DBHW Chapter 2

Took me long enough, I know lol my schedule is still a bit packed this week but I’ll try my best to get everything done.


Xu Ming sat by the side and watched as Gu Yan put down his chopsticks before wiping the corners of his mouth in a slow and elegant motion.

Surprisingly, this guy did not complain that the omelette fried rice he made was too crude and simple, and he ate it all up without wasting any. Besides that, he even kept his calm and composure, it even worried him a little to see that he did not make a fuss after he had woken up. Logically……His personality may have turned good. But for some reason, he felt instead a deep pressure he had never felt before when he faced Gu Yan.

And as for what came after, he really didn’t know how he should bring it up.


Food in the human world really was delicious……It had been nearly a thousand years since he had last tasted anything besides the taste of fresh blood in the desolate and barren demon world.

Gu Yan’s eyes trailed slightly upwards and he took the sight of Xu Ming’s eyes into the depths his own.

In these few days, he had gradually begun to get accustomed to this body, and the memories of its original owner was starting to come to him. As long as he was faced with a person or something he knew, he would automatically recall the memories concerning them. As he looked at the young man in front of him at this moment, some new concerning Xu Ming had popped up in his mind——A noisy assistant as annoying as a mother-in-law.

But though to him, this person did seem to ramble, he was a responsible man who did things with care, not at all as useless as the owner thought.

Gu Yan smiled,”Is there something you want to talk to me about?”


Abruptly, Xu Ming was brought back to his senses, and he hesitated for a moment,”Well, there is something……”

In silence, Gu Yan looked at him.

“The audition you’ve recently received for that TV series has been cancelled.”He had to know sooner or later anyway, and Xu Ming had already thought this through. He simply said:”The company has also cancelled all your announcements, and there’s no saying how we’re going to deal with this public relations crisis, I still haven’t figured it out till now. With how things are……I’m afraid they’re trying to bury you in the snow.”

At first, he had never planned to enunciate that last part so clearly, but thinking back to Gu Yan’s recent abnormalities, he may not understand if he didn’t make it clear.

Xu Ming was not at all surprised with this end, after all Gu Yan was at most a third-rate star with so many scandals flying out in quick succession, it wasn’t strange for him to be buried. As for being forced out——He still wasn’t qualified enough.

He just never expected that Gu Yan would be so calm, there was no hint of indignation or dissatisfaction on his countenance at all.

Xu Ming breathed a sigh of relief.


Gu Yan knew that the occupation of the original host was an actor, if these were the ancient times, a play would be just the same, it was nothing but a simple game at best. But with the current society, an actor or celebrity is still someone with a certain social status. As a public figure, it was obvious that their reputation would be very important, but the reputation of the original host was simply miserable, it seems he won’t be able to stick around in this circle any longer.

Gu Yan did not care about this at all. Strictly speaking, he cared not about any of human society’s rules.

As long as the channels between the human world and the demon world were completely opened up, the only fate those puny humans can get is to be enslaved when faced with the powerful demon army. Simply speaking, humans were merely food for them, their existence were no different from cattle……Though the pressure of the void had forced him to temporarily borrow the use of a human’s body to remain in the human world, he still did not consider himself a member of food.

Therefore, Xu Ming’s matters of unease were nothing to him.

THe only problem was that his power was now suppressed, so for the sake of the demon world’s successful invasion, he did not intend to confront the entire human race by himself before the complete opening of the channels. No matter how weak his opponents were, they should not be taken lightly before he had succeeded completely. And so, his identity at this moment still came with some use to him.

And so, the troubles of this body meant his own.


“But you don’t have to worry too much, maybe heaven is kind enough not to put you at a dead end……”comforted Xu Ming.

“So, what do you think I should do now?”Gu Yan’s faintly narrowed eyes were suddenly opened.

Have a good rest and wait with a peaceful mind……Such perfunctory words had almost been blurted out from his mouth, but he had somehow swallowed the words back down his throat when his eyes met Gu Yan’s. Xu Ming pondered over it seriously:”We should hold a press conference for a public apology, and try our best to control any further developments of the situation.”

