VRP Vol 2 Chapter 3

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The area that he is currently in is between Qingmengdong, ChuChen Pavilion, as well as other small sects, so the types of people who come around are quite varied. These sects can hardly compare to the Shaoyang sect because the land is rather small and lacks resources, disputes happened quite commonly.

On this day, Ling Xia was eating in an inn, feeding Ah Li some chicken while recalling the artifact refining manual that he just saw.

His currentΒ  body cultivation and energy element cultivation ability can only be considered in the novice stage, and he is even more ignorant in sword skills, he spent most of his time on refining offense artifacts instead. Even though Ah Li is powerful, but in the end he’s still just a demonic beast and cannot easily be exposed.

There are many types of offense artifacts, but the sword is the most common. Refining a sword has higher requirements compared to other artifacts, and Ling Xia has never tried it. Before he left, the two children were still using wooden spirit swords, he wasn’t sure if they had their own personal sword after these 4 years have passed.

He was designing the shape of the energy sword in his heart when a disturbance came at the doorway. A group of grey-robed ChuChen Pavilion disciples entered and ten people took up three or four tables and hollered for wine and meat. Ling Xia didn’t care, he put Ah Li on the table and slowly started to eat his meal.

After a while, he heard the sound of some demonic beasts, but the ones who entered were a group of green-robed Qingmengdong disciples. The originally small inn was even more crowded. The store waiter hurriedly welcomed them with a big smile. He had spent a lot of time here, and naturally knew the tension between the two sects.

The disciples in front took a look at the inn, and instantly wrinkled their brows, they gave a cold look to the ChuChen Pavilion disciples and entered, looking for an empty seat. Only one table was left, and they couldn’t fit with nine people.

The waiter smiled and pointed to Ling Xia’s position: “There is only one guest on the table there, customers, how about you share a table with him?”

A green-robed disciple sneered: “Do you not have eyes! When have you seen us Qingmengdong share a table with others?”

Ling Xia hated to see these disputes. He was just about done eating anyway, thus he stood and smiled: “Waiter brother, I have just finished my meal, bill me please, and please give me another two portions of chicken and some dry rations.”

The waiter gratefully smiled and hurried to clean up the table.

The matter was settled like so, but a ChuChen Pavilion disciple immediately sneered in a low voice: “Heheh, those who dress in green only know how to bully the weak.”

The Qingmengdong disciples immediately stood up, slammed the table and shouted: “Which cowardly bastard, only dares to secretly insult us behind our backs?”

The disciples of ChuChen Pavilion wouldn’t stand down and show weakness, they stood up as well to bicker, they suffered a loss at the hands of Qingmengdong in a competition for lingshi(energy stones) and had nowhere to vent.

Lingxia looked at the small inn which had turned into a battlefield, and felt a bit speechless. Sure enough, you can’t stop in this kind of universe, stopping would just bring trouble. The waiter who was rushing to prepare his dry rations also got a fright, he stopped and waved: “Excuse me customers.”

But right now the two sides were bickering, how could they still notice him?

Suddenly a loud buzzing bell rang, it gave everyone a splitting headache, subconsciously covering their ears, and painfully knelt on the floor.

Ling Xia also felt a bit breathless, and immediately sent his spiritual energy through his body for several rounds, greatly reducing the pressure.

The bell finally stopped, a young girl leaning on the railing laughed: “Heheh, it finally stopped, didn’t you know it’s offensive to disturb someone’s afternoon rest?”

The young girl’s face is very charming, a pair of soul-stirring almond eyes, and tight clothes that reveal a sexy slender clavicle and slender neck. Even though she looked to be about fifteen or sixteen, but her body is a developing one with nice curves, as well as the bells tied to her ankle, Ling Xia was shocked, my god! The villain’s future faithful beauty subordinate, the loyal miss Bi Yun who would take a gunshot for the villain appeared!

So why is a dark arts cultivator appearing in the territory of the orthodox sects?

Bi Yun lazily moved her arms, revealing more of the perfect figure. She did not care about the gaze of the men below, she propped her chin up with her arm and smiled: “If you bother people’s naps again, I won’t hold back!”

The way she said it was cute, a soft voice as if someone was tickling you with a feather, tugging at people’s heartstrings. But Ling Xia knew, if she says it, she’ll do it! The books often described the demonic cultivators as people who treated human lives like grass, orthodox sect cultivators aren’t that great either, only they cover it up in the guise of justice.

Now he should hurry up and leave this place.

Ling Xia immediately urged the dumbfounded waiterr: “Waiter brother, can I please get my dry rations, how much is it total?”

The waiter snapped out of it and stumbled: “Seven energy coins.”

When this Female customer entered, he had only stared at her ankles and was dazed for a moment, but the other party smiled and gently said: “I’ll dig your eyes out if you keep staring~~” He couldn’t help but burst into a cold sweat.

Bi Yun was originally scorning the people downstairs, but seeing the Ling Xia that didn’t take notice of her, she suddenly became interested.

To be able to come back to their senses after seeing her beauty, and his looks aren’t bad either, add-on to the fact that her current task was boring, how about a bit of fun?

