RWSB Chapter 72

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Shu Heng entered in a big stride, and the atmosphere that had originally been lively was taken over by a rush of a cold stream. It was instantly quiet with nary a sound, one by one their eyes turned towards Shu Heng as if they had been caught by an infectious disease.

He had always been so outstanding, just like a phoenix amongst a crowd of chicken.

The crowd parted by itself, and Shu Heng looked straight towards Shu Ning with a focused gaze like that of an emperor’s, and step by step he walked forth to stand before him.

“I’m back.”

“Brother~ The trip must be tiring, let’s go upstairs?”

“Alright,”Shu Heng agreed, he raised his hand and gave Shu Ning’s head a pat, then turned to look towards Shu Cheng:”Dad, happy New Year’s, I’m going to go see grandpa first.”

Shu Cheng raised his hands, and seeing his sons, his smile had reached his eyes:”Go ahead.”

Shu Heng stretched out his big hand and took Shu Ning’s very naturally, and the two walked towards the second floor. Everywhere they walked past, there were many people giving them New Year’s greetings and the like, Shu Heng responded to them one by one but his attitude still remained indifferent, and seemingly even haughty, but everyone felt that this was a matter of course, they’ve already gotten used to it.

The two left in such a showy way just like that, while He Ran was watching the scene as he stood by the corner, feeling slightly pleased, his friend was a big shot and it made him feel proud too. After having some food, he wasn’t as hungry anymore, with furtive glances he observed the good looking little lady in the pink skirt. He pulled up his collar like a gentleman and walked over in a graceful stride, he hadn’t even extended his claws when the little lady was being brought upstairs.

Shu Yin was flattered, Shu Ning was very aloof and he didn’t care for anyone, after just a few words with him he would ask them to help themselves and they wouldn’t even get the chance to start another sentence, they were all around the same age so clearly they were at the right age to get along. Shu Ning wasn’t around so the maid who led the way bowed slightly, and asked her to choose a scarf.

Unexpectedly, she had dirtied her cuffs. The girl’s face was slightly red, but she was also happy about Shu Ning’s attentiveness, she picked one in pale pink and circled it around her shoulders, feeling just like a butterfly who landed on top of a flower, bringing a hint of naughtiness within her beauty, it looked good. After Shu Yin gave her thanks, she wanted to leave, and the maid accompanied her.

When they were about to go down the stairs, the maid exclaimed in confusion.

Shu Yin was curious:”What’s wrong?”

“Isn’t that He Ran? Miss Zi Hui’s fiancé, it’s not the day for outsiders to come give their New Year’s greetings, so why had he come? I’m sorry Miss Shu Yin, I have to go check on the kitchen now.”

“Go on~”

Shu Yin was no fool, this was to remind her. As expected, she had only taken a few steps when He Ran had stuck himself over.

Shu Yin was a nice young lady, upright and sensible, the type of people she hates the most were the frivolous type like He Ran. With a turn of her eyes, she gave him a humph and walked straight away.

He Ran paused for a moment, but he became even more enthusiastic:”My name’s He Ran, what’s yours? You’re quite the little lady with a personality, I like that.”

Shu Yin hurriedly walked away but He Ran chased after her with jest. In desperation, Shu Yin hid behind Shu Kai, and who was Shu Kai? He was a mean tough guy, he would even dare to offend Shu Zi Xuan for Shu Heng. He could feel his clothes tighten at his back, he was caught by a little missy, wasn’t this Shu Yin? Cute, innocent, romantic, and likeable. At this moment, Shu Yin had a face of impatience and it was obvious she was looking for a big brother to come to her aid.

“What’s wrong?”Shu Kai chuckled, he brought Shu Yin into his arms and comforted her.

Shu Yin glared at He Ran with an angry huff:”He’s pestering me.”

Shu Kai raised and eyebrow, and the look in his eyes turned fierce:”Who’re you? Hey now, isn’t this He Ran? Shu Zi Hui’s fiancé, what are you chasing after my little sis for?”

He Ran was used to the big scene so naturally he was very direct with his words:”I bumped into her on accident earlier, so I’d like to pay her an apology, but she seems to have misunderstood!”

Shu Yin sucked in a breath:”You were clearly……”

“Wanting to apologize,”He Ran said with a smile, looking rather handsome:”Since I’ve said what I had to say, I’ll be taking my leave.”

This was a place where he shouldn’t be causing trouble in, and since he couldn’t get his hands on the pretty little girl, it was better to escape first in case Shu Zi Hui gets entangled into this.

Speak of the devil and she shall show herself, Shu Zi Hui was barely holding onto the smile on her face, the people at the surrounding area had all overheard the earlier mess, and the results of that was no good. Shu Zi Hui was, after all, the daughter of the second house, she was a little princess with a higher status than those of the other houses, she must not embarrass herself here. And so she raised her chin and stepped forward.

“What happened?”

Shu Kai narrowed his eyes:”Nothing.”

Shu Zi Hui wouldn’t let it go just like this:”Shu Yin, tell her.”

