RWSB Chapter 136


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After Tian Jia Hui had been thrown underground by Hong Rui, he had been wanting to escape. He kept himself low-profile as he walked among the crowd, and slowly he found that several people may be able to take him away.

One of them was a man aged about thirty who was tall and handsome like a jade tree, he had an elegant demeanour and he clearly stood out amongst the common rabble with his unparalleled temperament. He would only come once or twice a month with several of his subordinates. The bodyguards in the casino were very respectful towards that person, and to be able to make Hong Rui’s men lower their heads, he must be some amazing and great character. Tian Jia Hui paid a lot of attention to that person, perhaps he may get a chance.

And why did he choose him?

Because when it came to the other ones who received respect, they were either too cold or too arrogant, if not then they would either be too old or beer-bellied men, they were simply unsightly. Even if Tian Jia Hui could do it with a man, it had to be with someone passable in appearance, what was he going to do if he threw up? He carefully came close to him, reserving his resolution, and quietly attracted the man’s attention.

He succeeded, the man liked the Tian Jia Hui who was neither overbearing nor servile, yet a little arrogant at the same time, he knew that he was a rich kid who had been thrown in here because he had offended someone so he was very clean, completely different from a high quality whore. Decisively he brought him out overnight, and after finding out Hong Rui did not stop him either, because that man’s status was too high, there was no need to offend him, it was easier for them to meet up in the future if he did him a favour.

Tian Jia Hui drank a lot that night, and he was lying obediently with no strength left in him on the bed, then he had been pampered by the hot muscular man.

Everything was going smoothly, Tian Jia Hui closed his eyes and told himself that everything will pass if he just endured it for a bit, then he would slowly get him to hate him, then he will be able to break off from him.

But when he woke up in his manor and found that the man was so unbelievably rich, he changed immediately.

He had ridiculed Wang Cong before this, telling him that he showed little understanding of the current times. To be able to gain Hong Rui’s favour meant he had been praying very hard his past life, and now not only did he not cherish it, but still made a fuss, and now look how he ended up? Since he didn’t stay with the incomparably handsome Hong Rui, he had become a male prostitute for thousands to use, would Wang Cong feel any regret in his heart now? Tian Jia Hui didn’t want to know, all he understood was that his chance was here.

The man pampered him a lot, he helped him with the admission procedures for school, and found tutors for him to make up for his classes so that he could live his days as a man among men. Tian Jia Hui took a fancy to a sports car, and out of pity that he was still too young and couldn’t drive it, the man bought him a five-storey hotel as a birthday present. Tian Jia Hui was having the time of his life, if the man didn’t agree to any of his wishes, he just had to pretend to be angry and he would be able to get them.

Slowly, he started to become unhappy, because Tian Jia Hui heard other people call him a pet.

The man explained that they were lovers, but Tian Jia Hui wasn’t having it, so the man caught all the people who had been running their mouths, punishing them severely.

Not long after, Tian Jia Hui was once again unsatisfied. He was also a man, why was everyone always calling him a gigolo? He was unhappy and ran out to a bar in the middle of the night to buy alcohol. And in the end he sat on the roadside, looking down at the ground dejectedly. A friend came over and sat next to him, patting Tian Jia Hui on the shoulder:”Brother, what’s wrong now?”

“I’m not a bottom……”

“Come now, brother, you have everything now, and a man who loves you so much, you had so much power, look on the brighter side.”

“Can he be compared with a woman?”

The young man was silent for a moment before responding:”Everyone has a different life, in the right place and the right time, if you meet the right one for you then you should just stay with him whether he was male or female. Brother, just take a look at those tramps, those white-collar workers who are rushing around in life, how hard it is to live when you had to pay attention to all the people around you. All you had to do was stay docile and you can live like royalty, why bother beating yourself up over it?”

“You won’t understand.”

“Well would you believe me if I said that there are thousands waiting to take your place?”The young man patted Tian Jia Hui’s shoulder again:”It’s not easy being a man, what about this, ask him to bottom for you, he will definitely agree if he loves you.”

