RWSB Chapter 97

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And so he would move to a different spot after doing it awhile, but his calves looked pretty good as well, he could try them out next time.

After changing to several positions, he came back to the area he started with, tightly working the area where he connected with Shu Ning, and both the excited objects were touching. They were wet, and heavy, mutually communicating with each other intimately. Shu Ning was out of it for a moment, turns out he had released……It felt so good.

After half an hour, Shu Heng came out. He took himself out quickly on purpose so as to not scare the little one, but if he had slowed down halfway, it would actually have been fine to take it easy and move about for another hour.

Shu Heng was the high-endurance type, but he cared more about the little one’s feelings. The place where he had passed through was so tender, swelling up slightly.

Shu Ning covered his face, having his legs spread by his big brother for inspection or whatnot, I don’t know, it’s too embarrassing. Sensing the touch of his fingers, how very careful and light they were, was he feeling sorry? The feeling of being loved was wonderful, Shu Ning took a breath, it felt a little as if they’d done it, it had been so intense and exciting, so very indescribable.

His poor little brother was still shivering, Shu Heng simply lay beside him, pulling him into his arms and comforting him softly, and kissing him. The little one had also released twice earlier, the first one came quickly but the second one came almost at the same time as him, it seems that they had quite some fate with each other, it came out by itself without any special care from him.

That’s very good, my little brother liked me too, it wouldn’t be like this if that weren’t the case.

Shu Heng was wise, the two of them were sticking to each other and did not go for a bath immediately, comforting him after the deed had to be done with care and thought, Shu Heng had done his research and also studied psychology, he tried as much as possible to reduce the burden in Shu Ning’s heart, to love him, and not hurt him. But Shu Heng gladly endured this hardship, Shu Ning’s whole body had gone soft and could barely move if at all, he liked very much to lie quietly with his brother and didn’t even ask to be bathed, the room was filled completely with the smell of that.


“Are you scared?”

Shaking his head, Shu Ning hesitated before he spoke:”Do we……count as a couple now?”


“I haven’t agreed!”


Shu Ning:”……”Can’t you coax me? Can you really not coax me just a little bit?

Half an hour had passed before they went for their bath, and they nearly had an accident again, really, after all, he’s finally learned the taste of it. Shu Heng was hard and Shu Ning felt great inside, let’s see how you’ll enjoy that, he wanted to see what would happen if he used more honeyed words on him, but it was already very good that an aloof male god such as Shu Heng could fall in love with him. Shu Ning’s heart felt very good and content, peering secretly with his little eyes at Shu Heng’s serious face. He had a very determined personality, his heart would stay with whoever he falls in love with for the rest of his life.




“What’s wrong?”Shu Heng looked over with his deep and dark eyes, just like a dark abyss, causing the attention a certain someone who accidentally met his eyes to be drawn away. Shu Heng pulled Shu Ning into his arms:”Do you feel uncomfortable?”

“No~ Wash me more gently.”

“Mm,”Shu Heng paid great attention, there was no need at all for Shu Ning to remind him. After their bath, he wrapped him up well with a big towel and carried him out directly, then wiped off the water from his hair and body carefully. The room had been aired out and the sheets changed the air was fresh again. Shu Ning’s body was flushed red in a bashful blush, and he waited until Shu Heng was done busying about before Shu Ning crawled under the blanket in a “swoosh” and wasn’t willing to come out anymore.

Shu Heng laughed silently to himself. He settled himself, put his clothes on proper, then went out for a moment. When he came back, a tube of ointment was in his hands.

Shu Ning wasn’t sleepy, after all it was still quite early in the day and they had still yet to have their dinner yet. Shu Heng walked to the bed and sat down, then peeled open the blanket bellow, pulling apart Shu Ning’s legs. Shu Ning sat up in a rage, then after looking clearly, his heart started to quicken mysteriously, and his eyes flickered. There was ointment over the slender pale fingers of his big brother, and it was being applied to the red and swollen places on his body, giving him a comfortably refreshing feeling.

His throat feeling parched, Shu Ning wanted to say a little something:”That……Brother, it’s not like I’m a flower vase, I’ll be fine in a while even without the ointment.”

Shu Heng did not speak, he was done applying it. He put down the pair of snowy white little legs and covered them back up with the blanket, then he looked towards Shu Ning with unmatched tenderness:”What do you want to eat?”