She saw Ling Xia had already left the inn, and smiled sweetly for a moment, and promptly disappeared from the crowd.

By the time Ling Xia noticed Bi Yun was coming towards him, he couldn’t help but pause, could it be this coincidental? Isn’t she having her beauty sleep in the inn?

While Ling Xia hesitated, Bi Yun knocked onto his shoulder out of nowhere, and fell, with an “Ai yo” she fell smoothly into his arms.

Ling Xia received her subconsciously, and smelled an intoxicating aroma of rouge, and he instantly got lost in thought.

This was his first time receiving such a beauty in his arms, but god damn what is this? Who the hell would believe the “Demon lady” Bi Yun would suddenly fall on the streets?

He stiffly loosened his hold and retreated two steps and smiled: “Miss be careful, did you fall?”

Bi Yun clearly recognized that the man in front of her clearly did not care much for her, and became even more reluctant, with a few wobbled steps she tearfully raised her head, the words from her red tender quivering lips were even more pitiable: “I’ve sprained my leg, what should I do?”

She refuses to believe his heart won’t wane!

What to do? Ignore!

At this time a cart pulled by demonic beasts passed by, Ling Xia quickly waved: “Brother, please stop, there is an injured woman here!”

The unlucky guy lifted the curtain of the car and his eyes instantly widened into circles, hurriedly opened the car door and jumped down: “Miss, where do you live, I’ll take you.”

Bi Yun: “……”

Ling Xia hurriedly left while holding Ah Li.

The one he loves most is his goddess, dark arts girlies are the scariest! Aren’t the minors in this world too horrifying?

But soon, Ling Xia will know what he’s in for after offending a girl, especially a vain woman.

After that he bumped into Bi Yun about three four times, in the inn, the road, the river…… that’s right, when Ling Xia saw the perfect back facing figure bathing in the river, he was so shocked he suddenly learned the body disappearing technique, disappearing as quick as he came.

Bi Yun stiffly held her arm in a sultry pose in the river, so angry that she gnashed her teeth. She’s never seen such an idle man! She loves the type of man who would lose control under her manipulation, then she would leave them in satisfaction, but was this man still a man?

Therefore, for the sake of her damaged ego, Bi Yun decided to forcefully go up to him, she wanted to see, if this man would actually give her a reaction!

At night, Ling Xia found a cave and covered the insides with a thick layer of leaves. Even though there were many beasts in the mountain forest, but because they could feel Ah Li’s aura, none of them dared to go near, and so he slept well.

But deep into the night, once he heard a familiar “Ding dang, ding dang” he was so shocked he quickly sat up, ……Damn! Unsurprisingly, a familiar figure appeared in the darkness!

Ah Li had also quickly woken up, and snarled at Bi Yun, the amber pupils dangerously formed into a line.

He hated this woman, if not for Ling Xia’s constant efforts to comfort him by stroking his fur, he would’ve long turned into his original form and roasted her into dust!

Bi Yun was threatened by Ah Li’s glare, even though she felt a dangerous aura from this cute little animal, she was not scared. She came closer with a smile: “This young master, the nights are long, and I’m very lonely, can’t you accompany me, please?” She dragged the last word really long, trying to tug at his heartstrings. Accompanying her steps, the bells rang a few times.

Ling Xia’s heart was moved for a bit, the word “Sure” almost escaped his lips, but he quickly regained his consciousness. Bi Yun’s specialty are attraction techniques, couldn’t be that he got caught in it too right? Right when he was about to make a sound, he was shocked to find that his body could not move at all, even a noise was difficult to make!

Bi Yun had already started coming closer with a smile, stuck to Ling Xia’s chest and said a few words: “Why are you always so fierce? I don’t like it……”

She was very proud of herself when suddenly she heard a roar, a cold glint flashed by, and she quickly dodged, so frightened that she was covered in cold swear, only now she noticed a new unfamiliar figure of a white demonic beast next to the man!

Ah Li leaned down angrily, eyes becoming a field of red, his canines were exposed, and he aggressively let out a rush of flames. Bi Yun shrieked and dodged, her clothes had already been burned, and her complexion paled.

If not for the high quality defensive artifacts, without a doubt, that intense flame was powerful enough to incinerate her to dust!

Ah Li stared at Bi Yun intensely, as if he were staring at a prey, and when his mouth opened another flame was sent out!

Ling Xia couldn’t help but close his eyes, even though he didn’t like Bi Yun, he didn’t want her to die in the hands of Ah Li. But his body still could not move……

In this moment, a figure blocked in front of Bi Yun, and similarly released an intense flame energy, and he pulled Bi Yun to jump onto a tree with her.

Ling Xia was shocked to find that he could move his body again, he immediately looked towards that big tree and saw a proud and cute hedgehog head.

The other party arrogantly held Bi Yun’s waist and coolly said: “Hey hey hey, brat, you’re pretty good…… but it’s bad to hurt people!”

Damn! It’s my cute and lovely protagonist!

This thorny rose isn’t part of your harem!

Ling Xia teared up.

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