VRP Vol 2 Chapter 19

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The following chapter contains sexual themes and profanities.

After reaching Shaoyang Sect Song Xiaohu and Yu Zhijue brought the liao ran to cure the poison first, Ling Xia and Murong Xue stayed in Yu Zhijue’s residence and waited. Yu Zhijue is currently Feng Shuming’s most reliable disciple, his residence had been replaced to one by a small river surrounded by mountains and rivers. Because Yu Zhijue enjoyed peace and quiet, nobody else lived in the surrounding area, it was recluded yet at the same time it was peaceful.


The aquamarine river water is beautiful, and full of spiritual energy. Ling Xia watched as Murong Xue sat down at the riverside and played with the water like a child, he couldn’t help but feel that it was pretty funny, the goddess in his eyes is currently just a small girl that hadn’t grown up.


He watched the hills in the distance, and inwardly pondered over what he should do next.


Firstly Ah Li had not been found yet, he is an eighth grade demonic beast, he wouldn’t be killed at sea, but to search for him in the vast ocean is another big problem. Ah Li is the protagonist’s companion beast in the book, so it was quite easy to find him if they were to be seperated, but currently due to the deviation in the scenario, Ah Li had not entered into a contract with anyone.


In addition, although he had agreed to stay by Yu Zhijue’s side, but……The current situation really was quite awkward. And if Yu Zhijue were to bring up any requests to kiss and hug, what should he do?


So he still had to find a suitable opportunity to resolve this matter without hurting Yu Zhijue.


And the next problem was the matter concerning his cultivation, this path was too hurrying, they had no leisure time at all to calm down.


Currently his body’s spiritual power and wood element energy’s cultivation is considered to have improved slightly, during this period of time he can ask Murong Xue to teach him about cultivating medicinal herbs more, it should be noted that Murong Xue is in fact a genius healer and alchemist.


After thinking for a while, Ling Xia quietly opened a roll of straw paper, and started designing energy swords with the sketches. The two youngsters still did not own an energy sword that belonged to them personally, energy swords have many more requirements than normal artifacts, the factors he needed to consider were also greater.


The pattern of the sword is slowly designed by Ling Xia, before this he had great interests in online games, and had personally designed many weapons, so this was not a problem at all. Then there’s the materials, he needs to consider which materials to use to combine perfectly together, and also to meet the owner’s own attributes, so that the defending, supporting, and attacking ability can be used to its full potential.


Ling Xia was absorbed in designing and labelling, until a hand pressed on top of the paper, only then was he interrupted. He looked up in shock, and just now noticed Yu Zhijue and Song Xiaohu had returned, the sky outside had also started to dim.


Song Xiaohu’s eyes widened as he saw the pictures and beamed: “Ling Dage, martial sister Feng Luo’s poison has already been cured. Is this designed for me and Ah Jue?”


Ling Xia nodded, his heart felt content. The famous swordmakers in this alternate world weren’t many, but the swords they create are often of the same design, the swords they design weren’t as cool as his own. He smiled: “I’ve never refined swords before, the designing will still take some time.”


It was not known when but Murong Xue had entered as well, she quietly sat at the side and read the medical book she had brought with her, at this time she had stood up as well: “I saw that Ling Dage you were too serious, so I did not want to bother you.”


As soon as Ling Xia saw her, he immediately thought of something, where is the goddess going to stay tonight? Yu Zhijue and Song Xiaohu’s residences are naturally innapropriate. Feng Luo’s place was a good choice, but she still hasn’t recovered after curing her poison……


Four people ate a simple meal, and Song Xiaohu was the first to notice this issue, he laughed: “Tonight I’ll bring Miss Murong over to martial sister Feng Xu’s place, there are several empty rooms in her residence, I can just say that Miss Murong is my relative.”


Ling Xia breathed a sigh of relief, and nodded his head with a smile. The protagonist’s luck of being a good person is undoubted, especially his luck with women.


Song Xiaohu quickly left with Murong Xue, and the room promptly quieted down.


……It’s strangely quiet.


Ling Xia cleaned everything up with a slightly guilty conscience, during the afternoon he took the chance when Yu Zhijue wasn’t around to tidy up the unoccupied room next door. While cleaning up he smiled: “Ah Jue you should rest early, “these few days has troubled you enough, I’m going next door to continue read for awhile……”


Yu Zhijue watched him silently, beautiful phoenix eyes glowed brilliantly in the dark, an unclear mood flickered in his gaze.


Currently Ling Xia did not quite dare to stare straight at the two clean and clear eyes like winter stars, he even turned around in a fluster to leave, but without waiting for him to take more than two steps, he was hugged tightly from behind. Two hands clasping tightly around his waist, brought a ferverous heat and strength that was hard to ignore.