“Apologize?”Gu Yan frowned. Would humans apologize to pigs? How could he ever apologize to the humans?

“Yes, in fact, the only things you can’t slip out of are the ones they have evidence of, acting big and hiring prostitutes. And for this kind of thing……It’s actually quite common in the circle, you just happened to be unlucky and got caught with pictures. As long as you give a sincere apology and perform well, there’s no reason you can’t receive the public’s understanding……”

“Impossible.”Gu Yan interrupted Xu Ming’s words coldly.

Xu Ming nearly bit his own tongue. He just knew that this person’s character would not change! It was just a mental lapse that gave him the idea that he actually wanted his advice! To think that he actually used his leftover sympathy on this bastard!


“What else can I do besides apologize.”Gu yan turned to look indifferently towards Xu Ming.

Xu Ming did not have the mood to humour him:”I’ve already said it earlier, all your announcements have been cancelled, what else do you think you can do?”

A dangerous look emerged in Gu Yan’s eyes. If this body was useless……Why not leave after a good meal? Though the food from earlier was superb, it can barely match with the wonderful taste of fresh human flesh……To not eat despite faced with such delicacies, it really required great restraint in the face of such a huge temptation.

However……It wasn’t time for it yet. It would be silly to throw everything aside and match against the power of the humans, and it would also be extremely unfavourable to his subsequent actions.

To be a celebrity——A public figure with a status, there was no better disguise than this.

He should make good use of this.


“What was that audition you were talking about?”Gu Yan crossed his arms across his chest and spoke leisurely.

Xu Ming did not realize that he had just walked past the gates of hell,”Following the original plans, you were supposed to visit the crew tomorrow for the auditions. Ah……”He smiled bitterly,”This was picked up for you with much difficulty by the company, and you were still unhappy about taking on such a small supporting role, now there’s no use even thinking about getting a supporting role.”

Gu Yan thought about it a little, and the memory came to mind, it was an emotional urban drama. Since the popularity of the original host was limited, he was only able to win over the role of the third supporting male character, and it was even a negative supporting male character who was unlikable. For this, the original host had made a lot of fuss in the past. But actually, for the host who has never even played in a TV series with not many projects under his belt, this chance was hard to come by.

“Got it.”Gu Yan was not interested in figuring the inner workings of food, all he knew was what he should be doing.

“What did you get?”Xu Ming looked at him blankly.

The corners of Gu Yan’s lips were raised into a smile,”It’s nothing, I’m going out for a bit.”

“Where are you going?”

“To where I fell, do you know where it is?”



When something happened to Gu Yan, Xu Ming wasn’t present at the scene. But as far as he knew, Gu Yan had been preparing to attend a private party at that time, and seeing how eager he was, he would never think that he was going to commit suicide. Moreover, Xu Ming didn’t believe he had the courage to do it at all, he feels that this may just have been an accident. But he did not know how news of Gu Yan’s fall had leaked out, and with the overwhelming speculations of his suicide on the net, this was simply forcing a man to die.

Hearing Gu Yan’s mention of the topic now, Xu Ming suddenly became nervous. He carefully pried:”Why……do you want to go there?”

“Just worry about taking me there.”said Gu Yan without any hint of his voice as he gave him a nonchalant glance.

“……”Xu Ming.

As he expected, this man was just as abominable as he had been in the past……No, even more so now.

Silently, Xu Ming drove with a complicated mood.

Gu Yan was completely oblivious to the inner thoughts of his little assistant. He was seated firmly at the back, watching the sweeping scenery as it scrolled past.

