DBHW Chapter 3

Oops I completely forgot yesterday, but thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and kofi! Btw chapter title translations are now up in project page if, like me, you like to find some inkling of a spoiler but not too much


“Stop looking, he still has a breath left in him.”Gu Yan suddenly popped up behind Xu Ming and spoke with a slightly deep and husky voice. Within the night, his words were filled with a slight hint of coldness.

“When did you come over?”He gave Xu Ming a fright, doesn’t this guy make noise when he walks?

Gu Yan’s black eyes almost seemed to have sucked in all the light of the night,”You want to save him?”

Xu Ming nodded.

Gu Yan had not planned to come over, but the sight of that car suddenly made him recall some related information, and so he changed his mind. In the eyes of the original host, Fu Zhe Chuan was the kind of person who stood at the very top, and was born to be looked up to by people. He was only in his early thirties yet there was already a large business empire in his hands. Be it in popularity or wealth, his disparity with the original host was like the dirt and the clouds, they were nowhere near each other at all.

But his position had allowed Gu Yan to see some benefits in him——He was a human being who still had some worth.

Within the demon world, there was no trust to be spoken of between demonic beings. If anyone was ever in distress, they would either be split as food or completely ignored, the former for their survival, and the latter from caution. After all, even demonic beings would pretend to be injured as bait for prey.

Do not believe in anyone, for the sake of yourself, killing for survival was the way of the demon world.

However, the criteria for survival did not necessarily fit within human society.

Gu yan saw the nervous yet expectant look in Xu Ming’s eyes and smothered a laugh. Human emotions……were quite interesting. They were clearly weak and pitiful, and yet they still had so much sympathy left to spare.


“He’s lost too much blood, if this goes on, he may not be able to hold on till the ambulance arrives,”said Gu Yan as he looked at his little assistant.

“So what do we do?”Xu Ming’s face was pale, he had never seen a man die with his own eyes before.

“See if there’s a first aid kit or something we can use in the car.”replied Gu Yan.

Gu Yan’s calm expression was able to infect Xu Ming. Thinking about it, he quickly ran back to the car.

Gu Yan turned to look at the man within the car, the dim darkness of the night did not impede his vision at all. The man’s eyes were closed and his brows were scrunched up from the pain. There was barely any hint of colour on his pale face, a pair of golden rimmed glasses had fallen to the side while his body was dressed in a casual suit in dark gray with a simple white shirt beneath, scarlet blood had already stained the area around his abdomen.

His breathing was very shallow, almost as if it weren’t there at all. By his side, the pitter patter of what sounded like water could be heard.

Gu Yan had his left hand at the upper edge of the door as leverage, while he pulled the door opened with his right. Due to the deformation of the rim from the crash, the door was stuck and could barely move an inch. Just as he wondered how he could open the door ‘normally,’ a dangerous feeling suddenly rose up within him! Gu Yan’s eyes focused and he did not hesitate to grab the door. With a hefty pull, the heavy door had actually been torn down! Immediately after, his fingers had turned into claws and his nails had become sharp and pointed. As if slicing through tofu, he cut the seat belt. Losing its support, the man fell down. Gu Yan extended his hand directly to catch him and kicked hard with his legs, throwing the two of them backwards!

At the same time, a loud bang sounded from behind, and fire rose into the skies!


Gu Yan took the man and walked towards the dumbfounded Xu Ming indifferently.

“Just……Just now……”Xu Ming’s mouth was gaping in surprise and cold sweat was pouring down his forehead. Only now did he finally realize how horrifying the situation was. At first he thought it was just a normal car accident, but who knew it would actually explode? Weren’t those just things that happen in movies? Thinking about how he was still trying to walk over to them earlier, if he had been any earlier he may probably have been blown into smithereens.

“Did you find a first aid kit?”Gu Yan asked.

“No……”Xu Ming has now found that nothing in this world could possibly interrupt Gu Yan’s train of thought. The time had been too short earlier, he still had yet to find it when the explosion from behind had shaken him, who would still be able to remember the first aid kit……

However……Xu Ming suddenly grabbed Gu Yan and looked him left and right, only after checking him for a while could he finally breathe a sigh of relief. A remorseful expression emerged from his face,”Thank god you’re fine.”If it wasn’t for him, Gu Yan would never have gone over. If anything happened, he would never be able to forgive himself!

Gu Yan was confused for a moment before he finally understood that Xu Ming was worrying about him. He sneered, and in his heart he told himself, would I still need the worry of weak and puny humans like you?