Shu Yin was sensible, year by year her family’s status was deteriorating, so naturally she wouldn’t dare to do anything to Shu Zi Hui, even if she told the truth, a moment of victory would still be kept as a grudge in the future. She pursed her lips, for the sake of the family she will have to endure it.

Shu Zi Hui smiled coldly and grabbed He Ran’s shoulder:”You are also a daughter of the Shu family, you should learn some manners when you return, don’t be an eyesore.”

Shu Kai was already twenty this years, two months younger than Shu Heng. He was the big brother after all, so it was hard to say anything bad no matter how poisonous the tongues of these two little sisters are:”Alright alright, It was just a misunderstanding, You didn’t see anything just now, Zi Hui, so there’s no need to be so domineering, tone it down a bit, let’s not keep any grudges then we’ll be able to get along the next time we meet.”

“Brother Kai, was it my fault? She was clearly the one talking nonsense, if things don’t get explained properly, what am I going to do if this makes my fiancé look bad?”

“Didn’t you hear what I just said?”Shu Kai started to get angry.

Shu Zi Hui clenched her teeth:”……”

For the sake of reputation, she has to step out in this crowd! To fall out with her relatives with no turning back! He Ran who was about to go felt touched, but a fierce look appeared in his gaze, he was after all the genuine third young master of the He clan, he had the vigour, the ability, and the backers. Normally, He Ran was the most capable, he has already seen that look plenty of times:”I say, bro, for the sake of Zi Hui I’ll call you bro, they’re both your little sisters so you should treat them the same, right? Zi Hui, you too, now why would you have to bicker with someone under you? Let’s go, I brought a gift for old grandpa Shu on behalf of my grandfather, how about you follow me up?”

The ones who were allowed upstairs were no ordinary people, and their status must definitely not be bad!

The old head of the He family was died and they held a very grand funeral, and now the He clan was in a worrying state because the next generation was still young.

Things were all about business in the C City side, and there was nothing he could do to help out at the capital. It was fine if he was lacking in finances, as long as he asks for it, the old man, He Ran’s grandfather, would pamper him with care. He was hospitalized some time ago, if their influence over at the capital were to be swallowed up by the other families in the capital, their backing will be gone, and they would also be affected by the by it, hopefully his nephew can hold on!

When He Ran mentioned the old man, Steward Sun Hao Ran immediately told Shu Cheng, and naturally the calm head of the family wouldn’t put it to heart. With a raise of his hand, he let He Ran and Shu Zi Hui go up.

But who was Shu Gao?

Newborn calves aren’t afraid of tigers.

Hopefully they won’t get any nightmares when they go back at night.

Shu Cheng looked like a gentleman but actually, he had his eyes on the He family since a long time ago.

Several of the relatives with high statuses raised their glasses respectfully, Shu Cheng curled up the corners of his mouth and knocked glasses with these brothers of his, and chatted with them.

Inside the room on the second floor, Shu Heng immediately went to the bedroom to bathe after bringing Shu Ning up to see their grandfather, Shu Ning who didn’t even need to bathe yet was stripped of his clothes by his brother, and forced to accompany him _(:3ゝ∠)_

He’s way too overbearing.

But as a gay bottom, he enjoyed this quite a lot.

To be able to so intimate with his big brother was Shu Ning’s favourite! He picked up the bath sponge and helped his big brother wash up. It had to be said that Shu Heng really was too loved by God, seeing his smooth skin, his big, strong muscles, his narrow waist and sculpted serratus muscles, and perfect eight pack abs. Shu Ning stared blankly at him, and moved his gaze down.

Shu Heng was washing his hair so he didn’t know.

Shu Ning narrowed his eyes, big brother’s butt is so perky, his face was slightly flushed and he could actually feel his throat getting parched, Shu Ning swallowed his saliva, and continued to observe him greedily, big brother’s legs seems to have gotten longer, he’s not going to grow taller is he? That’s crazy, can’t you give a man a break? /(tot)/~~

However, those legs were just too eye-catching, they were long and straight. Big brother’s body was the best, there was no trace of loose flab on him, it was all nice and firm, and a nice thin layer of skin covered his muscles, they were simply God’s most perfect masterpieces.


Shu Ning was shocked, at that time he was trying to swallow his saliva, and so a tragedy happened. Hic~ Hic~ Hic~ he hiccupped, his body trembled again and again along with the sound, making him look quite pitiful.

Shu Heng rinsed the bubbles on his head, with a stretch of his alluring legs, he sat into the water. Splash~ the water poured out from the edges, and the awkward atmosphere still remained.

Little brother is so cute, he’s getting cuter and cuter. Xu Jin had clearly complained that it won’t be fun to play with their little brothers anymore when they grow up, but that didn’t apply to Shu Ning, he was still so silly and adorable, and he even had his own angelic aura.

