VRP Vol 2 Chapter 4

Ah Li got even angrier after Song Xiaohu’s interruption, and dug his claws into the ground, an even stronger energy fireball slowly formed in his mouth.

Ling Xia hurriedly hugged Ah Li’s neck, he rubbed his head and comforted in a low voice: “Ah Li be good, it’s alright, he’s not an enemy……” Ah Li gradually relaxed after Ling Xia’s comforting, but he still stared at the two on the tree, a warning grunt was sent from his throat.

Song Xiaohu watched Ling Xia’s movements in confusion, why does he feel like this good-looking guy’s expressions and movements feel so familiar? Just, just like……

Without waiting for him to come up with his answer, Bi Yun promptly grabbed his clothes near the chest, lifted up her face and showed a weeping expression: “Help! This man tried to molest me!”

The burned clothing revealed a big portion of pearly skin and some cleavage, in addition to the smell of rouge from up close, Song Xiaohu was only 14 years old, his face quickly flushed, he put her down on the tree and defended in front of her: “Is what she said true?”

“……” The protagonist was indeed the gullible and passionate type in the book…… But is it really okay to turn his back on strangers like that?

Ling Xia feared that he had fallen into Bi Yun’s plot, thus he straightened up and laughed: “If what she said was true, what will you do?”

Song Xiaohu was dazed, but quickly assumed an offensive posture: “My master said, men who bully women are trash! And I can’t let you go!”

Four years had passed, but the protagonist is still…… so dumb! According to what Song Xiaohu said, it can be deduced that he has successfully gone under the wing of the second gentlemanly master, because Feng Shuming would never say such a thing.

Ling Xia looked at Song Xiaohu carefully, four years of time had really made him grow a lot, He had grown about a head’s worth in height, masculine features are now present on his originally nice pinchable cheeks, together with his increasingly arrogant hedgehog head and a pair of exceptionally bright eyes, he could grab attention anywhere. He was really happy inside, couldn’t help but feel a rush, with these four years, what will that brat Yu Zhijue grow to look like?

He deliberately stood in front of Ah Li and made a defensive movement and said to Song Xiaohu: “Why don’t you give it a try then.”

Without finishing his sentence, an overwhelming force emerged. Ling Xia shivered, isn’t this damn child a bit too fast, attacking as soon as he said so? He conveniently grabbed a boulder to block in front of his chest, under Song Xiaohu’s attack, the boulder was smashed into pieces, Ling Xia quickly dodged the residual attack, the shockwave spread out amongst the defensive artifacts on his body, but he was still frightened into a cold sweat.

When did this damn child become so scary?

Ah Li roared, and almost pounced over. Ling Xia quickly grabbed Ah Li and appeased him, Song Xiaohu was really bold, if he really were his enemy, even if he was stronger now, a level eight snow beast in its complete form was still on another level, It was no surprise that the protagonist often got injured, but he could just advance when he got hurt.

Watching Song Xiaohu leaving Bi Yun’s scope of attack, Ling Xia stood straight and smiled: “Stupid Xiaohu! Can’t you figure out the situation before you act?”

Song Xiaohu heard his own name, and was shocked, he slid backwards and doubtfully spoke after giving him a look: “Who are you? Why do you know my name?”

This body went from thirteen-fourteen to seventeen-eighteen, from adolescence to adulthood, it’s no surprise he couldn’t recognize him. Ling Xia smiled: “It’s me Ling Dage(big brother), Ling xia, do you not remember me anymore?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Song Xiaohu’s eyes suddenly widened in shock, his mouth hung open and forgot to close. He quickly sized up Ling Xia, and sure enough, even though the appearance had changed significantly, but the faint warm smile on his face was the same as the Ling Dage in his memories……

Ling Xia glanced over to the tree, Bi Yun had already disappeared, this lady slipped away pretty quickly…… When his gaze fell back to Song Xiaohu again, his expression almost gave him a fright.

The protagonist with the bright aura, the strong future stud male, suddenly puffed his chest, and tears welled up in his eyes with pursed lips, with a face like a child who wanted to cry: “You, didn’t you die? They all said you died……”

Ling Xia’s heart softened, and couldn’t help but approached him and rubbed his prickly hedgehog head, he really had grown, his hand had to be lifted pretty high…… he smiled and said: “I didn’t die.”

He gave Song Xiaohu a simple explanation, and said that he was saved by an expert, followed him for four years, and only recently woke up.

Song Xiaohu only just remembered the girl from earlier, but the surroundings were empty, where had that girl gone? he asked quizzically: “Ling Dage, what happened earlier? Why did she say you…… molested her?”

Ling Xia patted his shoulder in amusement: “Don’t be so brash next time! That Bi yun lady from earlier isn’t someone you should offend, you’ve got to be careful when you see her next time. THat being said, why did you suddenly appear here? …… where’s Ah Jue?”