But Xu Ming thought that Gu Yan was angry instead, and felt even more embarrassed, he didn’t know what he should do.

Gu Yan walked over to an open space at the side and put the man down. A large patch of blood was present on the man’s abdomen, and fresh blood was gushing out still. This seems to be his main injury, and if this goes on, he may not be able to hold on till the ambulance arrives. Gu Yan thought about it, and extended a hand to press on the man’s abdomen. In just a short moment, the bleeding was stopped.

He had already saved him so what happens next was none of his problem anymore. Gu Yan took his hand back and just as he was about to leave, the man on the ground suddenly opened his eyes.

Gu Yan’s eyes had turned sharp, and a flash of killing intent burst forth from his eyes. He was awake? Does that mean he had seen what he did?

However, with unfocused eyes, that man had only taken a look at Gu Yan before closing his eyes once again, and fell unconscious. Hsi chest was undulating faintly, he may have just woken up temporarily from shock. The coldness in Gu Yan’s eyes gradually faded, and he walked away.


Xu Ming wasn’t able to find a first aid kid, but fortunately, the ambulance arrived very soon after. A very well dressed young man had also come with. He watcher nervously as Fu Zhe Chuan was sent to the ambulance before coming towards Gu Yan. He said:”Nice to meet you, I am President Fu’s assistant, Zhang Han, thank you very much for your help. Please be sure to leave your contact information so that we can contact you!”

“Give him by business card,”said Gu Yan.

Zhang Han took the business card and thanked him many times before leaving together with the ambulance.

In his perturbation, Xu Ming looked towards Gu Yan and asked cautiously:”Are we……still going there now?”

“Of course.”Gu Yan shot him a glance.

There were no more complaints this time when Xu Ming drove, he had just had a run in with death so his mood had yet to recover. Moreover, he felt very embarrassed towards how ‘wrong’ he was about Gu Yan’s cold-bloodedness, he had to work harder now.

Everything went smoothly after that, and they quickly reached their destination.

Xu Ming pointed towards a river at the front,”A couple who was passing by on that day found you here and saved you. Do you still remember what happened?”

Gu Yan ignored him. He closed his eyes and stood there without moving.

There were no trace of fluctuations in the space, and there wasn’t any hint of demonic energy either. It seems he had come over for nothing, the crack in space had already merged back by itself, even the demonic energy was gone now after several days had passed. But this did not exceed his expectations, they’ve been preparing for more than a thousand years, and finally the leader of the demon world himself had personally made his move, it took a gigantic amount of effort before he was finally able to get through that gap in space——And that gap had also just been a temporary one. The space that connected the two worlds had the ability to recover itself automatically, it was unlikely for a crack to stay forever.

But fortunately, we have already passed over. The thought caused a smile to appear on Gu Yan’s lips.

Trying to connect the two worlds from the demon world was almost as hard as climbing into heaven, but this was a way simpler process in the human world.


“Let’s go back.”Gu Yan had already made us of this, and so there was no need for them to stay any longer.

But as soon as he turned around, he found that Xu Ming was looking at him with a strange look. There was worry, complication, nervousness, there were all kinds of emotions in his eyes.

Gu Yan thought about it, and said something which was rare for him:”I didn’t kill myself, don’t think too much about it.”

The last memory the original host had was that he had been pushed from the back into the water, as well as the despairing struggle in the darkness. He could still feel that strong desire to live lingering, so it was not possible for it to be a suicide.

Hearing his admission coming from his own mouth, Xu Ming could finally feel some relief and he was able to speak easier,”I knew that wasn’t true, it had to be an accident. Those damned reporters, they don’t care about the truth, all they care about is fanning the flames and watching things blow up, talking trash all day long.”

“Slander? Then just sue them,”said Gu Yan casually.


What is going on? There was nothing wrong with anything Gu Yan had said, but why did it feel so strange to Xu Ming?

Have you figured out your own status? Is it really fine to be so domineering like that? Don’t you know those reporters and the media could force a small-time star like you to the edge at any minute?!


Early the next morning, the golden sunlight was shining in through the window, leaving a faint warmth as it shone on Gu Yan’s face as he woke up in his soft bed.

Though he had come to the human world for quite a few days, opening his eyes to this bright world still didn’t feel real. This place was not at all like the demon world, it was rich and beautiful, it really tempted one to want to take it all for themselves……

He walked down the stairs and saw the breakfast Xu Ming had finished preparing for him, it was a simple meal of bread and coffee.