In Shu Heng’s eyes, Shu Ning who sat with his hands on the edge of the bathtub had such rich a rich array of expressions, and a fascinating figure looming under the water, it was so exceptionally attractive, so beautiful and looking so delicious. He knew that giving him a fright could stop the hiccups but Shu Heng couldn’t bear to do that to him, they’ve separated for so long and they were just able to meet up again, he had to pamper the little guy properly.

Shu Heng leaned over abruptly, and when Shu Ning returned from his daze, his head was caught by a pair of hands and his face lowered down for a kiss, he ground down, turned around, and even gave his lips a little lick.

Shu Ning was overly shocked, his eyes were wide and he was completely petrified.

Shu Heng knew when best to stop, but in truth how could he be willing to part with it? Thinking about being able to get rowdy when Shu Ning fell asleep at night was the only way he could endure it:”There we go.”


“Your hiccups are gone.”

Bro, can you be more normal? My heart pretty much stopped earlier okay? Σ( ° △°|||)︴

I want to complain, write a letter, I want to snitch……This big brother is definitely a fake one, he’s a fake one, he turned stupid from studying too much abroad /(tot)/~~ Give me back my aloof male god~ Sob~ Sob~

There were so many relatives downstairs and as a junior, it was no good for him not to make an appearance. After finishing their bath, he put on a black suit leisurely, it made his entire person seem dark and mysterious, with an even more dangerous atmosphere, people would be scared to even look at him.

Shu Ning had also put on a grey suit, matching his brother. On his body it looked so damn cool, even a model couldn’t achieve such a high class visual with a suit. It could only be considered handsome when worn on Shu Ning’s body, bearing an elegant air. Shu Heng picked up the tie given to him by Shu Ning previously and walked to his little brother, did he still have to say what he meant?

There was a rather warm feeling, nobody could bear to break the moment, neither of them talked.

After receiving it, Shu Ning gave it a touch, it was good as new just like it was when he had just bought it, this means that his big brother had been treasuring it, it should be time to buy him some more gifts.

Shu Ning was slow and unhurriedly, paying attention to every step, and making sure his tie was tied perfectly. His little hands touched the tie again,seeming as if he could touch the person through the tie, this person who could make one so imaginative.

He is the big brother that belongs to me, he doesn’t belong to me……Shu Ning erased the words from his heart, and showed a slightly bitter smile.

“What’s wrong?”

Big brother’s gaze was like a burning torch as he stared straight at him, Shu Ning could tell without even looking, and another smile curled up around the corner of his lips:”We just got back together and we have to separate again, I was just feeling out of it for a moment, let’s go, we shouldn’t let grandpa wait.”

Shu Gao had said that he would go down to sit around for a while to take a look at all the youngsters, so Shu Ning and Shu Heng had to go down quickly in case they made their elders wait for nothing.

Downstairs, Shu Gao had already come down several minutes early. He was seated on the host’s seat and Shu Cheng was very filial, he sat at the seat next to him. Everyone was surrounding them and they were all very happy, everyone was chatting with each other and were generally very talkative, in the arms of the profound Shu Gao was a little child, it was Shu Yao. He looked white and clean, and didn’t cry, a very loveable child.

As for the child’s mother, it was surprising but nobody asked about it. If she were around, naturally she would’ve come out to greet the guests, but if not, there was no need to bother themselves to say anything about it.

Even if they wanted to curry favour with someone, they had to see whether that person was worth it!

Right now Shu Yao was like a small little ball, he was already fifteen months, two years old. His big and adorable eyes were looking curiously at everything, wearing beige coloured cotton clothes, there was no need to even mention how cute he was. This child seems to be very valued, everybody was making guesses and seeing Shu Gao and Shu Cheng’s attitude, it was as they expected. During the time when the second young master had just returned, nobody knew how he was treated, there weren’t any banquets nor announcements, but after that they may have slowly started to like him, so they gradually paid more attention to the second young master. Everybody actually felt quite diffident about the treatment the third young master received, because they didn’t celebrate his first full month nor his birthday, nobody could find any clues about it and they weren’t able to find the reason.

Shu Heng took Shu Ning’s hand and was currently walking down the stairs, Shu Ning was secretly laughed.

Shu Heng looked over with his sharp gaze:”Tell me about it.”

“I’ll tell you at night.”

“No can do.”

“Brother, you’re getting more and more overbearing.”

“You don’t like it?”

“……”Shu Ning 囧 for a while, and chose to change the topic:”He Ran went to see the old man earlier, I don’t even know how that worked out.”

“He’s digging for a jade pendant in the snow.”

“Huh? What happened, tell me quickly.”

“I’ll tell you at night.”

o(╯□╰)o Replied so quickly? This caught Shu Ning off guard, wasn’t big brother a soft man? How could he bear to make me worry? Shu Ning may have been too spoiled from his pampering, he simply shook off his big brother’s hand. As expected, Shu Heng gave in. He took his hand again and there was an obscure look in his eyes:”Grandpa accidentally lost something he treasured, so he had Shu Zi Hui go out to look for it.”