This was the second time he had gotten on such a transportation tool. It was truly quite marvelous that humans were able to create such a thing, the speed was already comparably faster than the flying speeds of a low-tier demonic being. And within his memories, the humans of this generation were even in possession of all sorts of powerful weapons. Though he despised human beings at heart, he would not be careless. Even ants could topple a tree, the real joke would be if he accidentally fell into the hands of the humans. The power that could burst forth from this weak and puny race at the times of danger was still hard to imagine……

The river that he had fallen into was in a remote location, but it didn’t take long for the car to drive out of the city center. Slowly, lesser and lesser people could be seen around the area, and even the presence of a car was rare.


Before them was a bend, and Gu Yan suddenly called out coldly:”Stop the car!”

With his conditioned reflexes, Xu Ming’s foot slammed down on the brakes and the painful screech of friction on rubber sounded out as the car gradually slowed to a stop by the turn. What the hell! Xu Ming raised his head angrily but he was stunned as soon as he saw what was in front of him. Cold sweat poured down his forehead.

A large truck was stopped horizontally at the center of the road. The front of the car was wrecked to bits while another black sedan was knocked straight out of the guard rails. Wreckage littered the ground——This was the scene of a car accident.

It it wasn’t for Gu Yan’s earlier reminder, perhaps they may already have crashed into that truck in the middle of the road.

“How, how did you know that?”Xu Ming turned to look towards Gu Yan, and a tingle ran through his scalp. Even as the driver, he did not notice it at all, so how was it possible for Gu Yan to know?

Gu Yan raised his brow slightly,”Is the road blocked?”


“Then go by a different route.”Gu Yan leaned lazily back on his seat, and it seemed as if the accident in front of them did not exist to him at all.

“How can we leave just like that!”Gu Yan’s eyes showed that he was impervious to reason as he looked at Gu Yan. His question morphed into anger and disbelief, and he opened the door, left the car, and walked over!

He had just left Gu Yan high and dry where he was.

Seems he may have to learn to drive soon. Gu Yan narrowed his eyes, he could not understand why humans had so much sympathy to spare.

In the demon world, it was useless to even mention strangers giving out a helping hand, their next direct line of action after meeting an unfamiliar being would always be to kill. Only slaughter and doubt existed in that place——And it was all for their survival and food sufficiency.


Xu Ming dialed 120 as he walked towards the truck, and his breath was taken by surprise.

The lower parts of the front was almost caved into the depression, it can be seen that the crash had happened while the cars were driving at a high speed, and yet he did not even see the slightest shadow of the driver. Meanwhile, the black car that had been knocked out of the road had been flipped over completely. Under such circumstances, the smaller car would usually suffer higher losses. Since it was night at this time, his line of sight was not very good, but Xu Ming was still able to have a clear look at the number plate of the black sedan. Instantly. his eyes widened in shock.

云A 99999, for god’s sake, this was simply blinding!

But it wasn’t only the number plate that Xu Ming was shocked about, it was because he knew who the owner of the car was.

Not only was he the richest man in Haiyun City, he was also within the top ten richest in all of C Country, he was also the only man in that list who was under 40 and umnarried……With his looks, wealth, and ability both locally and abroad, he can easily take down all varieties of rich and handsome men.

And why was Xu Ming so clear about this? Because though this person was not part of the entertainment circle, his reputation was not lower than any superstar. He was the dream man of many young girls, and the financial magazines he appear in were also as popular as entertainment magazines……Of course, he was also a target of envy and hate for men alike.

But, for him to actually get into an accident……

This would probably make the headlines tomorrow, wouldn’t it?

Speaking of which……Did he die or not?

A large change came upon Xu Ming’s expression as he quickly ran over.

There was a man sitting in the driver’s seat, and the person was hung by the seatbelt because the car had been flipped over. With no movements at all, the only thing visible in the shadows was the handsome curvature of his profile……

the 云A in the car plate number signifies where the car is registered, normally this would be Kunming, Yunnan(with 云B/C/D being different parts of Yunnan), but as real places in novels would possibly bring trouble to the writers, this is the registry number for Haiyun City. I’ve kept this untranslated as they are accurate depictions of Chinese car plate registry numbers, and also it’s well, a car plate.

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