After breakfast, Gu Yan changed into a new set of clothes and told Xu Ming:”Prepare the carriage.”

“The car? Where are you going?”Asked Xu Ming in surprise. As for Gu Yan’s strange choice of wording……He chose to ignore it selectively……

Gu Yan looked down at him,”Isn’t the audition day?”

“But it’s been canceled!”Xu Ming found that he really couldn’t keep up with Gu Yan’s train of thought!

“Are you questioning my decision?”Gu Yan looked at Xu Ming with cold eyes.

Subconsciously, a chill ran down Xu Ming’s spine,”I, I’ll prepare it right now!”

Only after he had gotten downstairs did he finally came back to his senses, he had actually agreed to Gu Yan’s nonsense just like that! And earlier……And what on earth was that strange urge to reply to him with ‘yes sire’ just now, hey!

Ah whatever, who knows how long he still has to keep up with this job……


Though Xu Ming was complaining in his heart, he had still driven him to the hotel where the crew was located.

This was an emotional urban drama but it didn’t have any top celebrities in it worth speaking of. Both the male and female lead actors were pretty faces that were new in the scene, but at the very least they were more popular than Gu Yan, they could still be considered second-rate celebrities. For them to invite Gu Yan for the audition of the third supporting character wasn’t an insult——It was what he should be getting.

Right now, Gu Yan was notorious for his bad reputation, there were probably no crews that were willing to accept him now.

Xu Ming followed right behind Gu Yan and braced himself as he walked forward. He could almost see the two of them getting kicked out the front door.

Thinking back to what happened last night, he thought to himself that perhaps Gu Yan was feeling too rushed about this. If they waited a few days for Fu Zhe Chuan to recover, it wouldn’t be too much to ask him for some help, right? Would he still be unable to receive the TV series project then? There was clearly a golden thigh he could hold on to, but he had to choose to run his head against the wall himself!


Xu Ming toughened himself up and knocked on the door.

A young girl poked her head out and looked at them in confusion,”You are?”

“Hello, can we please trouble you to tell Director Zhang that we’re here for the audition?”Said Xu Ming with a smile.

The girl mulled over it for a moment,”But our audition just ended, everyone should’ve been here already, ah……I remember now, you’re Gu Yan,”said she as she pointed towards Gu Yan.

“That’s right, please tell Director Zhang……”

The girl interrupted Xu Ming with a straight face,”I’m sorry, our audition has already ended, please go back.”

And she closed the door as soon as she was done talking.

“Hold on!”Xu ming caught the door.

“Let go!”The girl was furious, but her strength couldn’t compare to the man, she wasn’t able to force the door close.


“What’s wrong, Xiao Xu?”

The person who spoke walked over, he was a middle-aged man wearing a beret, and a pair of tinted glasses with a face filled with stubble.

Xu Ming’s eyes lit up and he quickly said:”Director Zhang, Director Zhang, we’re here for the audition!”

As soon as Director Zhang saw Gu Yan, his face sank instantly,”I seem to already have notified your company that he’s not suitable for this drama, tell him not to come anymore.”

Xu Ming’s face turned pale as he turned his head to look at Gu Yan helplessly, now you know why this won’t work out, right? I’ve already tried my best.


Gu Yan finally opened his mouth,”So you’re Director Zhang.”

“I am, please return.”The way Director Zhang spoke was extremely discourteous, you could tell that a small-time star like him had never been put into his consideration at all.

“Do you call the shots here?”Gu Yan once again spoke with a calm expression.

“What do you mean? I’ve already said you’re not suited for the role, don’t waste our time.”Director Zhang continued impatiently,”I have nothing to say to you.”

“I understand, can I have a private chat with you?”Gu Yan looked straight into Director Zhang’s eyes,”It won’t take too much of your time.”

Director Zhang sneered, and just as he was about to get someone to kick out this yapping small-time star out, his mind had turned blank as soon as he looked into Gu Yan’s black eyes. Following Gu Yan’s words, he suddenly said:”Oh, alright……Let’s go to the other side.”

After speaking, he walked straight towards the room near the deeper end of the corridor.

Director Zhang walked into the room and his eyes were still dazed, and his voice was stiff,”What do you want to talk to me about?”

Gu Yan closed the door and took a seat on the sofa, then he took out a recorder from his coat and put it down on the table. With a smile, he spoke with a deep voice,”Oh, let’s just talk about your least favourite topic.”


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