Shu Zi Hui had been too over the top today so naturally she would be disciplined, if not she wouldn’t be behaving properly in the future. She had made too much of a mess and He Ran was her fiancé so naturally he would hae to follow suit, and so the two were to become “snowmen” in the field of snow ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

The He family hadn’t even fallen yet, was this really fine? But of course, with the Shu clan’s actions, all the wildly ambitious people were like cats who had smelled some fish, they’ll definitely make a move. Shu Ning figured out the key point and gave Shu Heng’s hand a squeeze, it caught his interest:”I laughed earlier because I was thinking that big brother had to go down to greet guests now.”

Greeting guests, catering to guests, there wasn’t anything strange about this but it was still nice to cater to people on some occasions~ Erotic, and with a slightly warm hint.

A smile actually curved up on Shu Heng’s lips, although it was just for a moment, it was still enough to surprise Shu Ning, big brother was too handsome, he really makes both mortals and gods angry. Shu Heng had already leaned over and his lips was stuck by the little one’s ear, his warm breath carried a strange feeling, and Shu Heng’s voice was exceptionally husky:”Master~ Can I serve you tonight?”

Shu Ning shivered, and was dumbfounded, he was petrified into a statue.

Shu Heng seems to have gotten addicted to this, he continued to exhale deliberately:”I can warm the bed~”

Shu Ning ran down the stairs in a fluster. Everyone was by his grandpa’s side and there were several large bonsai plants by the stairs so nobody saw him in this embarrassing state. Shu Heng was following behind him and Shu Ning didn’t even dare to look back, he wanted to run but he controlled himself, and came to the area the crowd was gathering at:”Grandpa, brother is bullying me!”

How could he say that? Everybody perked up their ears.

Shu Gao chuckled and hurriedly handed Shu Yao to the servant, then he spread open his arms:”Come over and let grandpa see what he’s done, ah, you’re all pouty, seems you’re real angry this time, Ah Cheng, what do you think we should do?”

Shu Gao’s style changed all of a sudden, it was too abrupt, it was hard for some people to accept in such a short amount of time, this person who had always been so dark had suddenly turned into a warm baby, and he still knew how to make a joke?

We must’ve started the conversation wrong, this was what many relatives were thinking.

Shu Cheng was holding a tea cup and a smile was playing about his eyebrows, this smile was different from the one that lacked feeling he had shown to the others earlier:”Just give him a red envelope, if not, we can just give Xiao Heng’s red envelopes to him this year as well.”

With a twitch of Shu Ning’s eyes, he was already sitting by Shu Gao’s side, hugging his grandpa’s waist, feeling slightly gloomy:”So dad knows too, Brother~ I complained.”

Shu Gao laughed out loud and Sun Lin hurriedly passed him a glass of water, Shu Gao refused to drink because he wanted to tease his grandson more, but Shu Ning was very thoughtful, he took over the water from the old steward’s hands and put it to his grandfather’s lips.

He had already brought it to that point, so how could Shu Gao not drink it?

Gu Ya was the first to speak:”The second young master really is sensible, the old master really is blessed.”

My grandson was praised, naturally Shu Gao was very happy and he took a look at Gu Ya, just like a switch had been turned on, everybody joined in as well, they were all praising him and tried hard to praise Shu Ning to the skies. Shu Heng came over, and they all stopped again, and they watched him with smiles on their faces. This is the true child of the heavens, he had already entered the board of directors, it was still too late no matter how pampered Shu Ning was, he had already lost at the starting line.

Shu Heng hankered for Shu Ning, but he wasn’t going to just pull him back from his grandfather. He sat in the seat directly across Shu Cheng with a look on his face that was hard to discern:”I’ll give all my red envelopes to Ning Ning.”

Shu Cheng wasn’t a joker, he had really taken out Shu Heng’s red envelopes and given it to Shu Ning to coax him. Shu Ning took it and gave his thanks:”Dad, are you sure you won’t give brother another one later on?”

“Definitely,”Shu Cheng laughed.

Shu Gao had also taken out a red envelope:”If Ning Ning likes it, I’ll give it all to you.”

Shu Heng really didn’t mind, both Shu Cheng and Shu Gao could tell, Shu Ning understood as well. After receiving everything he would still ask his brother about it at night, if he really doesn’t want it, it will all go to himself. All the outsiders were deep in thought, and they started to talk with each other. Shu Gao invited them to sit down, although it was respectful to stand up, but there were children mixed in here, they were the pillars of the future.

Shu Yao should be drinking his milk now, he had started to cry. Only then did Shu Ning look over, so did Shu Heng. Shu Cheng had a heart to take a look, he specially took a look at his two sons before standing up.

Ah……What is this

The spectators started to imagine things again, there’s some good drama in the main family, there’s definitely something tricky going on!

Shu Gao had also stood up:”Alright, I’m getting tired so you all have fun.”

Everyone started to compliment the old man again. Shu Gao didn’t come downstairs last year, so it was easy to imagine how much more grand New Year’s was this time around. Shu Heng stayed for an hour along with Shu Ning, all the red envelopes were gladly accepted, and Shu Heng’s income was zero.

