

“Yes, a demon from the demon world.”Said Qin Yao affirmatively.

If not for his knowledge of Qin Yao’s identity, Song Yun Zheng really wanted to call him a madman! What kind of nonsense is this! Even the demon world had been dragged out, this was too much! Have you never studied science in your childhood? Even though it had been said that there were a small number of people amongst the humans who had special powers, and there were even some in Jiang Hui’s special investigations unit. But there were also martial arts masters in the olden days, so it wasn’t completely incomprehensible.

But the demon world……This was simply something out of a fantasy novel! It was ridiculous!

But clearly, Jiang Hui did not think so. Even if he had never seen such a horrifying scene in his life, Jiang Hui who had never showed any signs of perturbance then had actually revealed a trace of fear and panic in his eyes.

“This……is a big matter, I will report this truthfully to the higher ups.”Jiang Hui’s voice was astringent.

Qin Yao gave him an indifferent glance, not showing any sense of approval or disapproval.

“Director Song, I’m afraid that these issues may continue in the near future, you have to be mentally prepared and strengthen your efforts to prevent them, try your best to reduce the casualties to a minimum.”Jiang Hui managed to recover and spoke seriously,”And also, you have to make sure to keep everything confidential as well, don’t let the reporters yap on about their nonsense to the public, and attracting unnecessary panic!”

Song Yun Zheng looked at Jiang Hui’s expression and breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. He smiled bitterly,”I know what to do.”

“I know you have a lot of questions right now, I will try to explain them to you next time.”Said Jiang Hui.

Qin Yao waited for them to finish their talk before he looked towards Song Yun Zheng,”If you find any traces of other demonic beings, please inform me as soon as possible, Jiang Hui has my contact information.”

“This……”Song Yun Zheng hesitated for a moment. Even though Qin Yao was a man of extraordinary status, he was still not his superior after all, how could he tell an outsider about these issues? But thinking back that Qin Yao probably somebody he could afford to offend, he looked towards Jiang Hui with a troubled expression.

But Jiang Hui said,”Just listen to Mr. Qin, I will send Mr. Qin’s contact information to you in a bit.”

Song Yun Zheng suddenly recalled the horrific scene in the hospital, and quickly replied:”Yes alright, well, thank you, Mr. Qin.”

It would not be very easy at all to deal with them if those all of those demons were as ferocious as this, if such major cases continue to happen in the future, then he really wouldn’t dare to put himself in an even worse situation! WIth this, Qin Yao would become his saviour instead! When he once again looked towards Qin Yao, his eyes were clearly filled with more enthusiasm than before.

Jiang Hui’s mood was very complicated at this time. A long history had been passed down to him from his master, and he knew of some secrets that others did not know. If the demons really were in this world……Just thinking about it made him even more anxious, and so he decided to return immediately. But just as he had taken a few steps, he suddenly stopped and revealed a doubtful look. He asked Qin Yao,”I just remembered, this demon……How did it die?”

Even a gun couldn’t kill such a horrifying creature, of course having a heart attack was even more impossible!

Finally, a slight change appeared in Qin Yao’s expression, and his eyes were focused,”That is what I wish to know as well.”


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