VRP Vol 2 Chapter 9

It’s finally here LOL took me way longer than I expected, these chapters are getting longer and longer.


The following chapter contains foul language and sexual themes (no penetration)
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One, two, three, Ling Xia had already turned into wood, passively feeling the clumsy movements of Yu Zhijue.


What should I do in this situation?


This damn brat Yu Zhijue was sensitive and prideful. If he woke him up, it would probably be unbearably embarrassing for him right? Besides this current situation was quite awkward, and Yu Zhijue had never received any sort of sex education……


Countless thoughts came into Ling Xia’s mind, but he still wasn’t sure how to handle the situation.


Yu Zhijue’s lower part was rubbing here and there, and his forehead was laced with sweat, he could tell that he wasn’t feeling very comfortable. In the end he kicked off his pants down to his knees, tightly held Ling Xia’s waist, and clumsily rubbed between his legs that were tight due to his stiffness, again and again, he moved with quite some force.


Following his movements, his knitted eyebrows slowly softened, the jade-like skin was dyed with a soft shade of red, the sound of rushed breathing came from his mouth, it was clear that he was starting to feel pleasure.


The hot humid breath brushed against Ling Xia’s chest, and the skin between his legs that were heating up from the friction.


Fortunately there was still a layer of clothing……


Ling Xia’s mind wandered off, and his face was also starting to heat up. He didn’t even dare to move his hands now, he was afraid that if he accidentally woke Yu Zhijue up, he wouldn’t be able to deal with such an embarrassing situation.


Fuck! What do I do? Just wait for Yu Zhijue’s that…… to go off?


Even when he couldn’t stand it anymore, Yu Zhijue still persisted his movements without any notion of stopping, and as he got more into it, his grip on his waist tightened, both of his legs were partially angled, and his speed seemed to increase.


Ling Xia raised his waist in fright, and tears filled his face, are all the men in this world so blessed? The protagonist in the book was huge so his stamina naturally needn’t be mentioned, and sure enough his rival could compare with him even in this aspect, Yu Zhijue was still just a teen but this aspect was already terrifying, how could a great Chinese shitizen such as I have any more pride to continue on living.


Yu Zhijue’s mouth lightly moved a few times, but he wasn’t sure what he was saying.


Ling Xia just saw Yu Zhijue’s lips moving and he could feel them rubbing against his chest, as the soft, warm lips touched his chest, a strange numbness filled his body, and he felt a sense of danger–Alright, I’ve already been a virgin for 23 years, he has never had any romantic experiences before.


So young man you better hurry up and finish!


The skin of the two which is against each other is wet with sweat, Ling Xia could tolerate it no more. Occasionally Yu Zhijue’s movements would touch against the second brother that he had not touched for a long time, under the warmth touch, a certain disobedient part slowly had the notion of peeking its head…… Damnit! If this continues on it’s gonna be bad!


As Yu Zhijue slowly got more into the movements, his hands unconsciously started to spread apart Ling Xia’s legs, it scared the piss out of Ling Xia!


Fuck! This is too dangerous!


He pressed his legs together hard, and his right hand groped towards the great villain’s precious engorgement, after a while his hand started to move proficiently.


— In any case, it doesn’t seem like Yu Zhijue’s about to wake up soon, to prevent an even more awkward situation from arising, he could only secretly give a helping hand.


The moment he held on, Yu Zhijue’s breath clearly became more disorderly, the flexible waist that belonged to a young man quickly moved along with his hand, the jerky movement brought a hint of eroticism.


That object pulsed in his grasp, the shape and size……A certain man named Ling teared up silently, Yuzhijue is still a teenager, is this really alright? He made an effort to tell himself, it’s alright, I’m just helping my little brother beat one off……


He recalled his past experiences, moving his hands skillfully, his hand gradually soaked with fluids, giving off an indistinct wet sound.


Yu Zhijue finally showed signs of his oncoming release, the sound of his breathing also started to speed up, a shiver suddenly ran down his spine, and his slender legs stretched abruptly.