The crowd dissipated at night, and the ones who were willing to stay, stayed, only half the ones staying in C City left, the rest all stayed at the old ancestral home.

Shu Ning who had returned back to the room was crouched on the bed, opening his red envelopes while half of Shu Heng was pressed onto Shu Ning’s body, smelling his fragrance, feeling slightly out of it.

Each red envelope generally contained a thousand, the older generation had mentioned not to give too much before, it was just a bit of fun to them. But other than the thousand bucks contained in Gu Ya’s red envelope, there was also a check worth five hundred thousand, this was definitely on purpose. There were actually quite a few people like Gu Ya today, moving along with the minority and turning a blessing into something filled with conspiracy, it was truly a shame.

While Shu Cheng and Shu Gao’s red envelopes were the most plump and thick, they were checks worth millions.

There were rarely stuff secretly stuffed into Shu Ning’s red envelopes, but they were present in each and every one of Shu Heng’s, one by one he took out the checks, and altogether they were worth about several millions. Along with Shu Ning’s own, as well as the one given by his dad and grandpa, he nearly had ten million.

Actually, the family gathering wasn’t much, the big bosses would directly send cars and villas during business gatherings, Shu Heng had extraordinary knowledge so he liked to coax this inexperienced little brother of his with red packets.

But why did Shu Ning actually not receive any villas or luxury cars? It was only because Qin Yu Zhuo was too strict and took them all away, wasn’t it a sort of sincerity? Naturally this required compensation.

“Are the red envelopes better or your big brother?”

“Naturally my big brother is the best, without my big brother, where would I get so many red envelopes?”

“So this is all I’m good for,”When he spoke, Shu Heng leaned close and kissed Shu Ning’s ear and his little lips.

Shu Ning was slightly stiff for a moment, and out of spite he gave Shu Heng a few smooches, leaving saliva all over his face. Let’s see if you’re still going to kiss me in the future.

“Well aren’t you daring today, you need a spanking!”

Oh shit, if big brother says he’ll do it he’ll definitely do it, wasn’t that so? Shu Ning wasn’t as strong as other people so it didn’t take much for Shu Heng to strip his pants off, and his little butt was also considerably perkier than when he was fourteen. Pa pa pa pa he spanked him, it wasn’t painful, but……it was strange. Shu Ning didn’t beg for mercy either, with flushed cheeks blushing to his ears, he was pressed down to the bed so he could only bear with it.

After giving him ten spankings, Shu Heng hadn’t had enough but he stopped, and with his big palm he gave the left side a little rub, then a little squeeze on the right side. In a sombre voice he asked:”Does it hurt?”

“Doesn’t hurt~”Shu Ning’s voice was also strange, and slightly grieved:”Big brother’s a bully, and all the red envelopes got messed up, you have to help me pick it up!”

Shu Heng pampered Shu Ning and took off the little one’s shirt and stuffed him into the blanket. He was actually not small anymore and he had gotten quite a fair bit higher, and heavier as well, he had a hopeful future, it made Shu Heng quite happy. He picked up all the pieces of money dropped on the ground slowly, with elegant movements, there was no hint of anger at all.

Shu Ning watched him work and felt slightly sorry. His big brother had been sitting on a plane for ten hours, it was so hard but he still had to accompany guests, and I’m actually still making him work. And so Shu Ning hurriedly got off the ground with his blanket wrapped around him, Shu Heng put down the money on the table and with a stretch of his big hands, he took Shu Ning into his arms.

“The floor is cold.”

“So big brother knows~”

“Are you sleepy? Big brother will sleep with you.”

“Okay, it’s the same even if we pick these up tomorrow.”


The two fella sleep just like they said they would. Shu Ning looked forward to this very much, it had been a long time since he had felt the warmth of his brother’s body, he had missed it a lot. Shu Heng had already taken off his suit and was only wearing a pair of underwear, then he crawled into the bed. Shu Ning felt slightly 囧, how come I have to be naked but you get to have underwear? That’s too unfair. Shu Heng stuck closer to him, Shu Ning was throwing a tantrum and pouting his lips.

“What’s wrong?”

“Take off your underwear~ We have to be fair.”

There were movements on Shu Heng’s side, and a little rustling, it filled him with countless imaginations, he really wanted to see him take it off. Shu Ning blushed instantly.

A pair of underwear was thrown to the ground by Shu Heng, they were also black in colour. Shu Ning looked on unconcerned and felt very strange. For example, his own clothes were scattered all around the floor, and so were his brother’s, just like a……Love! Affair! o(╯□╰)o For an inexplicable reason, he was in a good mood. Shu Ning immediately send himself into his big brother’s embrace and nuzzled against him. It was really warm, and his chest was so wide, even his physique had gotten a lot stronger, he was already a man now! Big brother was twenty, and I’m already fifteen now.