Ling Xia suddenly froze stiff, is it really ok for him to be in such a girly pose?


Yu Zhijue clearly also felt a bit embarassed, with a wave of his hand a frozen blade was released and extinguished the candlelight, the room darkened in an instant.


The sudden darkness caused Ling Xia’s conditioned reflex to shut his eyes, he was then swiftly turned over, Yu Zhijue kissed him almost as if he couldn’t wait.


Ling Xia felt shocked, and opened his mouth to speak: “Ah Jue, don’t do this……mmgh……”


With his attempt to speak, a slippery and agile tongue immediately wrapped inside his mouth, the two lips were pressed tightly together without any space between them.


This child……is quite a genius in this factor isn’t he? A shudder ran down Ling Xia’s spine, although it was distressing, he had to admit, Yu Zhijue’s kissing techniques are improving very quickly……fuck!


He pushed Yu Zhijue with force, but his struggling allowed this young man to hug him even tighter. he struggled in distress, yet the other’s arm had way more strength than his, one of the two retreated while the other advanced and they stumbled around the room, the two lips changed angles but from start to finish they were never seperated.


The stool was kicked over, and the candle fell off the table, the painting on the wall had also been torn……


Ling Xia had never felt so lost before, it felt like the person he was dealing with was not the familiar young man, rather a stranger with ridiculous strength who could control him……


In the end Ling Xia was pressed down by Yu Zhijue on the bed, Yu Zhijue’s legs held down his legs, two hands were placed at his sides, there was no way to escape.


His head felt dizzy due to the lack of oxygen, two powerless hands resisted at Yu Zhijue’s chest, but they could not resist the other’s movements.


Yu Zhijue’s kiss always had a hint of anxiety and urgency, his breath is fast and hot, only now did it slowly start to calm down, and he resumed his careful touch.


Ling Xia numbingly closed his eyes, his heart quietly dripped with blood–He has thrown away the pride of eighteen generations of his ancestors, he had actually been pressed down by a child and kissed for half a day! Is he still a damned man?


He wanted to say that he was disgusted, but in reality he had even lost himself in the kiss for a moment.


Realizing this fact, Ling Xia felt overwhelmed by sorrow, fuck! He had fantasized about someone overflowing with enthusiasm towards him just like this–but the prerequisite as that she had to be a girl!


Yu Zhijue finally stopped, he rested his head on his chest and complained: “Why do you keep avoiding me?”


“……” Ling Xia licked his numb lips, and his Adam’s apple bobbed, in the darkness Yu Zhijue’s breath made him tremble. Currently the young man’s tone familiarly brought a sense of dissatisfaction and shyness, he almost thought that what happened just now was just an illusion.


Ling Xia swallowed hard: “I didn’t.” The two words that came out of his mouth shocked him, because his voice was mixed with hoarseness and an unfamiliar flavour, yet it was sexy in a way that was not shown before.


Yu Zhijue was also dazed, and his face started to heat up, he stuck to the side of Ling XIa’s ears and whispered: “I want to kiss you like this every day, hold you as I sleep, don’t go next door, let’s live together……”


Don’t request to live together so nonchalantly young man! I really only like……girls!


The warm breath brought a strange sensation to his ear, Ling Xia couldn’t help but shudder, following Yu Zhijue’s words his face was getting hotter and hotter, there was almost a feeling of dizziness.


He shifted his head over in embarassment, and spoke callously: “Ah Jue, That……I……”


But he couldn’t say the words that came after, because Yu Zhjue’s hands had been stuck inside his clothes!


He had never had such an experience before, Ling Xia was immediately dumbfounded. By the time he rushed over to resist, Yu Zhijue’s hands had already nimbly removed his belt, and slipped into his trousers, directly holding his lower part that had perked up after being stimulated earlier!


Yu Zhijue’s voice clearly stuttered unnaturally: “You said that after awhile men would have to do this……last time you……it made me feel very comfortable……I want to help you too……”


Ling Xia really wanted to go hang himself on a branch facing southeast, what is digging your own grave? Why did the sex ed that he had racked his brains come to this sort of understanding? There are no such innapropriate contents amongst brothers!


“Don’t do this……”The skin that had been touched couldn’t resist shuddering, the unfamiliar stimulation caused Ling Xia to writhe forcefully. But Yu Zhijue had already started moving persistently, Ling Xia was shocked to find that frail part had started reacting to Yu Zhijue’s movements without a struggle!


For him to be at such a vigorous age, coupled with the fact that he had gone too long without release, and besides for men to be stimulated there it doesn’t matter whether they were willing or not there are still natural reactions……


Even if he knew this, ling Xia still felt deeply ashamed, he struggled for his life: “Ah Jue, don’t……”


Yu Zhijue discovered that the more Ling Xia resisted him this way, the more his blood started to boil.


