DBHW Chapter 5

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Xu Ming had been silent the whole trip, but he finally couldn’t hold it in anymore:”How did you get Director Zhang settled?”

“He was probably convinced by my charm.”


Xu Ming stepped his foot on the gas pedal and nearly hit the tail end of the car in front of them. He quickly slammed on the breaks, and at the end of it a traffic jam had started up again.

Gu Yan raised a brow, the traffic was so heavy at the front that you virtually could not see the end of it. The densely packed humans were just like a virus, filling up the city without end.

The demon world was vast and desolate, the lands were immersed in battle all year long and to be able to see a single demonic being in every hundred miles or so was still a rare sight. Even if there were several major cities, there had never been any congestions to speak of, much less such a thick grouping as you would be able to see from the humans. But remembering that they were all food and available in such rich abundance, Gu Yan was still satisfied.

Seeing that they would have to be stuck in hour for at least an hour or so, Xu Ming turned on the radio for entertainment. But even after switching over to several different stations, he still wasn’t able to find one that interested him.

Suddenly, Gu Yan said:”Wait, go back to the previous station.”

Xu Ming was stunned for a moment, and he turned the radio back to the earlier station. It was a local daily news channel, and a woman with a gentle voice was currently broadcasting the news.

“……In recent days, there have been many vicious killings happening in the city.”

“Since the disappearance of a young woman who had been found to have massacred a large number of domestic animals in Xiaoqiao Village three days go, another case appeared right after……”

“……A male resident from the Donglin Community had committed a cruel act of murder towards his own wife, desecrating and disposing of her body before he escaped and he is now at large.”


“……No progress has been made on these cases and the motives of the suspect’s crimes are still unclear. But according to investigations by the police, they have already ruled out that the crimes may be committed by the same person. Since the offenders of these cases have not been tracked down by the police as of yet, the police have warmly reminded the public to pay attention to their safety in the coming days. If you see any suspicious people, please call emergency hotlines at 110 promptly.”

“And following that, we have another piece of news……”

These idiots, don’t they know how to control themselves? Don’t they know that they will attract the attention of the humans this way? A faint coldness had appeared in Gu Yan’s eyes.

“Donglin Community is not far from us.”Xu Ming continued to listen,”We’ll have to be more careful when we go outside in the future, who knows what those deranged psychos will do. Not only are they murdering people, they’re even desecrating the corpses……They’re all crazy, the lot of them, they haven’t even been able to find the rest of that poor woman’s body……”

“They won’t be able to.”Said Gu Yan coldly.

“Why?”Xu Ming was surprised.

Of course, because it was eaten. Gu Yan shot a side glance at Xu Ming, he didn’t want to scare this pitiful human to death.

Fortunately, the traffic had slowly started to move, and so Xu Ming did not continue asking.

After two hours, they finally reached home. The property management had collected many packages for Gu Yan, they were all books and materials. These books and newspapers had been bought for Gu Yan with Xu Ming’s help.

Though it was way easier to open up the channel to the demon world from the human world, it still wasn’t an easy task. Just looking for a suitable area filled with magical power alone to build a magical array was no easy task, let alone preparing a sacrifice……If you wanted to complete all these without bringing any attention to yourself, you had to be familiar with the human world, but the brain of this idiot did not have what Gu Yan needed.

These books and newspapers were mainly related to military affairs, politics, and economy.

The military affairs magazines were mainly for him to get an idea of what weapons the humans had. Even though Gu Yan was very powerful, there were still weapons that could cause him harm now that his power had been suppressed by the space, and indeed some of the weapons that humans had were quite powerful. Take nuclear weapons for example, it was impossible to be used in these peaceful times so he didn’t have to worry too much. But he still had to avoid bombs, missiles, and the likes as much as possible. As for the rest of the common weapons……He hadn’t personally tried it himself after all, so he didn’t know how much his body could take. And even if he could, he still can’t underestimate the continuous attacks of the humans. This was also the main reason he chose to hide his identity and acting cautiously. If he were to accidentally land himself into the palms of humans……Now that’s the real joke.