Shu Heng lowered his head with an indiscernible gaze and kissed the top of the little one’s head while his hands smoothed all over his body. After all they were sticking together, Shu Ning’s slightly trembling body made Shu Heng feel rather nervous:”You’ve finally put on some meat in your shoulders, but the little muscles on your legs are gone, you stop training once winter starts and you’ve still got time to be envious of me, look, you’ve got a little belly now, and your back……”Shu Heng spoke softly, and his tone was very gentle.

So then Shu Ning slowly eased up, and docilely he allowed Shu Heng to touch him however he pleased. Up and down, touching and rubbing, those words were actually in vain, it was just a camouflage~

Shu Heng knew that he couldn’t rush things either, he gave his little face a kiss and bit down on his ear.

“Brother! What are you doing!”

“I like you, so I’m going to give you a little bite.”

“It’ll hurt!”

“No way.”

“……”Shu Ning’s eye twitched, so it’s not going to hurt huh? Let me have a bite too. With one hand he pressed down on Shu Heng’s chest and didn’t allow him to move, then Shu Ning leaned over and opened his mouth, and gave it a nibble~ There wasn’t much flesh on big brother’s earlobes but the shape was very nice to look at, Shu Ning’s gaze was leisurely, the teasing thoughts overwhelmed his mind and he simply gave it a lick.

The ear……was a sensitive point for most people, just touching it would make them tremble subconsciously.

Shu Heng trembled, he really did, Shu Ning snorted out a laugh, I won I won, see how you like that! Ha ha ha~

But who was Shu Heng? How could he let go of such a good opportunity? He immediately turned his body and pressed down the little one beneath him, and his arm that were strong as iron bars wrapped around him in an instant, with his other hand he held onto the back of the little one’s hand, and on his ears he gave it a nibble and a lick, making Shu Ning plead for mercy. His entire body had gone numb as if a trail of electricity had run through his entire body, even his skin had gotten red, and he started panting. It was very embarrassing and shameful, a gay person shouldn’t be teased like this. Shu Ning’s eyebrows were locked into a frown and his eye were closed, pleading for mercy was useless so he could only give his big brother’s face a kiss as a way to please him, and that would be his apology.

Sure enough it worked, Shu Heng stopped:”That was fun!”

Huh ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Shouldn’t he be saying I shouldn’t act like this in the future?

“Your face is red, feeling hot?”Shu Heng was lying down by the side. He was quite reluctant to come down from the wonderful body, he rested his head on one arm and his gaze was exceptionally profound:”Do you want water?”

“Mm~”He nearly got a reaction from earlier.

In fact, so did Shu Heng, this was the true reason he stopped. Naturally, the temperature of the room was much cooler than in bed. Shu Heng walked over to get some water in the nude and brought it to the bed. Shu Ning’s little eyes were swerving all other the place, there was a big lump between big brother’s legs. He held one side of his face and his heart was jumping like crazy, oh god why do I like looking there so much? He hurriedly drank some water to press down his shock _(:3ゝ∠)_

No that’s not right, I only like the male god’s legs, nothing’s wrong, long live!

It wasn’t convenient during the winter and they had to put on a lot of layers, if he wants to touch him he’ll have to do it now, if not his big brother will go out to jog during the morning again, wouldn’t that be too regrettable?

Shu Ning finished drinking his water and put the cup by the end table next to the bed. Shu Heng had already laid down with the blanket covering around his waist, he was holding his phone, looking at texts. Shu Ning leaned over and felt like a little bird resting on a man. While resting his head on Shu Heng’s shoulder, he held one hand over his waist and the other uh…… slid down. Ah~ Big brother’s legs are so firm, so smooth, so sexy.

Shu Heng extended an arm and grabbed Shu Ning’s shoulder:”You want to massage it?”

“No, I’m sleepy, go to sleep brother~”

Shu Heng returned a text message and put down his phone, he slid his body down and rested himself comfortably on his side. His skin was stuck to Shu Ning’s and their limbs were tangled together.

Shu Ning felt rather itchy, he closed his eyes and slept while listening to the familiar heartbeat, and smelling the familiar fragrance. Shu Heng opened his eyes, and his eyes were filled with a burning gaze. Softly he leaned closer but he didn’t do anything extra, until ten minutes later and Shu Ning was completely asleep, little by little……

This night was exceptionally warm, but at the same time it was tantalizing. Even if Shu Heng’s self-control was very powerful, the column between his legs still shot for the skies in front of the one he loved. Squeezed between his legs, just moving a little could ease the pain of his lovesickness, but unfortunately Shu Heng did not do that, he endured it and didn’t move. When he couldn’t endure it any longer, he went to the washroom and used his hand to deal with it……

The next morning, not knowing of the “dangers” by his side, not knowing that he had been thought about for a whole night, not knowing that he had nearly gotten boned, a certain uncle was awake.

The man over thirty was only fifteen at this moment, with a face that could deceive everyone, he rubbed his eyes, huh? The person next to him didn’t go away! In a moment flowers were blooming in his heart! Shu Ning quickly wrapped around him, half his body pressing against Shu Heng’s body, he was so happy and so excited, did big brother not go for a run because of me?

Or could it be snowing outside?

