VRP Vol 2 Chapter 8

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Horrible, truly too horrible……

Tragic, truly too tragic……

Ling Xia turned his head silently, he couldn’t bear to watch any more.

It wasn’t just him, even Song Xiaohu’s move was left hanging in a daze.

Great Villain! Where has your graceful and magnificent bearing gone? What happened to your immoral style of using people to do your dirty work without needing you to do anything?

It’s seriously ruined…… This is outrageous! That poor girls’ going to be played to death by you……

Ling Xia’s face was covered with tears, and he threw a tantrum in his heart.

That’s right, Yu Zhijue had kept his spiritual wood sword, and used body techniques directly!

Yu Zhijue was in every factor a genius among geniuses, one by one his attacks were neat and magnificent to watch– In addition, his dextrous moves slipped past the cracks in between the golden thread and aimed straight for the sister’s vitals.

Heart, abdomen, throat…… Although Bi Yun’s performance was eclactic, she was actually by nature coquettish, and with a face flushed to the ears her attacks quickly became disorderly, and was ruthlessly turned into a rag doll!

That’s right, a rag doll, there was no way Ling Xia wouldn’t be reminded of the word.

He hadn’t even applauded Yu Zhijue’s skill yet, and he already felt unberable.

If this was the protagonist fighting against a girl, he would most likely be defeated, because he couldn’t do it. This damn child Yu Zhijue had not a strand of pity, he would beat and kick, and even heavy-handedly landed a few blows on the sister’s delicate nose and sharp chin!

Not even a bit of appreciation to beauty? It’s crude to the point that it’s scary alright?

She was a fine girl, but she was quickly turned into a pomegranate……

The crucial part was that nobody knew the Return My Beauty punch!

Yu Zhijue quickly sent out a beautiful circle kick steadly to the ground without even looking back.

Bi Yun was sent flying a few feet from his kick, and firmly landed on her back. She touched her bruised and swollen cheeks in disbelief, it was depressing and shameful, a cry of “wah” emerged from her mouth. Only that her mouth was beaten till they cracked, and it started to hurt as soon as she cried.

“……” Blessed mother Ling was melancholy, he didn’t know how to face such an overbearing human tragedy.

Seeing the attitude of Yu Zhijue towards his future girlie, of course his distorted views of Male and Female relations must be corrected…… Both men and women were clearly the same to him! That’s a girl!

Alright, the fact that the villain used a girl as a meat shield in the book was even worse…….

He can now fully affirm that Bi Yun will no longer show the love crazed expression to Yu Zhijue!

Sisters are easily attracted by the graceful and elegant villain boss, they wouldn’t be affected by a simple and crude little devil!

if this scene could be recorded and distributed, Yu Zhijue would stay single his whole life, all the sisters in the world would condemn this ruthless man! Not even if he looks like an angel!

Song Xiaohu finally regained his sense, and shouted: “Ah Jue, you’ve gone overboard! How could you hit a girl!”

Yu Zhijue slowly pulled out a silk handkerchief and chucked it to the ground after wiping his hands, he headed straight towards Ling Xia and replied coldly: “Let’s go–Song Xiaohu, do you want to stay back and see to her injuries?”

Song Xiaohu flushed at his words, and left first in a huff. Earlier Bi Yun had destroyed Xu Yan’s sword, although he wasn’t close with Xu Yan, but they both came from the same sect, naturally he wouldn’t stand with the enemy.

Xu Yan was supported up by Xu Mingyang and fed a medicinal pill, he glared at Bi Yun and howled: “Yu Shixiong, if we leave this diabolic witch alive, we will inevitably encounter countless troubles!”

Yu Zhijue gave him an icy look and said: “If you want to kill her, do it yourself.”

Xu Yan looked at the bell and golden thread by Bi Yun’s side, and in the end he had no courage to go over, thus he retreated discontentedly.

Ling Xia hesitantly took a look at Bi Yun, and turned to catch up with Yu Zhijue. The people of this world had ridiculously strong bodies anyway, the fact that Yu Zhijue personally acted was even more peculiar, Since it was just a face slapping, he didn’t give Bi Yun any grievous injuries, it almost seemed like his goal was to shame her…… With Bi Yun’s injuries, she probably won’t appear for three or four days?

It was actually good that that missy got to learn this lesson, at least she knows that there are strong people out there, she might stop casually playing with the weak, in case suffering another loss.

Bi Yun sat up abruptly, glared at Yu Zhijue’s back with a disheveled look and screamed loudly: ” The one surnamed Yu, I hate you!”

Her voice was sharp and quiet, with a slight quiver, the previous flirtatious cuteness was all but gone.

Yu Zhijue didn’t even look back, even though he looked tranquil, his steps were quicker than usual. If he had really beaten that hateful woman to death, he suspects that Ling Xia that uncontentious man would probably argue with him for some time.

He suddenly recalled something from Xu Yan’s words, Ling Xia was surprised.

Bi Yun may have appeared alone, but to perform tasks for the demonic sect with her current strength and experience, it didn’t seem enough, could there be someone else from the demonic sect?

“What’s the matter?” Yu Zhijue knitted his brows, it couldn’t be that Ling Xia wanted to go console that woman right?

Ling Xia shook his head: “It’s nothing, the good and bad people are all mixed around in this area, we should probably leave quickly.”