To understand politics and economy were mainly to make life easier for him. If he couldn’t use violence, then at the very least, he could still find ways around it based on the rules of the humans.

Gu Yan looked through them very quickly, and he only needed to look through them once to imprint all the information into his mind.

All Xu Ming saw was Gu Yan playing around with the pages. The speed in which he flipped them were so fast that he didn’t even stop on each page for more than ten seconds……

As he had expected, this guy’s character was becoming weirder and weirder by each day. Normally, he wasn’t the studious type, but he didn’t know why he thought of reading books today, and in the end it was only to put up an act. But wasn’t this a bit too fake? You might as well just put them on the bookcase as decoration.

Gu Yan put down his book, and found that an hour had already passed without him realizing it.

After dinner, he waited until the sun set before heading out by himself.

The Donglin Community was not too far from t he place where he lived. It was a very simple little place, and those who lived there were generally people from the working class. After absorbing all of those memories in his mind, he had already a high familiarity with human society, and some of their tools was indeed very convenient. Gu Yan took out his phone and used the navigator to search for the location of the Donglin COmmunity, and then he started to walk over without hesitation. He didn’t have a big reputation, so he did not attract the attention of any passers-by with his sunglasses on. At most, a few of them would give him a glance for his good looks.

It didn’t take long for him to reach the Donglin Community, this was the most recent scene of crime that had been broadcasted in the news. The faint smell of demonic energy had yet to completely dissipate……Gu Yan’s expression did not change.

He walked towards the direction of the energy through the community, and out through the back door.

Gradually, the smell of demonic energy was getting clearer and clearer, and Gu Yan had already reached a remote path.

The old streets were filled with dilapidated houses which were out of place in this glamorous city. Many residents had already moved away so not many people lived here, and for several reasons this place had remained here without being pulled down.

One of the forks in the street were filled with garbage, the alleyway was dark and smelled dirty and disgusting.

But the dense smell of demonic energy was mixed within……

Gu Yan stood at the intersection. He raised an eyebrow in disdain and went in. His shiny leather shoes stepped onto the bluestone, producing a crisp noise.

At the innermost section of the alley, a man was currently looking through the trash can for something. As he combed through the trash, his heavy breathing could be heard that was reminiscent to that of an animal. He had ragged clothes that were still stained with blood and his entire body was dirty. And if you looked closely, you could see that he had long fingers with sharp nails at the end of them.

As soon as he heard the noise, he turned his head over vigilantly, revealing a terrifying face. Both his eyes were differently sized with yellow irides, and his mouth was nearly ripped through his entire cheek. Saliva flowed down from the corners of his mouth, and a sharp set of jagged teeth could be seen between the opening.

A fierce look emerged from his turbid eyes as he stared at Gu Yan. He let out a deep howl and seemed ready to pounce over at any time!

“Tsk tsk, how ugly……”Gu Yan looked at the ‘man’ in front of him indifferently,”Your disgusting smell is all over the place.”

The ‘man’ suddenly pounced towards Gu Yan! But before he was able to reach him, fear suddenly rose up from within his eyes while he was still in the air, and fell to the ground with the lack of momentum. Instantly, he retracted his claws and started to shiver in front of Gu Yan! That pure and terrifying dark demonic power was almost enough to twist the space……He was a powerful existence who was countless classes above him!

Gu Yan looked down at the shivering ‘man’ who lay by his feet, he can suppress such a low-tier monster just be releasing some of his aura.

“You’re lucky to be able to step over to the human world by tracing my steps.”A cruel smile emerged from Gu Yan’s lips,”But you’re not very good at seizing this great opportunity, luck won’t last forever.”

“Don’t……kill me……spare me……”The voice that came from the “man’s” throat was hoarse and ugly, seeming as if it had been transformed.