“Huh? Ah……”Shu Ning’s entire body was trembling, the look in his brother’s eyes is too much, even the tip of his ears were red.

“What do you want to eat tonight?”

“……”Oh no, I don’t dare to look at him, what do I do? Oh heavens, there’s no saving my heart.


Dragging his words? His voice was so deep and pleasant, even my brain is going to be pregnant, Shu Ning dropped _(:зゝ∠)_

“What’s wrong?”Shu Heng hurriedly went forward to check, and found that Shu Ning’s eyes were going in circles as if he had gone dizzy. The corner of Shu Heng’s mouth twitched:”I’ll settle it, you’re tired so lay down like a good boy and stay on the bed, alright?”


Shu Heng lowered his head to give him a kiss before leaving reluctantly. Shu Ning peered at him secretly, and when Shu Heng who had reached the doorway turned back to look at him, Shu Ning hid himself quickly like a thief. Shu Heng could rest his worries, and he went to the kitchen to grab a warm glass of milk, ordered some red braised pork, grilled wings, eggplants, and whatnot, totalling to eight dishes and a soup, then had the maid send it over to the door of the main bedroom on the second floor.

Shu Ning picked up his phone and wanted to play on it for a moment, but his brain ended up filled with Shu Heng’s shadow, overbearing and handsome, and that unbearably sexy look on his face from earlier, ah. Shu Ning huddled into a circle, they actually did it, they really, actually did it, he thought he would wait for a really long time but this was good too, the soup was already over, so the days of trying out the flesh wouldn’t be long, right?

He will become mine sooner or later, ah, his face started to blush and his heart quickened again.

Shu Ning held his face with two hands, and the door opened. Shu Heng entered and sat on the edge of the bed:”Have some milk, your voice is starting to get hoarse from calling out.”

Shu Ning threw a pillow, how could he make fun of me like that just now? What is he saying this now for? Bragging about your great stamina, throat, and energy?

“Ning Ning, drink it up before you throw a tantrum at me.”

“Who’s throwing a tantrum?”

“Drink your milk if you’re not!”


His verbal skills aren’t up to par with his either, ah. When Shu Ning sat up, Shu Heng moved his eyes elsewhere immediately, because there were some unspeakable traces left on the little one’s shoulders, made by him. Cough cough cough, Shu Heng was also starting to get embarrassed and his eyes moved left and right, and ended up at the perfect curves of the little one’s neck, gulping down his milk sip by sip.

Um……Why am I getting thirsty as well →_→ I want to eat him up, Shu Heng decided he should just bring over a normal set of sleepwear.

The maid pushed the dining cart into the elevator and brought it up to the second floor, then reaching the door she gave it a knock and left. Shu Ning was already dressed and he yawned, watching Shu Heng busy about, he really was gentle and thoughtful. The food was here, it smelled so good, giving me some meat after some physical exercise? Shu Ning looked towards Shu Heng’s perfect body with a provocative gaze, admiring him.

“I want to eat rice!”

“Be a good boy, drink more porridge, it’ll soothe your throat. I asked them to put less salt, and these dishes are the ones you usually like to eat,”Shu Heng had already put the small table on the bed, then placed the dishes on one by one, and then his chopsticks. Shu Ning felt very vexed, so he didn’t squabble with him any longer. He is god’s favoured son and yet he has to work hard for me, what a great feeling.

“Brother, I can eat by the table, it’ll be tiring for you to do so much.”

“I’m fine, your legs aren’t well so let me do it.”

“No, I’m quite well,”Shu Ning stood up and moved a little, showing that he really was fine and was in no pain at all.

“Then let’s have another round at night.”

“……”Hello? Do you still have shame? His shame is shattered _(:зゝ∠)_

After their meal, Shu Heng went to the study. Shu Ning was very worried for his “safety” so he followed along up to the third floor, coming to the door in front of the two mighty bodyguards, and stuck his ear to the door!

The faces two bodyguards were covered with black lines……What is this? What is going on? What is he doing?

Young master! What are you doing?

Young master!! You can just go inside~

Young master!!! We won’t stop you, you knew that right ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

Within the study, Shu Heng was sitting in an aloof manner atop the sofa with his legs crossed, and his face indifferent, drinking a cup of coffee. His whole person was sharp like a sword, a far cry from when he was with Shu Ning, they were simply two different people. This was the real Shu Heng, the true emperor, mysterious and proud.