“……”Ling Xia twitched his eyes and shrunk his hand back, the wet liquid on his hands made him feel rather uncomfortable. He guiltily hurried to wipe his hands on the bed sheets, and struggled to grab Yu Zhijue’s pants and pull them up.


Although he didn’t feel any disgust from servicing Yu Zhijue, the psychological impact on him was still quite great……


Just that as soon as his pants were pulled halfway up, Yu Zhijue’s hands suddenly moved, he’s awake!


Ling Xia’s face was a sheet of white, and he was petrified, he watched Yu Zhijue’s confused eyes at a loss.


Yu Zhijue’s eyes quickly came into focus, a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes was still stained with lust.


The two of them were still stuck together, and there was a faint undispelled fishy smell, but the most crucial point was, his hands were currently wrapped around Yu Zhijue’s hip– that poor pair of pants hadn’t been pulled up yet.


Yu Zhijue quickly noticed the illicit actions of the two, he didn’t know how to react and felt a bit overwhelmed. His pupils shrank, staring blankly at the Ling Xia who was hugging him tightly, his face flushed red. But as soon as he felt the hands clawing at his bottom, he froze for a moment, and staggered over to the headboard.


“What have you done!?” Yu Zhijue’s ears were flushed red, and rushed to pull up his pants, as soon as he noticed the breeze on his exposed bottom region, the tone of his words seemed to be said through gritted teeth.


“……”Ling Xia really wanted to cry, fuck! This child wouldn’t mistake him for a pedophile pervert uncle would he?


“That……” Ling Xia tried to put up a natural front and sat up, he put on his outer robe and said,” Ah Jue, sit down and listen to me.”


Yu Zhijue sat down with a flushed face, but it was obvious he was feeling quite nervous, his back was stretched straight, and his eyes was hesitant to meet Ling Xia’s.


In actuality, he had already slowly recalled the feelings in the dream– It was a sensation he had never felt before, so joyful that it was hard to explain…… the person in front, just now…… Yu Zhijue felt his whole body start to heat up, and to cover it up he lowered his head, and roughly spoke: “Speak.”


Ling Xia mustered up his courage, and after a moment he spoke in an authoritative tone to hide his anxiety: “Boys will slowly grow bigger, When you reach the age of 18 you will [Wah–] or have [Wah–] dreams, this is normal…… I only tidied up your clothes earlier…… Ah, in the future Ah Jue you can take care of that when it’s convenient, but don’t doo it too often, it’s bad for your body.”


He silently shed tears in his heart, during those years that Female physiology teacher had also only quickly mentioned it once alright?


He spoke mechanically, and it seemed like Yu Zhijue finally understood, with a huff he laid down facing away from him. Even though there was still a hint of embarrassment on his face, but at least the vexation was gone.


Ling Xia wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and laid down, but he still felt bitter inside, he felt more vexed than Dou E……


He remembered it all……


Yu Zhijue held his breath, his heart beat violently and chaotically, the sounds were so loud that it surprised himself.


In the chaotic and beautiful dream, Ling Xia was underneath him, the smiling face was clear. The two were very close, so close that he could smell the fresh scent of herbs on his body as soon as he lowered his head, he could see the two good looking red dots on top the chest of the weak pallid skin clearly.


A strange heat roused up in his abdomen, firmly pressing against the taut skin of the other party, overwhelmingly moving, but he couldn’t get rid of the heat no matter what.


Until a familiar hand with thin fingers dexterously held on, moving with just the right speed and strength, allowing him to slowly heighten to a strange but wonderful feeling……


That kind of feeling, made him hot as soon as he thought about it……


That wasn’t a dream, it was real!


Yu Zhijue clutched his fists tightly, the afterglow passed, and his eyes gradually sunk down.