Whatever, it must be because of me, it has to be~ ~\(≧▽≦)/~

His little brother was so enthusiastic! Shu Heng’s whole body was stiff, after he returned to his senses, he quickly held him tight and his big hand gently smoothed down the little one’s back. You stayed quiet, and I did too, just like that the two stayed together quietly with their eyes closed, until Shu Heng’s phone rang. It’s probably grandpa, it definitely is, he would always find ways to have his grandchildren turn around his axis.

Shu Ning knew that Shu Gao still only had a year in his life so naturally he wouldn’t complain. He may not have had enough of this but they had a long future ahead of them, grandpa was more important.

Shu Cheng was very filial, so raising Shu Heng, he had also become very filial. Shu Heng and Shu Ning’s thoughts were the same, they hurriedly got up even if they were reluctant. The two looked at each other for a few seconds, and they both smiled.

“Brother, you look so good when you smile.”

“You too, I love it.”

Shy~ Shu Ning cherished Shu Heng’s smiles very much because he wasn’t someone who enjoyed smiling much:”You should smile more brother~”He tried to act spoiled and see if it would work.

A smile curled up on Shu Heng’s lips, although it was very quick, it was satisfying for Shu Ning.

They quickly brushed their teeth and put on some clothes. Shu Heng fixed up Shu Ning’s collar before the two left and headed over to the fourth floor. Shu Gao was too lazy to go downstairs to eat, he didn’t enjoy going out much during the winters and didn’t like meeting up with his old friends either. Shu Cheng had already arrived, he was drinking tea and chatting with Shu Gao, talking about the reconstruction of the pond in the back garden.

The pond did get built and in the end it had instead become Shu Cheng’s favourite place to think about his father.

Shu Gao pointed to the position beside him, and Shu Ning went over to sit down. Shu Heng was sitting next to Shu Cheng and after the family of four had their breakfast, the servant came over with Shu Yao in arms. The little guy who had just finished drinking his milk was very adorable, and super cute. Shu Gao immediately brought the little thing over to his arms and looked at Shu Ning, and Shu Ning knew what the old man was trying to say to him.

But…… It’s impossible.

I won’t hold him, not even if I die, he had taken care of him until he had grown up in his past life, he had even been used and died because of him, as long as they were human nobody could’ve forgiven that. It was impossible to say that Qin Yu Zhuo did not tell Shu Yao when she made her move, it was simply nonsense, Shu Yao was bad through and through. Just like the time before Qin Yu Zhuo abandoned Shu Ning, she would discuss everything with Shu Ning.

Shu Cheng’s eyes were slightly dark, after all he was the chairman, he wouldn’t show his mood on his face while he’s out but he would still show some expressions in front of his children. Shu Ning didn’t like Shu Yao, everyone could tell, especially Shu Gao, he sighed silently, and he wasn’t too happy about it.

The little one was sitting ignorantly within the old man’s arms looking left and right, children usually liked other kids, and Shu Ning was the second youngest in the entire house, and so he tried to extend his two hands over to him.

Shu Ning couldn’t just look at him indifferently in front of so many people, so he put on a dry smile and retreated backwards:”I don’t like kids! Don’t come to me.”

Shu Cheng laughed and acted in concert with Shu Ning, and the atmosphere eased up a lot.

Shu Gao understood that this couldn’t be forced. Right at this moment, Shu Yao’s eyes actually turned red and he pursed his little mouth, with eyes that looked very wronged, it seems he’s going to cry!

Look! You’re so young and you’re already scheming, Shu Ning looked down at him so naturally he would think of it negatively, he was only fifteen months old, what kind of schemes could he have? Shu Ning felt like he had been corrupted by the poison of his past life, and couldn’t get out of it!

Actually, it was hard to say. The human brain was very complicated and Shu Yao knew that he only had to cry, and definitely someone would hold him~ He would get anything he wanted~

Shu Gao coaxed the Shu Yao in his arms carefully. Shu Cheng signalled with his fingers, he was afraid that his dad would get tired. He glanced his eyes over to the Shu Ning who was constantly smiling, and he felt slightly surprised and suspicious. Thankfully Shu Heng was also indifferent, otherwise Shu Ning’s performance right now would stick out too much.

After all he was his brother and his mom wasn’t around, how could he not put it to heart?

Shu Yao cried very sadly, to the point where his little nose was slightly trembling, Shu Cheng’s heart had completely melted. Shu Gao finally managed to coax his little grandson, the child was too young so just crying once made him sleepy, he closed his eyes and slept in the old man’s arms.

Sun Lin came over but didn’t see the mutual exchange between their eyes:”What’s wrong? The little young master doesn’t normally cry, who messed with him?”

Shu Gao told him:”He wanted his second brother to hold him, but Ning Ning doesn’t like kids so he didn’t.”

“There are many people who don’t,”Said Sun Lin with a chuckle, he didn’t think too deeply about it:”If the little young master cries because of this again next time, just pretend to hit the second young master, it’ll definitely produce instant results.”