Shu Cheng walked to his side and sat down, his big hand gave his long legs a pat and did not move away after:”You’ve gone out of line, don’t touch the rest anymore, I have my own ideas on what to do with them.”

“Dad, indecisiveness will lead to disaster.”

“Shu Heng.”

“Aren’t you passing the company to me? If I don’t even have the right to speak then forget it.”

“……”Shu Cheng looked towards Shu Heng and sighed:”You’re old now, so your mind is set more than ever and nobody can change that, you even dare to violate my choices.”

“Dad,”The look in Shu Heng’s eyes were unhurried, and he told him about what happened today:”Both Gu Ya and Shu Zi Xuan are planning something, I’ve already put the evidence on your table, please take a look at it when I leave.”

“You can say that they’ve got their eyes on making a profit, but you can’t say that they are trying to betray us.”

“Dad, your feelings for them makes it hard for you to believe it and I can understand, but my principles have a limit too, and you know that. If it was just greed, getting kickbacks, or even taking money from the company’s internal funds, I’m not the chairman so I won’t care about that, and I’m in no position to do anything about it either, but their goal this time is you, dad.”

“That’s impossible……”

“There’s been too many disasters coming on from appeasement, the Shu family isn’t just a hunk of metal either so I don’t care if you mind or not, but I will definitely care about that.”

“They aren’t using Shen Xiang Dong to deal with me.”

“One Shen Xiang Dong is nothing, but what about several of him? With He clan as the example, if we were to attack the Shen clan, out of risk the end result is that everyone would join together to fight against the Shu clan.”

“That’s not enough to cause worry.”

“That’s right, but it’s not good form. The market is turbulent and if the Shu family’s in a tight spot, whose wrong would it be?”

“The chairman’s dereliction.”

“Gu Ya who has been secretly gathering shares has already acquired all the shares in the second house.”

“I won’t make a move on them for just that.”

“Alright then, I’ll end it at just peeling a layer off her skin.”

“……”Can they still live with their skin gone? Shu Cheng still wanted to speak but Shu Heng had already stood up.

“Dad, Ning Ning should be brushing his teeth now, I’ll go look.”


After he left, Shu Cheng finished his coffee before going over to pick up the documents and flipping them through to look. The things written inside were very indeed quite interesting, Shu Cheng knew that Gu Ya was two-faced, so no matter what she did, Shu Cheng would pretend he hadn’t seen it as long as she didn’t go out of line, who asked his cousin to betray her?

But I didn’t betray her, I’ll just go with Shu Heng’s arrangements this time. His dad was gone but he was still here, so even more so he would not let Shu Heng make a move on the second house. For an old man, neither money nor power is more important than for his family to live comfortably. Qin Yu Zhuo knocked on the door and came in, carrying a steaming pot of hot soup.

“Leave that to the servants,”Shu Cheng put down the documents and picked up the spoon, then slowly ate it as he blew on it. Qin Yu Zhu’s gaze swept towards those documents, and with a shrink of her pupils, she pretended to not have seen them. Shu Cheng lowered his head and his gaze was exceptionally profound. On the next day, Shu Heng went to the office to settle everything, then transferred Shu Zi Xuan. Not only did he remove his vision of the company, he even fired his confidants.

Gu Ya did not come to work, she was restless. She thought that this junior wouldn’t fire the gun at her, but the result? The network she had cultivated in the financial department was completely broken.


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  1. Aahhhhhhhh happiness and tenderness, I’ll leave it short today. I’m in love with this couple, heng heng the possessive, cold, ruthless, powerful, considerating and tender to his uke seme x ning ning the cute, naive, playful, ruthless to his enemy’s, super adorable uke- the best couple ever, ah~!

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  3. GY didn’t seem that bad honestly. I’m sure she was pretty good as a person a long time ago, but her miserable life has led her to become more twisted and greedy since she wants to seem more of like a winner in life. And loyalty and trust pretty much mean nothing since her husband proved her such things don’t exist. I feel bad for her, but not to the point where I wish for her to receive a lighter sentence. She’s a grown woman who should know there are some things you do and do not do.

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