Tian Jia Hui’s eyes brightened up, and he quickly left after thanking him. The young man’s once smiling face had now turned ashen. He couldn’t receive his love, so at least he should help him find happiness. With trembling hands, he sent out a text: Mission completed successfully.

The tall man stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. Seeing the light of a car appear in the yard, he corner of his determined lips into a smile.

Tian Jia Hui was even more frustrated tonight, he returned in excitement making a big fuss about wanting to be on top, and the man agreed after a moment of silence. Great! Then Tian Jia Hui Tian Jia Hui felt very disappointed in himself, he actually wasn’t able to get hard to the sight of a man’s naked body. Even when he entered, the insides of a man was too tight so it made his rod hurt a lot, and he was traumatized from this now. After that session, he had become even more sad.

But the tall man was very happy, the thought that they finally had marital harmony, so it was worth sacrificing anything. But Tian Jia Hui later secretly went out behind his back to meet a pretty girl. As if he had gone crazy, he seized Tian Jia Hui, pulling him back home, and kneeling down to propose to him. Tian Jia Hui was shocked. He slapped him and said that he was delusional, even telling him to fuck off. The man was the emperor of the dark night and had never been hit before, let alone being scolded by anyone.

The man whose veins jumped in anger loved Tian Jia Hui too much, and didn’t want to hurt him because of his rage, then their relationship would never be able to recover in the future. And so he left the house in a huff, and as a result of that he was met with a large car in the middle of the night who had lost control, dying on the spot in the crash. At that time, there were four of his bodyguard’s cars following, but what use was there? In the face of a large car that was rushing to him head on, there was no space for the Lincoln to even escape to, it was useless even if the bodyguard drove their car between them, throwing their lives away, that car was too powerful.

Not even in Tian Jia Hui’s dreams would he have expected that even heaven had an expiry date.

His businesses had been taken away, and he had been driven out of the man’s manor. He had now become homeless, and the people who had come to him for help in the past even felt that he hadn’t tried hard enough now, and didn’t extend a hand to help when they saw him in this state, they even went around telling people about how he was a man’s pet, making it so that the Tian family was unable to show their face in public, and threateningly they said that they did not want him as their son anymore, cutting their relationship with Tian Jia Hui.

Tian Jia Hui who had nowhere else to go sat by the roadside, looking down at the ground dejectedly, there was still someone in this world who was willing to take him in, how nice.

The young man patted Tian Jia Hui’s shoulder:”This is life, brother, it’s not your fault.”

“No, it’s my fault, I should not have argued with him, I shouldn’t have told him to fuck off……He would’ve been fine if I hadn’t,”he bawled.

“What did you say?”The young man’s face turned white as a sheet, he couldn’t believe his ears:”If that’s true, then how are you……Still alive……His subordinates wouldn’t let you go.”

“I don’t like how those servants and bodyguards looked at me, so we were the only two in the villa, nobody knows what happened, I’m so……Ah……”

Tian Jia Hui looked incredulously at his chest, there was a knife sticking through it and the red had dyed his white shirt. The young man stumbled, and ran off laughing like a madman.

Tian Jia Hui had been sent to the hospital to receive treatment, and after he finally woke up after being unconscious for a day, he knew that he didn’t have much time left. Tian Jia Hui requested to be transferred to a hospital in the capital, and his parents still had some humanity in them, spending five hundred thousand on him. Before that man died, he had ordered a ring from the most famous jewelry store in the capital. He had wanted to get married to him, and Tian Jia Hui knew, he wanted to go and get it.

How sad it was, only now did he realize he had fallen in love with him……

When he arrived at the capital, his injuries had become even more serious. He could barely move and couldn’t even open his mouth, how was he going to ask someone for help to get that ring for him?

Right at this time, Shu Ning entered the room. He looked very indifferently at Tian Jia Hui’s gaunt and ashen face.

“Wu……wu……wu……”Please help me~

Shu Ning looked quietly at Tian Jia Hui’s powerless struggling, and did not have any intentions of opening his mouth. Hong Rui came in behind him, he had been notified by Shu Ning:”And here I thought he was flying high, he brought himself to his death in the end, even God dares not to leave him alive.”