For this calm and restrained man to become so flustered under his own hands, yet his hoarse voice was extremely pleasant to listen to, the occasional moan made it hard to bear for him.


Yu Zhijue suddenly discovered that he was quite obsessed with this feeling.


He lowered his head and planted himself on Ling Xia’s lips, his right hand continued to move, and swallowed all the resisting words. He had long cultivated to the point where he could see clearly at night, so he could clearly see this person’s dazed expression and cheeks that were so red they looked like they would bleed, that pair of misty eyes and the desperately resisting expression made him love it to death……


His heart felt as if it was stuffed full with something, the dissatisfaction and jealousy from these past few days were all gone, so sweet it almost bloomed……


After an unknown period of time, Ling Xia’s back shuddered, his mind was blank, the chaotic creaking of the bed had also stopped.


The fact that he had come under Yu Zhijue’s hands, made him shocked, he breathed heavily, his chest bobbing non stop, he felt completely overwhelmed.


–Too innapropriate, too innapropriate……


Yu Zhijue’s hand felt hot, and he was also stunned, Ling Xia’s breaths made his heart feel stifled, he almost wanted to swallow this person whole!


Ling Xia reflexively spoke with a sobbing voice: “I’m sorry!”


When he finished speaking he wanted to poke his own eyes out–What’s there to be sorry about?I was forced!


The imperial rule states that a minor under the age of fourteen, no matter whether they were forced or not the adult was considered guilty……This is a sin! Has Yu Zhijue turned fourteen yet?……


His thoughts wandered wildly, and heard Yu Zhijue lowering his head, with a bit of shyness he spoke joyfully: “……How did you feel? Did that……feel good?”


Fuck! Don’t ask me so directly my young sir! This is the kind of line you use on your wife the day after your wedding!


Ling Xia’s face was so hot he could cook pancakes, for a moment he didn’t know how he should reply.


In fact, he felt that his three reflections and life views had been shattered.


Without waiting for an answer, Yu Zhijue quickly pulled his hand, and slowly moved it towards his own body: “So, how about you help me out as well.”


“……” We really shouldn’t be in this sort of relatinship……



The young man’s spirited area arrived at his palm, the heat almost felt as if it could burn his skin.


Ling Xia cried in his heart, is it a bit too ruthless to reject him now? As if he were a bastard who only knew to receive but not return……


He saw stars for a moment, and was brought on top of Yu Zhijue’s body, the two of them had switched positions.


Yu Zhijue closed his eyes and his face was hot: “Ling Xia, I like you.”


Three reflections – World views, values, and outlook on life.

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  1. Thanks for another amazing song 🙆🏼 Of course I will download this too lol Since I don’t know Chinese, I can’t search for Chinese music.. It is great of you to recommend songs 💖
    Im curious about the swoooord! I hope he can complete it before …. But even though he can complete it, isn’t he still too weak? So his swords wouldn’t be strong 🤦🏻‍♀️
    I am so angry toward Ling Xia! Poor Zhijue thinks he loves him 😭 Just properly reject him till you love him 😭😭 Well thanks to this chapter I forgot the sad past of Zhijue but… HOW DARE YOU LING XIA!
    Thanks for the chapter 💖💖

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    1. I usually find Chinese music through related videos 🙂
      And you don’t have to be extremely strong at cultivating to refine a good artifact/sword, as long as you have enough energy to cultivate it it can be made, the important parts are getting things to the right temperature/using the right materials.
      Things will improve soon haha hopefully good luck Yu Zhijue! Thank you for reading!

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    2. Relax my dear, all debts will be collected in vol 3. But your frustation will be directed to Ah Jue instead, because of how much he’s mistreating Ling Xia. Ah Jue isn’t even there when Ling Xia needs him the most. I won’t go into details, but let me tell you the ending is very sad 😢

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  2. He had never had such an experience before, Ling Xia was immediately dumbfounded. By the time he rushed over to resist, Yu Zhijue’s hands had already nimbly removed his belt, put the steam buns aside and slipped into his trousers

    also “the goddess in his eyes is currently just a small girl who hadn’t grew up.” should be “hadn’t grown up”


  3. I’m actually slightly (this is an understatement) annoyed by Ling xia’s actions cause he should’ve straightforwardly say out that he does not like him that way. The way he’s playing with YZJ is annoying. Cant he say no before things get too far? He’s just finding tons of dumb excuses to prevent himself from saying the truth. Plus he read so many novels before that he should’ve at least known that dragging things out will only make things worse.

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  4. Hoo boy, I love the guilt in this chapter and also how yzj is getting a liking for having the power and control to make lx come undone.


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