A few hundred miles from here was the seaside, after passing through the vast ocean and Yunxiao City they could reach Chongming City, it should be about a month long trip.

Currently a hundred miles for them was still a day trip, due to Xu Yan’s injury, Yu Zhijue decided that he, Ling Xia, and Song Xiaohu would first return with the liao ran, the other three can take their time.

After rushing all night, they managed to reach the sea side by dusk the next day. The ship was quite huge, divided into three floors, they were seperated into rooms and shops. Of course Yu Zhijue had bought the ticket for the personal room on the topmost floor, a small room that was less than 10 square meters actually costed them a thousand grade one energy coins.

Yu Zhijue bought two tickets, which was equivalent to spending 20,000 renminbi, Ling Xia felt his heart ache as he heard the price. Money shouldn’t be spend in such a way even if you were rich!

Naturally, Yu Zhijue and Ling Xia shared a room, and Song Xiaohu shared the other with Ah Li.

Song Xiaohu was dissatisfied: “Why? It wasn’t easy meeting Ling Dage, I want to chat with him too.”

Yu Zhijue said expressionlessly: “Do you think your sleeping posture is great?”

“……”Song Xiaohu pitiably drew circles on the ground. His sleeping posture aside, he pulled out several tufts off hair from Ah Li as if it were a roast chicken, and Ah Li angrily clawed his face.

Night had already dawned when they finished their dinner, after rushing for a day everyone started to feel fatigued, and prepared to rest after some simple washing up.

The weather was starting to get a bit hot, and the ship felt like a steamer. Ling Xia opened the windows to let the cool ocean breeze blow in. He gave his waist a pleasant stretch and took off his outer shirt naturally, then threw his undergarment over to the chair at the side as well. Since there was only him and that damned kid Yu Zhijue, they were both men so it didn’t matter.

But as soon as he turned around, he saw Yu Zhijue’s gaze on his body, that gaze was quite strange, almost as if in a trance……

Ling Xia subconsciously covered his chest, and felt vexed- Even cold boiled chicken has dignity alright?

Although he deliberately tried to cultivate under the blazing sun, the marks of being soaked in ichor for four years wasn’t easy to eliminate, currently his skin was white almost to the point of being translucent, adding to the fact that he hadn’t managed to develop muscles yet, it really–looks quite sissy……

A certain man named Ling had already started to feel inferior, but he pretended to act natural and let go of his hands, he mightily leaned against the bed and said: “Ah Jue, we should sleep.”

Only now did Yu Zhijue regain his senses and gave an “oh”,he quietly took off his outer robe, and laid down with his back facing Ling Xia, just that his back looked stiff, and it seemed like he was deliberately keeping a distance between them. If Ling Xia observed him more closely, he would surely notice that Yu Zhijue’s ears were flushed with red.

Ling Xia didn’t mind, even though they slept side by side for a night, could it be this child is not used to sleeping with people? He quickly closed his eyes and fell into a dream.

In the middle of the night, he felt his chest sink, as if he couldn’t breathe, he had to open his eyes in pain.

By the time his sight focused, he was dumbfounded, because Yu Zhijue was stuck to his chest.

Yu Zhijue’s undergarment had also been taken off some time during the night, the naked bodies of the two were tightly stuck together. Seems like he’s been turned into a pillow again……

And Yu Zhijue’s arms were tightly hugged around his waist, moist even breaths felt slightly ticklish on his chest. Fortunately Yu Zhijue’s body was cool and he did not sweat, so other than the stuffy feeling on his chest, he wasn’t uncomfortable.

Just that Yu Zhijue’s body was no longer the same as the childlike one from four years ago, his muscles had an unobvious symmetry but they wre beautiful, he had quite the body. Ling Xia felt that the current position of the two of them were a bit too……homoerotic.

He felt nervous but didn’t want to wake up Yu Zhijue, he tried to pry his hand away from his waist. Yu Zhijue wrinkled his brows, and grabbed on even tighter, as if he were a child hugging his favourite toy to sleep.

“……”As Ling Xia thought of that, he felt joyed. he lowered his head and carefully observed Yu Zhijue’s sleeping face, long eyelashes quivered, and partially red lips were slightly parted, long straight hair scattered over his shoulders and face, he truly looked like a sleeping angel.

He slowly relaxed, and motionlessly pretended to be the great villain’s bolster, and stared out the window to see the star filled night sky absentmindedly.

As he was about to fall asleep again, Yu Zhijue’s breathing suddenly quickened, and the cool body started to feel hot.

Ling Xia sobered up with a start, what’s wrong with this kid?

He wanted to nudge Yu Zhijue up, but he was dumbfounded as soon as his hand came in contact with the firm and delicate skin–He very clearly felt a hard object stabbing against his belly.. They were both men, if you said you didn’t know what that was then drag him out and slap him a hundred times!

Yu Zhijue started to move……

Actually, his movements were quite awkward, every movement brought about feeling of a young man’s youth.

Ling Xia’s whole body stiffened, damn me! What the hell is this scene of being treated like a blow up doll? It’s too mysterious!

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  1. Ooh, thank you for translating this! I just discovered this novel today and have consumed all of vol 1 and your translated chapters. ❀ (And you have new releases daily!!! This is THE BEST!)

    I love how Yu Zhiyue is now using Ling Xia as a body pillow in his sleep while being all discomforted by puberty happening when he's awake. Such an adorable dumpling.

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