Song Xiaohu embarrassingly revealed two dimples: “I saw how miserable she looked and believed her, Feng Luo Shijie’s body contracted a strange poison, it requires a very rare demonic beast’s blood to cure, me and Ah Jue, as well as several fellow disciples came here to catch these beasts. Earlier we easily found their traces, but we were separated during the chase, and the beast had also gotten away.”

He paused and hesitated again: “Ling Dage, I feel like Ah Jue changed a lot, but I couldn’t advise him…… How about you try persuading him.”

Ling Xia wept, He came back just for this didn’t he? Even this air-headed Song Xiaohu noticed, Yu Zhijue truly was a concerning child!

The Yu Zhijue in the book had defected from the Shaoyang Sect to the demonic cultivation road at the age of seventeen, which means, he still has time!

“Where’s Ah Jue?” Ling Xia hurriedly asked, He wanted to find that damn worrying child immediately, and slap him twice before anything!

Song Xiaohu and co were living in a small inn, there were also several junior disciples, they were all considered Shaoyang Sect’s most prized young disciples, after all it wasn’t easy to catch this type of demonic beast. Ling Xia felt that his own face had changed significantly these few years, they surely won’t recognize him, besides he was only an irrelevant no-name disciple, so with ease he bravely followed Song Xiaohu back.

Along the way Ah Li’s animosity towards Song Xiaohu quickly disappeared, Song Xiaohu ‘s powerful energy of the same energy attracted him, Song Xiaohu was also particularly curious about Ah Li. Ling Xia watched this pair of enemy turned friends man and beast, and couldn’t help but laugh.

At the inn, Yu Zhijue unsurprisingly had not returned. Yu Zhijue’s room was the innermost one on the second floor, Song Xiaohu beckoned Ling Xia to sit with the air of an adult, and went down to order some food from Xiao Er, Ah Li’s transformation used up a fair bit of energy and also started to get hungry, he jumped onto Song Xiaohu’s body and followed him down.

While Ling Xia waited alone in the room, his heart suddenly felt a bit nervous, he nervously opened up the windows to let the cool breeze blow in, and only then did he recover slightly.

How should he greet Yu Zhijue when he saw him later? Should he say “Ah Jue, do you miss me?” Or should be joke “I’m not dead ha ha, didn’t I say I wouldn’t die.” ?

They both seem inappropriate……

Suddenly the door opened, Ling Xia thought it was Song Xiaohu returning, and turned back with a smile, but he was faced with a pair of unparalleled phoenix eyes. He was stunned, and his mind was blank for a moment.

Darn! He still hasn’t thought of a good opening speech damn it!

But the strange yet familiar face across from him was very calm, even a slight bit of dissonance couldn’t be found, but the pupil seemed to shrink.

Ling Xia’s lips moved a few times, but he couldn’t say anything, only watched Yu Zhijue with a smile.

He couldn’t call him a child anymore…… Yu Zhijue was almost as tall as he is, the head of jet-black hair billowed in the wind, a pair of bright phoenix eyes stared at him, focused to the point where it felt awkward to look at them directly.

Seems like this child had grown very well in these past four years.

After a long time, Ling Xia smiled: “Ah Jue, I’m back.”

The air seemed to still, and Yu Zhijue slowly walked over, only his every step was taken with caution, almost as if afraid to wake from the dream.

He stiffly held out his hands, and tried to touch Ling Xia’s face, as if he wanted to confirm whether he was real or not.

Ling Xia’s mouth moved softly without shrinking back, his voice slowed, and in a whisper: “I’m back.”

The pair of hands on his face were slender and attractive, but they were colder than ice, so cold that Ling Xia couldn’t help but shivered, the candlelight also flickered at this moment, and crackled, almost at the point of extinction.

“Ah Jue?” Ling Xia felt slightly uneasy, clearly, the water energy in Yu Zhijue’s body stirred along with its owner’s emotions, bringing about a bone chilling coldness.

Suddenly, Ling Xia could only feel his body tighten and his sight darkened, and even heard a “crack” sound in his bones from the strong embrace, the air in his lungs were pushed out. He couldn’t resist releasing a small groan from the pain, a bit unsure whether to cry or laugh, it was already annoying before…… isn’t this child a bit too excited?

Yu Zhijue roughly put his entire body including both of his arms into his embrace, tight to the point where even breathing was difficult, he couldn’t move at all.

Ling Xia could only feel the rapid heartbeat and the breath on the side of his face.

Isn’t this quite strange, this child was clearly attuned to water but why was his breath so hot……

“Ah Jue?” Ling Xia tried to speak, that being said wasn’t it a bit hot to be stuck like this?

He struggled and moved a bit, watching Yu Zhijue’s face up close, exquisite to the point of shock, He could even feel the long thick eyelashes brushing against his face. He felt a sense of brotherly pride, he’ll definitely turn this dumb child back straight! Let him become an overlord by the protagonist’s side!

Even though Yu Zhijue’s expression was still rather stiff, his body was trembling softly.

Ling Xia’s heart suddenly softened immensely, he struggled to move his arms towards Yu Zhijue and returned the hug, he smiled and said softly: “Ah Jue, I’m back.”

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