“Yeah, he wouldn’t have died if he didn’t bring trouble upon himself.”

“Though I wonder why he came to the capital,”Hong Rui looked at his watch, and he smiled wickedly:”Wang Cong’s going to have a performance tonight, do you want to go?”


The nurse came in and was slightly stunned when she saw the two handsome men:”You two are the first to visit him, he seems to have some wishes still yet to be fulfilled, if you can, you should help him out, he only has a few days left.”

Hong Rui took two steps forward and looked at Tian Jia Hui without any good intentions:”Well, do you have any last wishes? Let’s hear them.”

“Wu wu……wu……”His eyes were filled with eagerness, but he wasn’t able to speak.

The nurse sighed, though she was used to watching people at their deathbeds, she still felt rather disconsolate:”If he hadn’t transferred over, he may have been able to live longer.”

“Can you give him surgery?”asked Shu Ning coldly.

“There’s nothing we can do.”

Hong Rui shot a suspicious glance over to Shu Ning, how nice of him, but that’s impossible, right? He just wanted to watch him die a slow death in agony, right? How evil.

Seeing that Tian Jia Hui was not living to his fullest, Shu Ning could finally relax. He turned to leave and naturally, Hong Rui followed. The nurse came running out to catch up to them:”Can you leave me your contact information? The ones that were able to go through are all cut off now.”

“It shows that he should die,”Shu Ning had only left that single sentence, and the nurse was stunned for a long time.

He spoke harsh words, but they weren’t untrue, if Tian Jia Hui’s had value to his person, then how would nobody be there for him on his deathbed? Even his parents did not show up.

Getting on the car, Hong Rui took a sip of water and even forgot to mock Shu Ning:”What beef do you have with him? Why don’t i get him out of there so you can vent however you like with him?”

“What is Wang Cong performing tonight?”

Hong Rui wasn’t someone who would get to the bottom of a question, so he responded:”What else? Naturally it was a performance to seduce people. Hey, little buddy Shu, don’t tell me you don’t dare to look at a teasing man? Do you?”

And what did Hong Rui look at me like that for? If he had a request, then he would satisfy him, it wasn’t that Shu Ning had never doubted it, but he wouldn’t put in any effort even if he thought you were alright. Shu Ning smiled but his gaze was very deep:”Sure, at the risk of my life, sir.”Both Shu Heng’s father and grandfather were famous people, perhaps Hong Rui knew something and like Szeto Dong, had come to butter up to him so that they could look good in front of Shu Heng in the future. Whether that was true or not, he would know once he tried, he can’t just make friends with a wolf like a fool, right?

After lunch, the two went their own way, Shu Ning had a lot of work to do so he couldn’t go for the show. Pang Qian was waiting by the doorway of the company dressed in a prim suit, there were even two secretaries following behind him. After the car arrived, he immediately came over to open the door and greet him, helping Shu Ning down the car. And Shu Ning didn’t refuse him either, Pang Qian had always been very respectful to him, and very grateful, that he knew.

This building was newly built, it was shiny like crystals and very majestic, it was the tallest building in the neighbourhood, just like some kind of sign.

By the time he was done looking around, the sky had already started to turn dark. Hong Rui’s car had stopped right downstairs in wait of Shu Ning, and Pang Qian wanted to follow him out of worry, but Qin Ming just so happened to rush over. This instead served to surprise Shu Ning:”Why are you here?”

“Boss, you’ve been staying in C City, not meeting anyone, and of course I’m going to come see you now that you’re finally back,”Qin Ming brought three people over with two suitcases, there was probably something inside they wanted to show Shu Ning.

“Is it urgent?”Qin Ming shook his head when Shu Ning asked, and so Shu Ning dismissed him:”I’ve got an appointment with someone, so bring them for dinner first and get some rest. Since you’ve come to the capital you should have some fun on me, remember to arrange a time for us to meet tomorrow.”


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