Shu Heng looked over with a leisurely gaze that was exceptionally dark. Sun Lin was one of Shu Gao’s men so Shu Heng gave him quite a lot of face, but no matter how much status he had, how much he respected you, as a servant even the most basic of his duties were gone, then he wasn’t a servant anymore, but rather a bully, he should be better off looking for another job.

Sun Lin didn’t know what happened but he was also understood such an expression well, Young Master Heng’s anger was very clearly written on his face, and this was very rare. Cold sweat immediately covered his back:”Ah, I’ve said too much, my apologies young master,”This Young Master Heng was too frightening, he was just so young but the pressure he could make one feel was even greater than the old man, Sun Lin’s heart felt shocked.

The smile on Shu Ning’s face had disappeared, and as time passed, and the scenes of the past sprang up again. Qin Yu Zhuo was like this as well, every time Shu Yao was unhappy, Qin Yu Zhuo would pretend to nag at Shu Ning, Shu Ning cooperated and pretended to be afraid, and Shu Yao’s tears would immediately turn into a smile, looking very proud. Shu Ning was the big brother so he didn’t care about these trivial matters, and Qin Yu Zhuo would also praise him after that, saying that he had the looks of a big brother! Very handsome, and due to that, even more so he would not keep it at heart.

Looking back now, Shu Yao had never had Shu Ning in his eyes, wasn’t that out of habit? However, no matter how used to it he was, he still couldn’t lose his conscience and murder someone. Speaking to the end of it, it was still Shu Yao himself that was inhumane. Shu Ning was a sincere big brother who loved him, he was even willing to write his name down as the beneficiary for his shares and property, but he couldn’t take the good of others for granted, that wasn’t the reason why he hurt Shu Ning.

Shu Cheng quickly came out to brighten the atmosphere:”He he he, Ning Ning is going back to school in a few days so it’s better to hit me instead~”

Shu Heng stared straight at Shu Ning:”Want to go horse riding?”

“Sure!”Even if Shu Ning was angry, he still kept his proper etiquettes and manners:”Grandpa, dad, I’m going out to play with big brother.”

“Alright,”What else could Shu Cheng say? He was slightly worried:”Come back sooner, nights come early in the winter.”

Why was the second grandson so angry? Shu Gao has seen countless people, so what couldn’t he figure out? Shu Gao who took note of Sun Lin the most usually did not help his old friend out, he took out a paper bag from under the desk and passed it to Shu Ning:”This is a house by the sea, the scenery there is nice, when you grow up you can go over there to relax.”

Is this compensation for earlier? That’s a big one, Shu Ning smiled reluctantly which was still better than no smile at all, and left with his brother after receiving it. While holding hands, Shu Heng gave his hand a squeeze and Shu Ning’s mood was immediately lifted considerably.

“Dad, let me hold Shu Yao instead, Be careful of stressing out your arms,”Shu Cheng carried over the little guy from Shu Gao’s arms and left. The servants who took care of Shu Yao normally left with him as well.

All of a sudden they had all left, and Sun Lin who had made a mistake was standing quietly, waiting for his reproval.

“Do you know what you did wrong?”

“I do,”It was just a joke but everyone took things differently, Sun Lin understood:”Young Master Heng is just so young and he’s already like a flying dragon in the sky, it’s wonderful, but as for Young Master Ning…… What should we do?”

“His mom had already been sent away so shouldn’t he be throwing a tantrum? This is good too, better than being bored for the whole day, it makes me worried too.”

Sun Lin finally smiled:”Old brother really is blessed, What still makes you worried?”

“You are also a man with a child, so naturally you know how I feel,”Shu Gao took a sip of his ginseng tea and narrowed his eyes:”Look at you, you’re so old and you still misspoke.”

Helplessly, he showed him a bitter smile, and Sun Lin shrugged:”If I were a talented man, old brother you wouldn’t have to keep me around the house.”

“I’m sorry, this is all I can do.”

Those words seems to have made Sun Lin slightly hurt. He sighed, who asked his generation to be so overly ignorant? He simply wasn’t fit to go out to deal with people at all, and he couldn’t say anything either. Who asked us all to be too young? Some things happen too late, when it passes, it’s passed. As long as they are both doing good, and had their own goals, happy and satisfied, they would have no regrets. They’re already old, what use would they have to think about all that?

“Brother, the old He family’s head is holding a banquet, should we go?”

Shu Gao also shrugged like Sun Lin:”Not going, that old scoundrel is definitely using that banquet to announce about Shu Zi Hui and He Ran, they’ll even arrange for reporters, then they’ll be dragging the Shu clan into the boat. Don’t forget, the old Mou family also had tons of contacts with the capital, so they can help the He family out.”

On the other hand, the space within the car was clearly very large, but this pair of brothers liked to stick together. Shu Ning wasn’t in a good mood so Shu Heng was holding him on top of his lap, he kissed the top of his head and his little face, and with his big hand, he stroked his back gently:”You don’t have to like third brother, it’s fine as long as you like me~”


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