“You can’t even hold onto your human form anymore.”Gu Yan’s eyes were deep and cold,”You know nothing other than how to cause disaster, you’re going to be found and killed by the humans sooner or later……So tell me, how could I leave something like you by my side?”


Within the Lintan District of Haiyun City, a small private hospital had been sealed off since the afternoon, and dozens of police officers were controlling the situation at the scene. The director of the Haiyun Municipal Public Security Bureau, Song Yun Zheng himself had come personally to the scene. After seeing situation, he didn’t leave immediately after. Instead, he waited by the doorway with a dignified look.

Not long after, another group of people came.

These people were not dressed in police uniforms, but rather windbreakers and casual wear. If not for the solemn atmosphere, it wouldn’t have caught the attention of the passers-by on the street. Only the person who was walking at the very back couldn’t help but attract an extra glance from them. He wore a deep coloured Tang suit with cloth shoes, and his appearance was as perfect as a finely crafted masterpiece. He had a cold demeanor with indifferent eyes, and if you looked carefully, one of his eyes were of a lighter colour than the other, his left eye was as dark as the colour of ink, whilst his other was as light as amber. With the perfect blend of a youthful and handsome face and rugged charm on a single person……It almost felt like he was alien to the hustling and bustling of the world.

Son Yun Zheng walked quickly over extended his hands with enthusiasm to the middle-aged man who stood at the front of all the other passers-by:”General Jiang, I didn’t expect you to come over.”

The policemen at the side was curiously looking at the man up and down. As the head of the city bureau, Song Yun Zheng’s rank was not low. Normally, he always appeared serious and majestic, but at this moment, he had actually showed such a humble expression towards this ordinary middle-aged man, it seems he was not that ordinary after all.

Jiang Hui grinned,”I just happened to be around so I rushed over when I heard the news.”

“Thank god you’re here, otherwise I’m really not sure what I’m going to do.”Song Yun Zheng spoke full with emotion.

“You’re being too courteous, Director Song, what problem do we have here that’s giving even you a hard time? We’ve also just come by to help take a look at things.”Jiang Hui’s courtesies were also pouring out. Normally, their department wasn’t very welcome, but since everything they dealt with were strange and secretive cases that never saw the light of day, as well as how strict they were, people generally didn’t enjoy seeing them. Even though their statuses were high enough above the rest, normal people would also show them respect on the surface. But today, Song Yun Zhao had bowed very deeply, the enthusiasm leaking out from him was almost pouring out, the situation today was clearly very tricky so he had to ask them for help.

“Even though it’s quite embarrassing to say this, we’ve really been waiting for General Jiang to see if you have any ideas on this case today.”Song Yun Zheng showed a bitter face and spoke directly without any intentions of hiding anything.

“Let’s go in for a look first.”Jiang Hui’s speech had started to return to its usual dignified self. He understood what type of person Song Yun Zheng was, he could see that the situation was more serious than he expected that he would say such words.

“Alright.”After he was done talking, Song Yun Zheng took the lead and went in.

The guards watching over the place inside all had straight faces, and the atmosphere was very heavy. Entering through the door, there was a concrete plaza with some flower beds in the middle. However, many traces of blood were strewn across the ground. From where they were to the main hospital building, at least five bodies could be seen.

The door to the hospital outpatient building was firmly shut. Song Yun Zheng hesitated for a moment in front of the door, and turned back to say,”You should prepare yourselves.”

Jiang Hui was still all right but the few youngsters behind him were already frowning. In their hearts they complained that they were all people who had seen a lot, was there anything that could still shock them?

Song Yun Zheng gestured to the policeman at the door:”Open the door.”

Then, the door was slowly pushed open.

The scene of the inside was fully displayed in front of them.

The look on Jiang Hui’s face changed.

And as soon as the youngsters behind him had a clear look of it, their frowns were now stiffly stuck on their faces.


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