Earlier Ling Xia had also mentioned that, when a man orgasms, they would dream about girls or something, and it was normal…… Does that mean that Ling Xia also occasionally dreams about a bunch of women, and doing those kinds of things to them? If it were Song Xiaohu or someone else, would Ling Xia help them this way as well?


As he thought of this, a bout of heat erupted in his heart, a heat different from the earlier one, this heat made him want to turn over and embrace the man next to him, allowing him to see only himself!


He won’t dream of anyone else, no matter in reality or in his dreams, those kinds of things, he will only do it to one person!


Looking out the window, the sky had already started to brighten.


Although this matter was quite awkward, in the end, Yu Zhijue still didn’t understand anything about the right hand. Besides, what happened earlier was a natural teenage matter, children in this stage are the most sensitive and curious, if you don’t lead them carefully, it’s easy to walk down the wrong path……


Ling Xia narrowed his eyes, although the ship was moving steadily, it still swayed slightly, he quickly fell half asleep.


At this moment, a sharp cry suddenly came from outside, that voice was particularly loud, spreading across the seas, it really reverberated through the horizons!


Everyone on the ship was startled awake. Ling Xia turned his body, and looked out the window, he was stunned for a moment– there’s a strange thing flying towards us!


Even though they were quite far away, but you could see that the speed was shocking! the wings that were spread out resembled a bat, but their body looked like birds. As it got closer, Ling Xia finally noticed a person standing on top of it.


From the shape one could see that it was a man, his hands were crossed and sluggish, a long red robe was draped over his body, the hair that was blowing messily in the wind was the colour of maroon.


Ling Xia suddenly thought of a person, and his face paled, he fearfully took a few steps back– Blood Demon Chu Yin!


Blood Demon Chu Yin is one of the right-hand men of Yu Tianxing, since his title was blood demon, that is to say, his cultivation is related to blood!


Perhaps the research material of that damned author was Wei Yixiao from “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber”……


The favourite of the blood demons were the pure yang orthodox cultivators, and in the book his nose was so sensitive he could tell apart the blood type of people by smelling, even better than a police dog!


the most most important part was, even though blood demons are arrogant and evil, he was very loyal! This kind of loyalty towards Yu Tianxing and persisted to Yu Zhijue, and in the end he perished under the protagonist’s little brother gang for Yu Zhijue.


Fucking hell, why are the great villain’s wonderful future harem members showing up one by one?!


That’s right, the doujinshi from that stud novel included many other ships beside the protagonist x villain main pairing, and one of them happened to be the arrogant demon lord x loyal dog subordinate bottom, fucking hell!


Ling Xia touched the high grade artifact on his body that hid his aura, he isn’t able to refine this type of artifact yet, it was the masked man who made it. But he was still afraid, so much so that the thought of it made his neck throb with pain.


Who wouldn’t be! He was a human panacea right now, he was more likely to become the blood demon’s target, he had died once, but to be sucked dry and turned into a human jerky, that was too terrifying! With the current strength of Yu Zhijue and Song Xiaohu, they probably can’t defeat him!


Can he just hope that that devil was just passing by? Please?


This was the first time Yu Zhijue had seen such a panicked expression on Ling Xia’s face, he quickly went over, and deeply said: “What’s wrong, what kind of person is that man?”


Ling Xia unhesitantly pushed him down to the ground, pressing himself against his body and whispered: “I heard from that senior, there was a man from the demonic sect that liked to wear red clothes and rides on top of a grade seven demonic bald eagle– Blood Demon Chu Yin! His demonic training required him to drink the blood of three people daily.”


As he said that he gave a forced smile, and whispered closely in Yu Zhijue’s ear: “I’m a human panacea now.”


Dou E from the story “Dou E Yuan” is an innocent girl who was framed for murder and executed, she swears that if her blood spills onto her clothes but not the ground, heavy snow will befall on the sixth lunar month and cover her dead body, and the city of Chuzhou will experience a drought for three years, and the three events did end up happening.

Yu Tianxing is Yu Zhijue’s father.


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